Coalition to March on the DNC

Coalition to March on the DNC: Planning protest for Trump’s Oshkosh visit

Oshkosh, WI – The people of Wisconsin learned two days ago that President Donald Trump would be making his third visit to the state since the start of 2020, this time to the city of Oshkosh. Each previous time Trump came, to Milwaukee and then to Green Bay/Marinette, he was met by protests. This visit will be no different.

The Coalition to March on the Democratic National Convention led the charge for both of those protests and is doing the same again. Several other organizations and allies have joined in the effort, including rank-and-file trade unionists and United Action Oshkosh (UAO).

UAO is a local organization working on reopening the case of Isaiah Tucker, a Black man murdered by Officer Aaron Achterberg of the Oshkosh Police Department on July 31, 2017. Members of Isaiah’s family are joining UAO and the Coalition on August 20 when they march on the DNC in Milwaukee.

“While our Coalition exists to march on the DNC, we’ve been very clear since the start that Donald Trump is the primary enemy of working and oppressed people the world over. Trump is responsible for goading racist killer cops and vigilantes to murder Black men and others. We must defeat Trump,” said Ryan Hamann, co-chair of the Coalition to March on the DNC.

Hamann continued, “But in order to accomplish that, Joe Biden and the Democrats need to do more to address the people’s demands. Specifically, they need to end this other epidemic, that of cops killing people and getting away with it. It’s in Democrat-controlled cities where most of these killer cops get away with their crimes. It has to end.”

There are little to no details at this point as to when or where Donald Trump will be meeting, but the fact is that wherever Trump goes, he will be met with the force of the masses of people who oppose his hateful, violent agenda. No matter the time or the place, UAO, the Coalition, and the other organizations and individuals involved will be ready.

“Our first official action as an organization was back in January 2018, and it was a protest of the first year of the Trump administration. We’re proud to be in keeping with that tradition,” said Hollie Poupart, a leader with United Action Oshkosh.

Poupart went on, “On August 17 when Trump comes to town, we’re going to make sure he knows he’s not welcome here, and we’re gonna do it while raising the demand for justice for Isaiah Tucker. And after we’ve sent Trump packing, we’re going to take our message to Milwaukee for the march on the DNC on August 20. Enough is enough. We can’t breathe!”

Coalition to March on the DNC
August 6, 2020

Coalition to March on the DNC: Responds to Biden’s decision to stay home

Milwaukee, WI – While Joe Biden shelters himself from COVID-19 and the movement for Black lives in Milwaukee, the Coalition to March on the Democratic National Convention (DNC) will be in the streets. Regardless of whether Biden comes to Milwaukee or not, the Democrats will hear from the people on the front lines fighting police crimes, especially the families who have lost loved ones to killer cops.

At 4:30 PM on Thursday, August 6, the Coalition to March on the DNC is still holding a press conference about our rally on August 20. The press conference will take place just outside the entrance to the Wisconsin Center on the corner of Vel R. Phillips and Wisconsin.

“Our main goal as a group is to defeat Donald Trump. He is the key figure in promoting racist killings of Black, Latino and ingidenous people, whether by vigilantes or the police,” said Ryan Hamann, one of the co-chairs of the Coalition.

Hamann continued, “But we need to also be clear in demanding that Joe Biden and the Democrats stop these killer cops who operate in Democrat-controlled cities like right here in Milwaukee. This is why we’re organizing. We must continue to build the people’s movements, especially against police crimes and for community control of the police.”

The Coalition is working to unite the families of victims of killer cops, particularly in Milwaukee and the surrounding areas, to attend and speak at the event on August 20. At the press conference, Coalition organizers will read statements from the families of Isaiah Tucker of Oshkosh and Jonathon Tubby of Green Bay, two men killed by police in the last three years.

The Milwaukee Alliance Against Racist & Political Repression, a member organization of the Coalition, is an integral part in the fight for justice for victims of killer cops locally. They’ve led or participated in many of the actions demanding justice for “Thee Three” – Alvin Cole, Jay Anderson, and Antonio Gonzales.

“What we’re hoping to do during the DNC is shine a spotlight on the fact that killer cops exist everywhere, whether it’s a big city like Milwaukee or a small town like Oshkosh. We want to bring together as many families as possible from across Wisconsin,” said Lauryn Cross, a leader with the Milwaukee Alliance.

“We want to make sure their cases get the national attention and pressure that they deserve. Cops are killing Black, Latino, and indigenous people without consequence. They’re occupying our communities all across the country. We can’t breathe,” said Cross.