Amy for America

From: Justin Buoen, Amy For America Campaign Manager and Scott Merrick, New Hampshire State Director 
RE: New Hampshire State of the Race
Date: February 3, 2020

Gaining Momentum

Recent New Hampshire polling confirms what we’re seeing on the ground: Amy Klobuchar is on the rise. In the last month, Amy has surged in Granite State polling, cracking double digits in multiple recent surveys. A January Emerson College poll found Klobuchar jumped 8 points since the organization’s previous survey, prompting Spencer Kimball, the Director of Emerson College Polling, to say that “Senator Amy Klobuchar is a competitor in New Hampshire.”


Amy has received endorsements from three of the four top New Hampshire House leaders, including the Deputy Speaker of the House, House Majority Leader, and Speaker Pro Tempore. She has also has the support of two State Senators, one of only two Democratic Executive Councilors who have endorsed, and the Mayors of key Obama-Trump cities, Laconia and Rochester. In addition to her solidified support with New Hampshire elected officials, Klobuchar also has endorsements from top community leaders in crucial cities around the state, including former Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Jim Smith, former Attorney General Joe Foster, and other leading activists

Not only does Amy have the support of these leaders, but they are mobilizing across the state on her behalf. In the month of January alone, in-state surrogates have hosted or attended more than 30 events for the campaign. 

As of February 2, Amy has received every New Hampshire newspaper endorsement to date. In the past week alone, Amy was endorsed by the New Hampshire Union Leader -- the only statewide newspaper -- the Seacoast Media Group, which includes the Portsmouth Herald and Fosters Daily Democrat, and the Keene Sentinel. These papers are three of the largest in New Hampshire. Their endorsements demonstrate a broad coalition of support across the Granite State heading into the primary. 

Grassroots Strength

Our recent field numbers indicate growing momentum as well:

Each week in January, the campaign reached out to tens of thousands of primary voters. The campaign also saw a large increase in signed “Commit to Vote” cards in the month of January compared to past months. During her late December trip to the Granite State, Amy drew crowds of 500 to town halls in Dover and Keene, and hundreds to Wolfeboro, Conway, Gorham, Littleton, and Claremont.

With polls indicating more than 50% of Granite State voters are undecided, these organizing metrics indicate that undecided New Hampshire voters are hearing from and engaging with the campaign at just the right time. 

Amy has made New Hampshire a priority throughout the campaign, making 21 trips to the state. Throughout the primary, Amy has traveled to traditionally Democratic areas while also meeting people where they are in rural, suburban, red, blue, and purple parts of the state. In October, Klobuchar conducted a 10-County tour of the state in less than 30 hours. She’s been to all 10 counties at least three times and held 70 public events in the state since announcing her candidacy, tying for the most New Hampshire events of the candidates on January’s debate stage. 


Amy has worked hard over the last year to build a campaign that will continue to grow her momentum and get her message out, even during the impeachment trial. As Amy likes to say, she’s a mom and can do two things at once. The past two weeks have proven one thing: Amy is the hardest-working candidate in this field. 

During the trial, she hosted a tele-town hall with over 8,400 Granite Staters, engaging directly with voters and answering their questions. She has participated in nearly 20 local media interviews across the early states from D.C. since impeachment proceedings began, including blanketing New Hampshire airwaves with multiple WMUR and Boston market interviews. 

While Amy has been in D.C. fulfilling her constitutional duties in the Senate, her endorsers, organizers, and volunteers have also fanned across the entire state to hold phone banks, canvasses, and house parties. Many of her in-state surrogates are holding events, including dozens of “Office Hours” and over 80 “Hot Dish House Parties” in their own communities to persuade voters. 

By The Numbers

  • 21 trips and 70 public events in New Hampshire, tying for the most NH events of the
    candidates on January’s debate stage 
  • More than 75 endorsements from key leaders from every corner of the state
  • Three major newspaper endorsements, including the only statewide newspaper
  • 7 offices across the state  
  • Reaching out to tens of thousands of Granite State voters per week
  • Hundreds of volunteers statewide
  • Endorsements from three of the four members of New Hampshire House leadership
  • More than 30 surrogate events hosted or attended by key local leaders in the
    month of January

Now is the decision time for Granite Staters. Amy speaks to Independents and moderate Republicans as well as our fired-up Democratic base with a unifying, optimistic message. And with Independents comprising more than 40% of the primary electorate in New Hampshire, Amy’s message of bridging divides will continue to resonate with voters from across the political spectrum. 

That’s the approach she’s brought to New Hampshire and the strategy that we will continue to pursue in the final days leading into the primary.