Friends of John Delaney
Monday April 22, 2019

Delaney Will Create an Entrepreneurship Czar as President  

FRIENDSHIP HEIGHTS, MD - John Delaney, who has unmatched experience and credibility as a successful entrepreneur, believes that entrepreneurship is central to the economic future of the United States. Today, Delaney announces his plans to create an Entrepreneurship Czar.
“Entrepreneurship creates jobs and economic freedom, taps into our desire for self-expression and creativity, and acts as a change agent to build a better society. I want to create an environment and drive policies that empower people to start businesses in every community in this country. We need a singular focus within the federal government on promoting entrepreneurship,” said Delaney.  
Delaney’s Entrepreneurship Czar will serve as Special Advisor to the President and will be responsible for:
  • Engaging entrepreneurs all over the country to become involved in mentoring young entrepreneurs and creating individual entrepreneurship ecosystems in their communities;
  • Ensuring that government regulations don’t stifle entrepreneurship;
  • Driving reforms to the banking industry to encourage more small business lending; and
  • Creating policies to encourage entrepreneurship in rural and urban communities that have been left behind by venture capital investment.
Prior to running for Congress, and before the age of 40, Delaney started two companies from scratch that each became publicly traded companies. His companies employed thousands of people and his companies financed over 5,000 small to mid-sized businesses across the United States. For twenty years, Delaney led businesses that were providing critical financing to small to mid-sized businesses that collectively employed hundreds of thousands of workers. For his work, Delaney was recognized with prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award and was the youngest CEO of a New York Stock Exchange Company. As the son of a union electrician, Delaney is a living example of how entrepreneurship can change someone’s life and he remains wired as true “dream big” business builder, which is a skill set we need in the White House.