City of Jacksonville, Florida

Tommy Hazouri
Council President, At-Large Group 3


July 8, 2020


TO:              Brian Hughes, Chief Administrative Officer
FROM:        Honorable Tommy Hazouri, Council President

RE:              Hosting of the Republican National Convention
With the City of Jacksonville set to host the Republican National Convention (RNC) in late August, I feel it is important that the City Council understand the City’s commitments, obligations, and potential exposure from hosting such a large event. In an effort to be fully transparent throughout this process, I have several questions concerning the RNC. As additional questions arise, I will forward those along as well.

1.    Will there be any legislation related to the RNC in order for the City to host this event?
a.    If so, what is the timeline for any upcoming legislation of when it will come to the City Council for consideration?

b.    If not, why wouldn’t at least an appropriation bill be required?
2.    Will the City have an agreement with the RNC or other parties?
a.    If so, will the agreement(s) require City Council approval?

b.    If the City has executed any agreements related to the RNC, please provide copies.
3.    What is the total estimated cost to host the RNC and who will be covering these costs?

4.    With the City receiving National Special Security Event (NSSE) designation for the RNC, what does this mean from a funding standpoint and how will this funding process work?

5.    Will the City have to front any costs?
a.    If the City has to front any costs, what will be the funding source for these costs?

b.    If the City has to front any costs, what is the timetable for the City being reimbursed and is there a risk that the City may not be reimbursed for all costs?

c.    If the City does not have to front any of the costs, when will the funding be sent to the City and when will the City Council need to consider the appropriation of these dollars?
6.    Is there a cap on the amount of funding that the RNC or other parties will put towards this event? If so, who is responsible for costs if the cap is exceeded?

7.    Has the City expended any funds to date related to the RNC?
a.    If so, how much?

b.    If so, where have the funds been expended from?
8.    If the City expends funds related to the RNC and the event is canceled, will the City be able to recover any of these costs? Please explain the basis for the answer.

9.    How is the City going to be tracking costs related to hosting the event?

10.    If the mandate for wearing masks is still in place, will the participants attending the RNC be required to wear masks?

CC:  City Council Members
        Stephanie Burch, Deputy Chief Administrative Officer
        Jordan Elsbury, Chief of Staff
        Leeann Krieg, Director of Intergovernmental Affairs
        Jason Gabriel, General Counsel
        Joey Greive, Chief Financial Officer
        Kim Taylor, Council Auditor