General Election Candidates and Their Campaigns  

Jo Jorgensen for President

(page updated November 5, 2020)

Headquarters: Greenville, SC.    [FEC]
filed Aug. 13, 2019, launched Nov. 2, 2019, nominated May 24, 2020.  |  |  @Jorgensen4POTUS
Nov. 5, 2020 press release

Candidate  Jo Jorgensen  timeline

Vice Presidential Nominee  Spike Cohen @RealSpikeCohen

Campaign Manager  Steve Dasbach

Teacher (chemistry, physics, e-learning) at Fairfax County Public Schools (VA), Aug. 2004-July 2019.  Executive director of the Libertarian National Committee, July 1998-Nov. 2002.  Associate professor at the University of Saint Francis (Fort Wayne, IN), July 1996-June 1998.  Science teacher at Whitko High School in South Whitley, IN, Aug. 1975-June 1996.

Deputy Campaign Manager Jess Mears

(June, Jo's aide, special projects)  Membership manager (from July 2018) and development manager (from Jan. 2017) at the Libertarian National Committee.  Campaign manager on Foxall for Florida (State House, Sarasota), Sept. 2017-Feb. 2018.  Director of events (Aug.-Nov. 2016) and Florida director (July-Aug. 2016) on Johnson/Weld 2016.  Clerk of the Boards at Lakewood Ranch Town Hall, May 2012-Aug. 2016.  Customer service representative/purchasing assistant in The Villages, FL.  Candidate for Ohio State Senate-District 9, Feb.-Nov. 2010.  B.A. in communication, public relations from University of Cincinnati, 2010.  twitter

Events Manager  Kenna Porter

Project Manager  Seth Levy

Events  Christi Kendrick

Advertising/Marketing Director  Natalie Bruno

Website  Larry Miller, Matt Hudson


CTO  Sean O'Toole  

Software developer in Kansas City, MO and previously worked for over two decades as an agriculture commodities trader.  Has run for office five times in Missouri: State Auditor (2018), State Treasurer (2016), State Auditor (2014), State Treasurer (2012) and State House District 40 (2010).

Special Projects  Ken Moellman

Vice chair of the Libertarian National Committee from 2020.  Candidate for Kentucky State Treasurer, 2011.  Campaign manager on Brian Houillion for Congress, 2006.


Communications Director  Carla Howell

Political and executive director for the Libertarian National Committee, 2011-17.  Spearheaded three-citizen initiated statewide ballot initiatives in Massachusetts: Question 3 (2010) would have cut the sales tax from 6.25% to 3%; Question 1 (2008 and 2002) would have abolished the state's income tax.  Co-founder (2005) of the Center for Small Government.  Candidate for governor (2002), U.S. Senate (2000) winning 12% of the vote, and auditor (1998) in Massachusetts.  Worked for 22 years in high tech and health care.  Singer/songwriter.  twitter

Media Managing Director  Elizabeth C. Brierly

Partner at Induction Works Industries communications firm.  Editor/designer of libertarian books; author of forthcoming book on the harm caused by prohibition.  Assistant editor and media coordinator for Libertarian National Committee, 2015-19.  Past president and executive director at Silicon Valley Taxpayers Assn.; helped defeat a 2006 sales tax and win a lawsuit against Open Space Authority in 2007.  Public relations for the Independent Institute 2006–08.  Candidate for Calif. Board of Equalization, 2002.  Managed Savage for Assembly. B.S. in marketing; MBA from Santa Clara University.

Writers: Richard Fields, Norm Singleton, Laura Williams, Perry Willis, Josh Guckert, Kristina Nilsson

Media Coordinators: Catherine “Jayne” Haney, Elizabeth “Betz” Stump, Brian Lambrecht, Pat Ford

Media Associates: Connor Voskuil, Adam Petty, Andrew Contreras

Media Monitors: Chelsea Meckel, Michael Peterson, Richard Fields, Connor Voskuil, Laura Ann Valle


Social Media Director  Elaine Joan



National Field Director  Joe Hauptmann

Retired teacher; taught high school physics in Zionsville for 23 years.  Indiana state director for the Gary Johnson for President campaign in 2016.  Libertarian candidate for Congress in IN-6 in 1998, garnering 11% of the vote.  State chair of the Indiana Libertarian Party in 1980, 1998 and 2015.  Born and raised in Zionsvillle, IN.  twitter

Volunteer Coordinator  Kevin Moore, Liz Solomon

Phone Banking  Jackie Perry

(ballot access, database, HR, LPHQ liaison, special projects)

Operations Director  Nick Dunbar  

Special projects coordinator of the Libertarian Party; chair of the Libertarian Party of Virginia.

Special Projects  Andrew Rivenbark, Jim Turney