Coalition to March on the DNC

July 19, 2020

We Can't Breathe March on the DNC

Milwaukee, WI – On August 20, the day that Joe Biden will be in Milwaukee to accept the Democratic nomination, the
Coalition to March on the DNC
is hosting a march and rally within sight and sound of the Wisconsin Center.
People in cities and towns across the country are protesting racist police killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Alvin Cole right here in Milwaukee. Protests in Minneapolis ignited a fire that swept across the country, producing the largest civil rights movement in U.S. history.
For the Coalition, a shift in priority is necessary. Rather than maintaining the strategy of not giving priority to any one of the nine points of unity, the Coalition will be amplifying one of them in particular: the demand for community control of the police and an end to police terror.
Part of this shift means getting the people directly impacted by killer cops involved in the demonstration in order to give their cases the national attention they deserve. The families of Alvin Cole from Milwaukee, Isaiah Tucker from Oshkosh, and Jonathon Tubby from Green Bay agreed to join their voices with the Coalition in demanding justice for their loved ones and others.
“Alvin Cole was one of many who’ve lost their lives brutally to police violence. Families of victims and the community can not celebrate a national convention when a national crisis is occurring in their state,” said Taleavia Cole, Alvin’s sister. “Allowing the families to share their story is standing up for injustice everywhere.”
Organizations such as the
Milwaukee Alliance Against Racist & Political Repression
, whose primary area of work is fighting racist police crimes, will be at the fore of the August 20 rally and march.
“It’s clear that Trump is provoking violence against protesters and encouraging police killings of Black and other people, it’s Democrats who run the majority of the cities where cops get away with these murders,” said Lauryn Cross, a leader with the Milwaukee Alliance.
Frank Chapman, the executive director of the
National Alliance Against Racist & Political Repression
, added, “Democrats have played their own role in enabling killer cops. Their answer to this crisis is to shoot people in the leg instead of the heart, but we’re not having that. Nothing short of community control of the police and justice for the victims of police crimes. Enough is enough. We can’t breathe.”
The Coalition is urging all other local and statewide organizations and their supporters to join with them in mobilizing for this important demonstration.

Points of Unity

The following are the nine points of unity for the Coalition to March on the DNC:

- End U.S. Wars & Interventions
- Demand Community Control of the Police & an End to Police Terror
- Legalization for All & No More Deportations
- Tax the Rich
- Medicare for All
- Climate Action Now
- Fight to Expand Union and Worker's Rights
- Peace, Justice, & Equality
- Wage War on Poverty, Not the Poor