Friends of John Delaney
Tuesday, August 20, 2019
CONTACT: Carrie Healey

Delaney Campaign Memo Regarding Inaccurate Fundraising Reporting

FRIENDSHIP HEIGHTS, MD – Multiple reports have included factually inaccurate claims (some that are extremely far off) about the Delaney campaign’s spending. In the interest of setting the record straight and making sure that the public understands what has actually happened, here are basic facts about the campaign’s spending and fundraising thus far, all of which are reported on our FEC filings:  
  • Delaney was the first candidate in the race and unlike most of the field, he gave up his seat to run for president. In total, the campaign has spent $9.7 million dollars. This is clearly shown in the “Operating Expenditures” line on Delaney’s FEC report. 
  • John and April have invested in the campaign, because they believe in what the campaign is about. But the campaign is not entirely self-funded. Delaney has raised $2.2 million dollars. John has never prioritized fundraising and until the DNC released their donor requirements, did not plan on fundraising being a priority in the early stages of this campaign.  
  • Across the campaign, John and April have loaned the campaign $24 million dollars, however not all of this money has been spent (see first bullet) or is currently in the campaign account. On April 2, the campaign paid back $9 million of those loans. This gets counted as a “Disbursement” for FEC filing purposes but it would mislead readers to present this as campaign spending.