July 23, 2020

Coalition To March On The RNC, Take Em Down Jax Plan Press Conference for July 24 2020

Who: Take Em Down Jax, Coalition to March on the Republican National Convention
What: Press Conference about planned protest of the RNC and the removal of confederate memorials in Jacksonville
Where: Jacksonville City Hall - 117 Duval St W, Jacksonville, FL
When: Friday July 24, 2020 @10am [tomorrow]

 Community organizations including the Coalition to March on the RNC and Take Em Down Jax are holding a press conference tomorrow July 24, 2020 in front of Jacksonville City Hall to discuss recent developments in Jacksonville. Important talking points will include the community’s planned response to the Republican National Convention taking place in August and updates on the campaign to remove confederate memorials in Jacksonville.

The mayor promised to continue removing confederate memorials in Jacksonville and the community must hold him accountable. Take Em Down Jax was a leading force in successfully pressuring the city to remove the confederate memorial in Hemming Park last month. In addition, with the RNC taking place in Jacksonville next month, the community is urgently fighting for the right to hold a family friendly permitted march against Donald Trump and the Republicans. The Coalition to March on the RNC has applied for permits locally and is a national group that organized similar events in Minnesota (2008), Tampa (2012) and Cleveland (2016). Freedom of speech must be respected, and that means protestors must be allowed to organize a permitted march that passes within sight and sound of the Jacksonville RNC on August 27. The newly proposed plans to organize a “protest cage” for demonstrators and enforce heavy restrictions on the demonstration are deplorable and must be opposed.

Local community organizers will speak to these points and invite members of the press to attend tomorrow morning.
For more information, please email MarchOnRNCJax@gmail.com or contact Wells Todd at (904) 477-8979.
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