Amy for America

From: Justin Buoen, Campaign Manager 
RE: South Carolina and Super Tuesday 
Date: Monday, February 24, 2020

Heading into South Carolina and Super Tuesday, our campaign will continue to exceed expectations as our momentum builds and show why Amy Klobuchar is the best candidate to unite the Democratic Party. Today we are announcing a $4.2 million ad buy in Super Tuesday states on cable, broadcast and digital, supplementing our existing buys.

With less than 3% of the total delegates awarded, here’s where we are and what’s next: 

Raw Vote Total & Delegate Count

Amy Klobuchar ranks in third place in raw vote totals -- just behind Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg. 

Despite having less funds and name recognition than several of our opponents, our targeted use of resources allowed us to share Amy’s message of progress and unity across the state of Nevada. 

Amy currently has 7 delegates, which puts her just one delegate behind Elizabeth Warren.
 And in the coming weeks, we expect Amy to continue to significantly grow her delegate count. 

We continue to see that an increase in turnout is at least partly attributable to the record number of Independents and disaffected Republicans who are deciding to vote in the Democratic primary. Amy continues to remain a top choice for persuading Republican and Independent voters we need in order to beat Donald Trump in the fall. 

Campaign Efficiency 

Amy is running an incredibly efficient campaign. By using our resources wisely throughout 2019 and gaining momentum at the right time — including building a national grassroots network — we are able to invest in South Carolina and Super Tuesday states at competitive rates either exceeding or similar to our larger funded opponents. To date, have invested more in Super Tuesday states than Warren, Buttigieg or Biden combined on TV. 

Our cost per vote is far much less than our opponents, with Amy coming in the lowest at $196 per vote, and Elizabeth Warren with the highest at $771: 
 We have used our resources wisely and strategically over the last year and will continue to do so. A review of spending in Iowa had our campaign coming in seventh in money placed on TV ads. Amy was outspent 20-to-1 on TV in New Hampshire, but we got the most bang for our buck per delegate -- spending $250,000 on advertising per delegate -- while Tom Steyer spent $19.2 million for zero delegates, per Ad Analytics. 
Super Tuesday Ad Buys

Last week, we announced that new advertisements in Super Tuesday states, including Alabama, Arkansas, Maine, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Virginia. After Bloomberg and Sanders, Amy was the first candidate to invest money on TV in Super Tuesday states. 

Starting today, we are excited to announce another $4.2 million ad buy in Super Tuesday states on cable, broadcast and digital. We will be making new investments on TV and digital in Colorado, California, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Texas and Utah. We are also making another six-figure investment on South Carolina TV, as Amy continues to ramp up efforts in the Palmetto state. 

Amy for America has more than 25 full-time staff on the ground in South Carolina and has staff in every one of the Super Tuesday states in play next week. 

Path To Victory

In the true spirit of our campaign, Amy will continue to have an aggressive schedule, with plans to visit many of the Super Tuesday states in the days to come. Just yesterday, Amy visited North Dakota, Arkansas and Oklahoma, and was met with record crowds in all three states.

In the coming days, we will continue to emphasize our efforts and investments in midwestern and southern states -- Arkansas, Alabama, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Virginia -- where we have seen strong support towards Amy. We will be competing heavily in places like Virginia, Arkansas, North Carolina, Tennessee and Oklahoma, where there is a coalition of voters that we expect to support Amy. 

Additionally, we will be competing in key congressional districts where we can acquire delegates, in places like California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Utah, Texas and Maine. 

We also expect Amy to do well in our delegate-rich home state of Minnesota, where Amy has won in record numbers in her statewide elections -- every race, every place, every time. Amy currently leads in Minnesota. 

Amy will visit a number of Super Tuesday states in the coming days, including stops in Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee and more. We will continue to deploy our surrogates across the country to make the case for why Amy Klobuchar is the best Democrat to take on Donald Trump. 

Why Amy Is The Best To Lead the Ticket

We don’t just want to win in 2020 -- we want to win big. Amy is the only one who can fire up a Democratic base and bring in the Independents and moderate Republicans we need in order to beat Donald Trump. 

Donald Trump lost Minnesota by merely 1.5% in 2016 (44,593 votes). Amy Klobuchar flipped 42 Trump counties in her 2018 Senate race and outperformed in parts of Minnesota where other Democrats running for statewide office struggle.

Just as Amy has shown on the debate stage, she is the best person to take on Bernie Sanders and the best candidate to beat Donald Trump. Both on and off the debate stage, Amy has highlighted the consequences of having Bernie Sanders lead the top of the ticket, including his divisive politics and health care plan that would kick 149 million Americans off their insurance. Amy is widely viewed as the most electable option for Democrats, and the best one to take on Trump in the fall.