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Friday, April 26, 2019

Roundup: What People Are Saying About Jay Inslee’s 100% Clean Energy Bill
100% Clean Bill is ‘A Model of Cutting-Edge Climate Policy’

Seattle – This week, the Washington legislature approved Governor Jay Inslee’s 100% clean energy bill. Awaiting only the Governor’s signature, the soon-to-be law is earning high praise in Washington and across the country.
When signed, the bill will ensure Washington utilities eliminate coal by 2025, go carbon-neutral by 2030, and transition to 100% clean energy by 2045.
See what environmental leaders, political pundits, and the media are saying below:

David Roberts, Vox - A closer look at Washington’s superb new 100% clean electricity bill
The trend of states targeting 100 percent clean electricity has gone viral. ...So it’s understandable that there hasn’t been much coverage of the 100 percent clean energy bill that is on the verge of passing in Washington (SB 5116), the one Washington governor and presidential candidate Jay Inslee has been pushing. But it is the best of the bunch. And I’m not just saying that because I live here.

That’s the magic sauce, what Washington’s bill does better than any other state clean energy bill I’ve seen: It aligns the interests of utilities, energy developers, and unions behind the project of equitable decarbonization. They all benefit from it. That makes them allies in the fight, rather than at loggerheads, as they have so often been in the past.
This kind of reform ought to be a key piece of climate progress in every state. And it’s a hell of a feather in the cap of Gov. Jay Inslee, who’s running for president on climate change. He can now truthfully say that his state is a model of cutting-edge climate policy.
Larry Brown, President, Washington State Labor Council, and Scott Farris, EDP Renewables, The Seattle Times - Where’s the future of clean energy? Right here in Washington
SB 5116 does that by prioritizing projects that pay workers a living wage; incorporate apprenticeships; prefer local, women, minority and veteran businesses and workers; and encourage community workforce agreements in project development. Our growing renewable-energy economy can be one that combats climate change and deepens our societal commitment to a fairer, more just economy.
Monica Nickelsburg, Geekwire - Washington passes ‘strongest clean energy policy’ in nation with carbon neutrality mandate by 2030
On Wednesday, the state legislature passed Inslee’s clean energy bill, establishing some of the most ambitious environmental goals in the nation. It’s a big win for Inslee, who is running for president on a climate change platform.
Joel Connelly, Seattle PI - Sweeping, transforming clean energy bill powers to Inslee for signature
The Washington Legislature has cleared action on sweeping clean energy legislation and sent the bill to Gov. Jay Inslee, who says it will "fundamentally transform Washington's energy future and transition us to 100% clean energy."

"I'm proud that this is the strongest, 100% clean energy bill adopted in the nation, and we thank Hawaii and California for paving the way. Now, it's up to other states to follow our lead," [State Sen. Reuven] Carlyle said at the bill's initial Senate passage.

This is a big deal.
Michael Brune - Executive Director, Sierra Club - Link
Read & rejoice. Of all the cities and states moving to 100% clean energy, WA’s commitment may be best
Mary Anne Hitt - Director, Sierra Club's Beyond Coal Campaign - Link
Great piece by @drvox breaking down Washington state’s landmark new 💯 clean energy legislation (the result of years of work by many many groups, incl. @SierraClub 🙌)
John Raymond Hanger - Former Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection - Link
Really important bill. The Vox article is a must read, detailing the key provisions and breakthrough policy developments.
Brad Johnson - Board Member, - Link
The climate candidate is getting it done in his state.
John Podesta - Former White House Chief of Staff - Link
Some good news in the midst of Trump mayhem.