Friends of John Delaney
Tuesday, September 3, 2019
CONTACT:  Chris MacKenzie

New Hampshire Lawmakers, Activists Endorse Delaney

CONCORD, NH – On Tuesday, presidential candidate John Delaney released a list of New Hampshire endorsements supporting his candidacy for the 2020 Democratic nomination. Today’s endorsements include those of NH State Rep. Steven Woodcock, NH State Rep. Jerry Stringham, Nashua Selectman Teresa Moler and several climate activists from the Granite State. Rep. Woodcock announced his endorsement this afternoon in a video taken in front of the NH State Capitol building. Watch video of Rep. Woodcock’s announcement here.
“John Delaney is the real deal,” says NH State Rep. Stephen Woodcock. “He has the vision, experience, work ethic and personal integrity that this nation needs now more than ever. While other candidates talk about creating jobs, John created jobs himself during his highly successful career as an entrepreneur. At a time when our country is in urgent need of action on health care, economic opportunity, and climate change, John believes that bipartisanship is the recipe for success and he is committed to working with all to achieve results for our nation. I'm proud to endorse John because we need a leader who will unite our country with big ideas and a laser-like focus on real solutions."
“If John Delaney is sworn in on January 20, 2021, then America will have voted for an impassioned and bipartisan approach to governing, an approach that values unity and lasting solutions,” said NH State Rep. Jerry Stringham. “I have been impressed with John’s clear thinking since he introduced the Open Our Democracy Act in Congress, a bill to end gerrymandering and move to fix our damaged electoral process.  Likewise, his proposals on artificial intelligence, infrastructure and the economy, education and the environment demonstrate his acumen and his ideas which have drawn support from both parties.  His skill, temperament, energy and leadership have been demonstrated in business, his personal life and in politics. It is my great honor to endorse John Delaneyfor President of the United States.”
Below is the full list of endorsements John Delaney is announcing today:

•   NH Rep. Stephen Woodcock - Democratic member of the NH House of Representatives representing Carroll County’s District 2, including Chatham, Conway, Eaton, and Hales Location.
•   NH Rep. Jerry Stringham - Democratic member of the NH House of Representatives representing Grafton County’s District 5, including Lincoln, Woodstock and Waterville Valley. Rep. Stringham serves on the NH House Ways and Means Committee.
•   Nashua Selectman Teresa Moler - Ward 2 Selectman for the City of Nashua
•   Wes Tator - Portsmouth climate activist
•   Sarah Weck - Cheshire County climate activist and business owner