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For Immediate Release:
Monday, July 29, 2019

Inslee Announces His “Community Climate Justice” Plan

Driven by the work of local leaders, Inslee’s Environmental Justice plan calls for a new climate justice lens to federal policy making, with investments prioritizing marginalized communities

Detroit, MI – Today, joined by environmental justice leaders from Detroit and around the country, Inslee will roll out his “Community Climate Justice” plan, to put environmental justice at the center of America’s economic and climate policies for the first time. 

Inslee’s plan makes bold investments supporting community-driven efforts to confront climate inequality and a comprehensive strategy to lift up communities most impacted by climate change and pollution.

WATCH: Governor Jay Inslee will share the details of his plan to invest in frontline and marginalized communities through climate action at 10:00AM ET / 7:00 PT. Tune into the livestream here.

The announcement will be made in Michigan’s most polluted zip code: 48217—home to a Marathon Oil refinery and a fence line community that has been bearing the burden of asthma and cancer resulting from high levels of pollution for over 50 years.
Last month, Inslee met with local leaders in the 48217 to hear their concerns directly on how to build a more just future for them and workers across the state.

Low-income communities and communities of color have faced the brunt of the growing costs of climate change, pollution, and the natural disasters they exacerbate, a trend that will only worsen as the climate crisis intensifies. Inslee’s plan that puts justice for these communities at the forefront of his Climate Mission Agenda -  drawing on his experiences meeting communitiesacross America on the frontlines of the climate crisis. 
We know that the communities who are being hurt first, and who will be hurt worst, by climate change are low-income communities and communities of color,” said Inslee. “This plan puts environmental justiceat the center of America’s policy - and lifts up local leaders to help protect and grow their communities.”

Inslee seeks to embed environmental justice through America’s Climate Mission Agenda using three foundational strategies:
  • Putting Justice at the Center of America’s Climate Mission - Inslee’s proposal would create a new White House Council on Environmental Justice, and a new Office of Environmental Justiceunder the Department of Justice. Inslee calls for an ‘Equity Screen’ on all federal climate, energy, and environmental investments and policies by implementing an ‘Equity Impact Mapping’ initiative to track the intersection of pollution, climate change and economic inequality. Insleewould act to ensure access to water free of pollution through a Clean Water for All initiative, including banning PFAS chemicals and demanding an aggressive cleanup effort for existing pollution.
  • Building Wealth from the Bottom-Up in Frontline Communities - Inslee’s plan prioritizes funding for the communities hit first and worst by pollution and disinvestment—he seeks to level the playing field by guaranteeing 40% or more of federal investments that build a clean energy economy—at least $1.2 trillion—will go to these frontline communities. His plan would build new efficient buildings, sustainable infrastructure, and clean energy assets in every community in America, ensuring energy democracy and wealth creation. Inslee’s plan would also expand the Housing Trust Fund, advance structural support for home ownership, and expand tools to broaden capital investment for women- and minority owned small businesses.
  • Supporting Working Families & Empowering Local Leadership for a Just Transition - Building on his “Organizing the American Dream” plan, Inslee’s plan demonstrates what is needed for a truly just transition for workers and their families. Inslee’s plan would create a “GI Bill for Energy Workers,” so that energy workers’ finances, health, and security are protected. He calls for a Universal Clean Energy Service Fund, which would eliminate energy insecurity by reducing monthly energy costs. Finally, an Inslee administration would follow local voices, community leadership, and Tribal sovereignty to accelerate pollution reduction and ensure a clean energy economy where all can thrive.
The Community Climate Justice Plan is the fifth plank in Inslee’s Climate Mission. It joins the “100% Clean Energy for America,” "Evergreen Economy," “Global Climate Mobilization,” and “Freedom from Fossil Fuels” plans as the most robust climate policy ever released by a presidential candidate. Collectively, Inslee’s climate change plans have been called the “gold standard” and have been given top ratings by climate leaders and groups such as Greenpeace. Altogether, Inslee’s Climate Mission Agenda will mobilize the nation to defeat climate change and create 8 million good, family-wage jobs building a more just, innovative and inclusive clean energy future.
“Governor Inslee’s Community Climate Justice (CCJ) Plan has the potential to be viewed as the standard for presidential platforms. It’s pleasing to see that the Governor has clearly been listening to the demands and desires of frontline communities, including those in Indian country, who are being hit first and worst by the climate crisis. This comprehensive plan covers a broad range of issues that must be addressed to effectively dismantle the climate crisis and put us on a pathway towards a regenerative economy. 
“From the creation of a presidential Council on Environmental Justice, to recognizing the need for increased justice in housing and transportation, to pushing free and prior consent for Indigenous communities, Governor Insleehas adroitly demonstrated his understanding that many of the adverse impacts of the New Deal on frontline communities must be addressed through a bottom-up, frontline and worker-centered process. The CCJ is as close to hitting on all cylinders as we’ve seen, and Climate Justice Alliance applauds the Governor for his efforts and looks forward to hearing more about how he plans on implementing this platform.” – Angela Adrar, Executive Director, Climate Justice Alliance
“The Green New Deal is about more than the parts per million of carbon in the atmosphere or the share of renewables on the grid. It's about the working family's paycheck, the right to clean air and water, and sacred treaty obligations to tribal nations. It's about equality, justice and democracy. Governor Insleeunderstands this, and more importantly, he plans to act on it.” - Julian Brave NoiseCat, Director of Green New Deal Strategy, Data for Progress
“Governor Inslee’s Community Climate Justice Plan makes real commitments to environmental justice, social justice and racial equality in ways that no other candidate for president’s climate plan has yet done. Further, the Governor has actively sought input from frontline leaders and other experts of color for the plan. The other candidates have some catching up to do when it comes to equality and the climate crisis.” – Raya Salter, Environmental JusticeAdvocate and Author of New Energy Justice

"Governor Inslee's Community Climate Justice Plan demonstrates the leadership our world, our nation, and our communities have waited too long to see.  The impact of climate change, and the pollution that causes it, on our children, our communities and our planet present an existential threat to our shared future.  No other presidential candidate has communicated what's truly at stake, how climate change compounds income inequality, or the pivotal opportunity that this election presents to set a new path that can fundamentally pull our economy out of the fossil fuel dependent rut we're in.  We must imagine a future that centers the health of exploited communities, workers and ecosystems through a proactive agenda to repair the damage, invest in people who have disproportionately borne the brunt of pollution, and restructure our economy for a future where everyone has the opportunity to thrive." – Rich Stolz, OneAmerica Votes
“Environmental problems, including pollution and climate change, disproportionately impact poor communities and communities of color. Insleeunderstands that we cannot make the same mistakes as the past, leaving these groups behind as we decarbonize our economy. The Green New Deal is about making sure no American in left behind in the clean energy transition -- and Inslee, as usual, has a concrete plan for how to ensure equality and environmental protections for all Americans.” - Leah Stokes, UC Santa Barbara Assistant Professor in environmental politics, and Author of the forthcoming book Short Circuiting Policy: Interest Groups and the Battle Over Clean Energy Laws and Climate Policy in the American States