RNC Dismisses the 2020 Democratic Candidates

As Democratic candidates entered the race in the first part of 2019, the RNC responded with short, dismissive statements from spokesman Michael Ahrens and a graphic for each.  The Dem DL (Democrat Download) graphics provided a "cheat sheet" of five or six negative points on the candidate and usually tagged the candidate with a unflattering label.  Together the graphics and text paint the Democratic field as liberal, extremist, socialist and out of touch.  The RNC also sent out more in-depth research briefings on many of the candidates.  These communications give a sense of the kind of attacks the eventual Democratic nominee will face.

“Tulsi Gabbard has an even bigger problem than her lack of experience – it’s that she has no base of support. Liberals think she’s too conservative, conservatives think she’s too liberal, and just about everyone thinks her coziness with Bashar al-Assad is disturbing.” 
Assad's "Mouthpiece" in Washington
Jan. 11

“Julián Castro has made history by becoming one of the biggest lightweights to ever run for president. He was a weak mayor who couldn’t even handle being HUD secretary. This is obviously just another desperate attempt to become someone else’s running mate.”
"The Lightweight" Jan. 12

“If you looked up ‘political opportunism’ in the dictionary, Kirsten Gillibrand’s photo would be next to it. From jumping on the ‘abolish ICE’ bandwagon to turning on the Clintons, Gillibrand always goes where the political wind blows. Democrats know it, which is why she’s barely registering in the polls.”
[video - no graphic] Jan. 15

"Before Buttigieg wastes time on a presidential campaign, he should focus on his town's sea of potholes and sky-high crime rate. His bid isn't just bad news for residents, it's more proof that Democrats are about to endure the most crowded, divisive, and contentious primary in history."
"Pete Who?" Jan. 23

“It’s fitting that Harris chose the most liberal district in deep-blue California to launch her campaign. Government-run health care, weaker borders and higher taxes might be popular there, but her liberal policies are totally out-of-step with most Americans. President Trump has led this country to record economic highs and strengthened our national security, and it’s why he’s going to be re-elected in 2020.”
The California Liberal Jan. 27

“Cory Booker is a political opportunist who left Newark ridden with crime and an ‘emblem of poverty.’ Even the liberal base thinks he’s a disingenuous self-promoter, and his embrace of policies like higher taxes, single-payer health care, and government-guaranteed jobs make him totally out-of-touch with most Americans.”
"I Am Spartacus" Feb. 1

“We’ve always known that Elizabeth Warren’s socialist policies were far outside the mainstream. But Warren’s disastrous handling of her false minority claims and her refusal to apologize until now has everyone, including her own supporters, cringing at her campaign.”
"Fauxcahontas" Feb. 9

“It’s tough to find any base of support for Amy Klobuchar’s candidacy. She has virtually no grassroots backing and even her own staff is complaining that she’s ‘intolerably cruel.’”
"Minnesota (Not-So) Nice" Feb. 10

"Bernie Sanders is a self-avowed socialist who wants to double your taxes so the government can take over your health care. The vast majority of voters oppose his radical agenda, just like they are going to oppose all the 2020 Democrats who have rushed to embrace it."
The Self Avowed Socialist Feb. 19

"Jay Inslee’s chances of becoming president are exactly what he’s polling at: zero. His campaign will only force Democrats into embracing more extreme policies, like a carbon tax, which would kill jobs, raise energy prices, and disproportionately hurt working-class Americans.”
"Carbon Warrior Failure" Mar. 1

“John Hickenlooper is the latest tax-and-spend liberal to join the race. But according to Hickenlooper, he’s actually ‘a lot more progressive’ than his far-left opponents. In a primary dominated by socialist policies like the $93 trillion ‘Green New Deal,’ that puts him way outside the mainstream.”
Mar. 4

“It’s telling that the Democrats’ biggest star is someone whose biggest accomplishment is losing. Beto O’Rourke failed to get anything done in Congress, and with extreme policies like government-run health care and tearing down border barriers, his 2020 bid won’t be successful either.”
"No Borders Beto" Mar. 14

“Tim Ryan is a Congressional backbencher who has no chance of becoming president. You can just add him to the long list of liberal candidates demanding government-run health care, and it underscores how radical and out-of-touch this Democratic field truly is.”
"The Congressional Backbencher" Apr. 4

"Eric Swalwell is the latest delusional Democrat to enter the race. He has no legislative accomplishments, so he's running on the same socialist policies like government-run health care that the rest of the field has embraced. Swalwell is too extreme for most Americans and he will never be president."
Wannabe Nuker-in-Chief Apr. 8

“Seth Moulton is a Massachusetts liberal who supports higher taxes and the socialist Green New Deal. His presidential bid is going nowhere, just like his unsuccessful business career and his repeated failed attempts to challenge the least popular politician in DC: Nancy Pelosi.”
Apr. 22

“Joe Biden has been running for president and losing since the ‘80s. 2020 won’t be any different. Biden’s fingerprints are all over foreign policy blunders and the weakest economic recovery since World War II. We don’t need eight more years of Biden. Just ask President Obama, who isn’t even endorsing his right-hand man.”
"Crazy Joe" Apr. 25

“Michael Bennet is just another tax-and-spend liberal with no chance of becoming president. Bennet hasn't gotten anything done after more than a decade in the Senate, and unfortunately for him, the ‘unknown, no-accomplishments lane’ of the Democratic primary is already full.”
The "Accidental Senator" May 2

“Another day, another delusional Democrat running for president with no shot at winning. Voters just rejected a liberal candidate who destroyed thousands of their official government emails, and Steve Bullock’s fate won’t be any different.”
Email Destroyer 2.0 May 14

“Bill de Blasio is a liberal extremist who wants the government to control everything from your health care to what you eat. Americans can rest assured that he won't win, but unfortunately his socialist policies fit right in with the rest of his comrades in the race.”
May 16