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February 21, 2019


“Act Now On Climate” To Drive Climate Issue in 2020 Presidential Campaign, Will Support Jay Inslee if he runs for President

Washington, DC—Calling for a serious conversation about who will prioritize climate change in the 2020 presidential campaign, Act Now On Climate filed today with the Federal Election Commission.


“Climate change is the most pressing issue of our time and the most critical issue the next President will have to address,” said Corey Platt, Senior Advisor to Act Now on Climate. “It’s not simply an environmental issue, but also the nexus to jobs and national security. Act Now on Climate is here to ensure that the conversations surrounding who should be our next President also include a robust discussion of how we ensure the very survival of our planet.”


Act Now On Climate will support Washington Governor Jay Inslee if he runs for president. Governor Inslee has been a champion on this issue and has said he’d run a campaign prioritizing climate change, if he decides to run.


“The time for denying the science of climate change is long past—we are officially in an emergency. As Governor Inslee has said, we are the first generation to feel the effects of climate change, and the last generation with the ability to do something about it,” continued Platt. “We’re hopeful that Governor Inslee will continue his climate leadership with a bid for President—one that we would be proud to support. Gov. Inslee could capably carry the mantel for the millions of us who believe this has to be the number one priority of the next President.”


Under President Trump’s watch, the effects of climate change have worsened, with deadly hurricanes, wildfires and flooding causing massive economic damage as well as fatalities. Yet Trump has remained hostile to even acknowledging the existence of climate change, recently tweet-mocking the polar vortex as proof that “global warming” doesn’t exist.


Act Now on Climate will not take corporate money and will disclose its donors.



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Corey Platt

Political director (2018 and 2016 cycles) and deputy political director )2014 cycle) at the Democratic Governors' Association.  National field director at SEIU during the 2012 cycle.  Over a decade managing and working on campaigns including: Senior advisor at the Missouri Democratic Party and directed the coordinated campaign for Robin Carnahan’s 2010 Senate campaign.  Campaign manager on Scranton Mayor Chris Doherty's brief campaign for governor of Pennsylvania, 2009-Feb. 2010.  Managed Kay Barnes for Congress in 2008.  Political director for the Missouri Democratic Party.  twitter