Campaign Literature—Warren for President

                             Warren for President


Door Hangers. 4 1/4" x 14", MN, TN and TX, Feb. 2020.

Elizabeth Warren was tapped by President Obama to hold big banks accountable after they crashed our economy in 2008. Now, she's running for president to build an America that works for all of us—not just the wealthy and well-connected. Her plans have united Democrats, Republicans, and lndependents. And she is the strongest candidate to beat Donald Trump and pass the big, structural changes our country needs.

From the skyrocketing cost of health care to the lack of affordable housing, special inter­ests spend millions on lobbyists each year to make Washington work better for billionaires and giant corporations at the expense of everyone else. Elizabeth Warren has the stron­gest anti-corruption plan since Watergate. lt will end lobbying as we know it—and make sure government works for the people.

Elizabeth's wealth tax asks the top 0.1% to pitch in two cents on every dallar of net worth over $50 million and six cents on every dollar of net worth over $1 billion. With the revenue, we will cancel student loan debt for 95% of people who have it, provide universal child care, improve our public K-12 schools, offer universal free public college and technical school, and more.