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NextGen America
November 18, 2019
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NextGen America Launches the Largest Ever Battleground State Youth Vote Campaign for 2020

NextGen America will register, educate, and mobilize young voters across 11 states to power progressive victories up and down the ballot in 2020

San Francisco, CA — Today, NextGen America announced an initial investment of $45 million to launch the largest youth organizing campaign in American history ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

Across 11 states, NextGen America will register, engage, and mobilize young voters (ages 18-35) to remove Donald Trump from the White House, flip the Senate, and elect progressives up and down the ballot. NextGen’s program will target nearly five million voters in Arizona, Florida, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin with on-the-ground field organizing on campuses and in communities, innovative digital tactics, and experiment-informed direct mail. Young people will account for nearly 40% of all eligible voters in 2020, and NextGen America’s program could determine the margin of victory from the top of the ticket to state legislatures.

“Yet again, it’s going to come down to young Americans to save the country,” said NextGen America Executive Director Ben Wessel “NextGen America’s 2020 program will beat Trump, flip the Senate, and make sure that our generation has a prayer at a livable planet with a more equitable economy. We absolutely cannot afford to lose this year.”

NextGen America’s record-setting $45 million program will register at least 270,000 young people to vote and gather at least 330,000 commitments to vote among young people who are already registered to vote. With an estimated on-the-ground staff of over 600 by Election Day, NextGen America’s 2020 program will achieve record turnout of young people while maintaining the 2-to-1 Democratic ballot advantage voters aged 18-35 delivered in 2018.

In addition to expansive voter registration and turnout programs, NextGen America’s 2020 program will prevent third-party defection by young people and turn out voters for key U.S. Senate and state legislative elections, which will determine which party holds power for the next decade.

Through this young voter campaign, NextGen America will organize young people in some of the most critical battleground states and toss-up races across the country, including:

  • Ensuring that voters in Arizona, Florida, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin reject the racist and divisive politics of Donald Trump and elect a Democrat to the White House. 
  • Removing GOP Senators Ernst (IA), Tillis (NC), McSally (AZ), and Collins (ME) while defending frontline Democratic Senators Peters (MI) and Shaheen (NH).
  • Defending Democratic Governor Cooper (NC) and removing Republican Governor Sununu (NH).
  • Flipping state legislative chambers that will help determine redistricting in Florida, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.
Building on successes from 2018, NextGen’s 2020 campaign will marry an on-the-ground field campaign with more than 600 staff by Fall 2020 with a risk-taking digital campaign that will reach young people where they are at: online and on their phones. NextGen will develop breakthrough digital ads and partner with the digital brands and publishers that are already reaching target audiences to motivate young people to cast ballots. Beyond paid ads, NextGen will recruit at least 3,000 “micro-influencers” to communicate with their own audiences of young people who already trust their opinions on all things from politics to fashion. NextGen will also encourage our voters and volunteers to start conversations with their own social media friends and followers, conversations that will be able to break through the disinformation and noise that will be prevalent in 2020.

NextGen America will focus on a bloc of roughly 4.7 million key young people who can shape the electoral outcome of 2020. These voters are likely to be progressive but are less than likely to cast a ballot in 2020 without a concerted campaign focusing on their issues and needs.

Nearly half of this target audience is people of color, who too often go overlooked by traditional political outreach strategy. NextGen is committed to recruiting volunteers and staff members of color to organize communities of color on issues that directly affect them. Boosting turnout among young Black, Latinx, Asian American, and Native communities with authentic stories and messengers is one of the ways NextGen America is building a diverse and powerful coalition of progressive voters who hold the power to swing elections if activated. 

NextGen America’s 4.7 Million Target Audience Breakdown:

NextGen America has proven they have the ability to find these voters, register hundreds of thousands of new voters, and turn them out to power progressive electoral victories. For more information about NextGen's 2020 plan, please visit www.nextgenamerica.org


NextGen America
NextGen America is a multiracial coalition of young people, organized to take power by winning elections for progressive candidates. NextGen is uniquely suited to help millennials and Gen Z’ers seize power as an experienced yet nimble political organization that leads with authenticity and grit. SInce 2013, NextGen America has registered over 1.3 million voters and contacted millions of young people with messages encouraging them to vote.