Kamala Harris for the Peopl
July 12, 2019

Camp Kamala Trains Over 16,000 Volunteer Leaders Across All 50 States

Earlier this week, 16,000 volunteer leaders across all 50 states graduated from Camp Kamala, an eight-week volunteer leader training program. This is just the latest evidence of a groundswell of grassroots support powering Senator Kamala Harris’s presidential campaign.

Participants learned from senior campaign officials and experienced organizers the skills necessary to engage with their communities and earn their neighbors’ support.

Volunteer leaders in all 50 states will give organizers an experienced and vital infrastructure to tap into on the ground throughout the primary campaign.

“Camp Kamala’s graduates are going to be a powerful on-the-ground advantage for this campaign,” said Juan Rodriguez, Harris’ campaign manager. “When it comes to grassroots organizing, I’m proud our campaign is not just talking the talk -- we’re walking the walk. This election will be won in local communities, and we now have a nationwide network of volunteer leaders our organizers will be able to tap into in the coming months.”


Kamala Harris for the People
May 7, 2019 email

Howdy, Joe!

I’m reaching out to share some really important news: we’re opening up enrollment for an awesome program called Camp Kamala, and I want you to sign up to join us.

It’s sort of like summer camp, but better: Camp Kamala will be all about how we elect Kamala the next President of the United States.

If you’re already on board, click here to sign up today and follow instructions to join our online community and register for the first training!

Camp Kamala will empower supporters to join our movement, no matter where you live. Our eight-week online program will teach you the ins and outs of volunteering for our campaign, including a crash course in the cutting-edge tools we’re using to spread our message and get Kamala elected. Then, you’ll be all trained as a volunteer leader for Kamala in your community.

Don’t know how much time you can commit yet? No worries. After the first few sessions, you’ll be able to pick one of two “tracks” of the program: Camp Kamala and Camp Kamala+.

Camp Kamala
  • Campers will attend one online training session per week, followed by a quiz at the end of each training session

  • After Camp is over, you’ll be fully trained and empowered to lead community and volunteer events in your community for Kamala
Camp Kamala+
  • An accelerated track that provides additional opportunities for volunteer leadership, including the ability to train other volunteers

  • Campers will attend additional online training sessions per week and complete one homework assignment per week
Sign up to join Camp Kamala today and start your training to become a volunteer leader in your community!

Talk more soon,

— Jose

Jose Nunez
Digital Organizing Director
Kamala 2020