3rd Quarter 2019 Fundraising Results

The Democrats in Third Quarter 2019
Campaigns have been working hard to bring in funds so they will be able to effectively make their cases in the months leading up to early contests.  In the press releases and emails, they seek to put the best possible spin on their third quarter 2019 numbers.

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Bennet for America
DATE: Wednesday, October 2, 2019
CONTACT: Shannon Beckham

Bennet for America Raises $2.1 Million with $1.8 Million Cash on Hand

DENVER — Bennet for America today announced that it brought in $2.1 million in the third quarter of the year, with $1.8 million cash on hand. 86 percent of the campaign’s contributions are $25 or less, and 98 percent of the contributions are $100 or less — demonstrating a strong base of grassroots support.
“Our strategy to run a lean, strong campaign in early states is working, and we have the resources to compete and win. We’re continuing to run TV, rural radio, and digital ads and build out our infrastructure and staff,” said Bennet for America spokesperson Shannon Beckham. “Instead of allowing the DNC’s flawed debate criteria to dictate this race, we’re communicating directly with voters and caucusgoers. They believe in Michael’s agenda — one that will not only unite Democrats, but also win back the nine million Obama-Trump voters we need to defeat Trump and take back the Senate. Michael spent more time in Iowa in September than any other candidate, and we believe it will pay off in the long run.” 
During the last quarter, Bennet for America pursued a strategy focused on the early states. Bennet spent more time in Iowa in September than any other candidate. He launched a seven-figure TV, rural radio, and digital ad buy in the state, and campaigned alongside former Iowa Governor and U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack. The Des Moines Register Editorial Board wrote that “Bennet Pounds Some Truth Into the Campaign...caucusgoers...would be well-served to give Bennet more attention.”
In New Hampshire, Gary Hart endorsed Bennet at the Democratic Party State Convention, where he said, “A number of years ago, the voters of New Hampshire provided an opportunity for a young Colorado senator to build a strong national candidacy. They have the chance now to do it again. Michael Bennet has the intelligence, experience, and judgment to put our nation back on track at home and abroad.”

Biden for President
October 3, 2019

Biden for President Raises $15.2 Million for Q3

98% of all donations were from grassroots donors

Campaign reports $36.7 million raised since launch

Today, Biden for President announced that it raised $15.2 million during the third quarter and Vice President Joe Biden’s second quarter of fundraising, totaling $36.7 million raised since the launch of the campaign.

Grassroots fundraising remains central to the campaign’s growth with 98% of all donations coming from grassroots donors of less than or equal to $200, with teachers among the top supporters. This quarter, 56% of donors were new to our campaign. Additionally, 70% of all donors to this campaign are now individuals who were not previously known to us when the campaign launched. The campaign has seen an influx of support along with an average donation of $44, reinforcing grassroots support as fuel for the campaign. The last week of the quarter was the campaign’s best week for online fundraising since early May, just a few days after the campaign launched. Each month of the quarter the campaign raised more than the month prior, a sign of the momentum the campaign carries into the final quarter of 2019.

“Today’s fundraising totals put the campaign in a strong position as we enter the fall. The question any campaign faces at this point is whether or not you have the resources to compete in early states and sustain your efforts beyond. Our campaign unequivocally does and builds on our strength each week,” said Greg Schultz, Campaign Manager, Biden for President. “Just today, we announced a $6 million ad buy across television and digital in the early states, and we are investing heavily in our field operations, where we have well over 200 staff and dozens of field offices open with more to come through the fall and winter. We will continue executing on our broader strategy to build support and reach voters to make Joe Biden the Democratic nominee next summer, and beat Donald Trump like a drum next November.”

All campaign finance events are publicly announced and include members of the media, which reflects Vice President Biden’s longstanding commitment to transparency. Biden for President does not accept donations from federally registered lobbyists and corporate PACs. Vice President Biden has signed the No Fossil Fuel Money pledge and does not accept donations from fossil fuel executives and fossil fuel PACs. Biden for President is not currently accepting general election funds and is actively refunding any it received.


Cory 2020

Cory 2020 Supporters, Friends, and Staff

From: Addisu Demissie, Campaign Manager, Cory ‍2020

Date: Tuesday October 1, 2019

Re: The Last 10 Days Have Put Us Firmly in the Game — Now, Here’s The Path Forward

It’s been 10 days since Cory 2020 opened up to our supporters, friends, and the world about the high stakes of the closing days of September for our campaign: if we didn’t change our fundraising trajectory by the end of the month by raising an additional $1.7 million, we wouldn’t be able to grow our operation in time for Cory to compete for the nomination with the four best-resourced candidates in the field. Early voting begins in January, and you can’t build the organization you need to compete overnight. We knew it was now or never.

