Biden for President
July 1, 2020

ICYMI: MoveOn Endorses Joe Biden

Today, MoveOn, an organization working to mobilize millions to achieve a progressive future, announced its endorsement of Joe Biden for President of the United States. In a statement, MoveOn Political Action Executive Director Rahna Epting cited Vice President Biden as “a leader who listens, who is running on the most progressive platform in Democratic Party history, and whose election would create an opportunity for the big, structural changes this country needs.”
“I am grateful for the support of MoveOn members in our campaign to not just defeat Donald Trump, but rebuild a stronger, more inclusive, and more resilient middle class,” said Vice President Joe Biden. “The stakes in this election couldn’t be higher and MoveOn members will be critical to mobilizing voters in communities across the country to go to the polls.”
MoveOn issued the following press release:

Biden won the group’s fourth-ever presidential endorsement with 82% of votes cast.

MoveOn members have voted overwhelmingly to endorse former Vice President Joe Biden in his campaign for the presidency—the most recent benchmark in the organization’s electoral plan that will mobilize volunteers, turn out voters, and work to defeat Donald Trump.
Biden won 82.4% of votes cast by MoveOn members. The vote results will be announced to MoveOn members in an email and via text message today.
The Biden endorsement is the fourth Presidential candidate endorsement in the organization’s 20-year history. The group endorsed then-Senator Barack Obama in 2008 before Super Tuesday with a vote of 70 percent of the membership and endorsed his re-election with 91 percent of votes. In 2016, Senator Bernie Sanders was endorsed during the primaries, with 78 percent of the vote.
“MoveOn’s millions of members are ready to mobilize together in support of Joe Biden, working to turn out voters in key states and ensure that Donald Trump is a one-term president,” said MoveOn Political Action Executive Director Rahna Epting. “Donald Trump is racist, corrupt, immoral, and incompetent. He must be voted out. Joe Biden is a leader who listens, who is running on the most progressive platform in Democratic Party history, and whose election would create an opportunity for the big, structural changes this country needs. MoveOn members are proud to mobilize to support him."
Here’s what some MoveOn members said in endorsing Biden:
“We need someone who will advocate for affordable, decent health care, environmental restoration, racial equality, protection of LGBTQ rights, economic justice and so much more. Our country is bleeding and weaker than ever after 3+ years of Trump.” –Kimberly O., Okemos, MI
“Joe is an honorable person with integrity and will choose good people to fill his administration. He has good judgment, knows a whole lot about how to run a country—with decades of relevant experience. He will restore our place in the world as a respected leader.” –Erica J., Tucson, Arizona
“Although not my first choice, Joe Biden is a decent man who will do his best to restore our country. A vote for anyone other than Joe Biden will surely give the election to Donald Trump and we as a country cannot endure another 4 years of his corruption.” –Kathleen B., Coldwater, MI
“Joe Biden can work across divides, create coalitions to break stalemates and make progress with issues critical to the healing of our country and its relationships. He is a known quantity. A proven leader. Humble. Kind. Self- effacing. Generous. Capable. Compassionate. Would I vote for him? In a heartbeat!” –Jan H., Anchorage, AL
MoveOn recently unveiled its electoral plan to defeat Donald Trump, end Republican control of the Senate and protect the Democratic-held House.
The plan includes mobilizing their millions of grassroots progressives, including in battleground states; inspiring turnout among a population of 7 million “high-potential” voters—young people, people of color, and previously infrequent voters—who MoveOn has identified as likely to support Democratic candidates if they cast ballots; and protecting the right to vote from voter suppression attempts online and offline, including new threats stemming from the coronavirus pandemic. See more details about MoveOn’s 2020 electoral plan here.
In 2018, MoveOn members helped power a “Blue Wave” that resulted in the highest midterm turnout in a century and elected the most diverse Democratically controlled U.S. House of Representatives in history.
Candidate endorsements are held by MoveOn Political Action, which represents the collective will of MoveOn’s members at the ballot box by helping to elect progressive candidates.

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Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.
July 1, 2020

Trump campaign statement on MoveOn’s endorsement of Joe Biden

“If there was any doubt left, MoveOn’s endorsement of Joe Biden confirms his sprint leftward in an attempt to appease the radical extremists in his party.  The left-wing activists who endorsed socialist Bernie Sanders in 2016 have officially taken the wheel of Biden’s campaign.  In their endorsement, MoveOn praised Biden for running on the ‘most progressive platform’ ever, which includes tax increases, the job-killing regulations of the Green New Deal, free healthcare for illegal aliens, liberal judges, and abortion-on-demand.  It’s no wonder he can’t unify Democrats behind his candidacy. Over and over again Biden has proven that he is too weak to stand up to fanatic leftists who are now calling the shots and will expect him to continue to fall in line.”

- Tim Murtaugh, Trump 2020 communications director