It was a true make-or-break moment for our campaign. So we decided to do something no major campaign has done before: radical transparency -- giving a real, unvarnished look at the stark reality of where things stood -- because we believed it was the best way to give our wonderful supporters across the country and everyone who knows that Cory brings a unique, important voice to this campaign a chance to rally behind him while there was still time to help determine what the final field of Democratic candidates will look like.

We’ve been overwhelmed and humbled by the response since September 21st. We announced yesterday morning that we’d eclipsed our $1.7 million goal in just 9 days, and today, I’m proud to report that our 10 day push raised a total of $2,159,165.34 from more than 46,000 donations.

And we can now confirm that September was our best fundraising month of the campaign, and the third quarter of 2019 was our best fundraising quarter, thanks to the past 10 days. We will report raising over $6 million in Q3, a greater than 30 percent increase over our Q2 number. While other campaigns’ fundraising trajectory has slowed, Cory 2020 is on the rise.

You can do the math: more than a third of what we raised this quarter came in the last ten days, the best fundraising stretch of our campaign. To the tens of thousands who chipped in and raised your voices in support of Cory’s candidacy this year and during this critical period: thank you.

Because of you, we’ll be able to make critical investments that will allow us to continue growing our campaign in the way we need to compete to win the nomination -- investments that I will discuss in greater detail below.

But know this: while we’ve succeeded at climbing this hill, there are more challenges to come. While we have and can continue to do more with less, we must pick up the pace to continue being competitive with better-funded campaigns in this field. Our September 30th goal was very much the floor and not the ceiling -- and in the weeks to come we’ll be asking more of all of those who want to keep Cory’s important voice in this race.  What the last ten days have done is put us firmly in the game.

State of the Race: Wide Open

Despite the ongoing fixation with horserace polling (and despite the fact that horserace polling is so often very wrong this far out…just ask presidents Rudy Giuliani, Rick Perry, and Howard Dean), the fact is that with more than 120 days to go before Democrats start caucusing and voting, this nomination contest is wide open.

Far more important than horserace numbers at this stage of the campaign are the underlying fundamentals of the race and perceptions of the candidates.

To that end, according to a national NBC News-Wall Street Journal poll released on September 17th, only 9 percent of Democrats say their minds are definitely made up about who they’re supporting for the nomination. And a Des Moines Register/CNN/Mediacom Iowa Poll released on September 21 shows only six Democratic candidates are being considered in some way by more than 40 percent of caucusgoers -- and Cory is in that group.

Cory’s net favorability numbers are continuing to grow among Democratic voters, and internal and public polling alike shows that Cory’s unique and longstanding message of uniting and bringing people together to overcome tough challenges is deeply resonant with a Democratic electorate looking for a healer after the hatred and division of the Trump era. That same Iowa poll from above, for example, found that 54 percent of likely Iowa caucusgoers are seeking a nominee who “will take the high road against Donald Trump,” and 63 percent want someone who “takes positions that seek common ground.”

In short, this is a race we can win -- if we have the resources we need to steadily grow our campaign and show Democratic voters that Cory is the right candidate for this moral moment in our country’s history.

We’re not seeking to manufacture a fleeting breakout moment months away from the first contests. Our strategy since day one of this campaign has been about building -- brick-by-brick -- a campaign to grow steadily through the long primary season, and win when voting begins.

Cory 2020’s Next Moves: Continuing to Build a Campaign That Can Win

In the coming weeks, we will be using this infusion of resources to invest in the growth of Cory 2020’s organizing and fundraising infrastructure:

  • We will hire 40 new staff across our campaign over the next six weeks. From expanding our organizing capacity in the early states to adding critical support staff and program leads in our Newark headquarters, we will double down on our biggest advantage: the people that make up the Cory 2020 team. (More on this below.)
  • In October, we will open new field offices in the early states.  And even as we expand our campaign beyond the early states this fall, we will remain committed to our strategy of organizing and competing in the best traditions of these first-in-the-nation states -- and believe it will pay off when Democrats head to caucus and vote in February.
  • This month, we’ll launch our ballot access program to ensure Cory is on the ballot for all 57 nominating contests. This will include hiring and deploying staff to those states in which ballot qualification deadlines are rapidly approaching, some as soon as early December. (Believe it or not, there are some purportedly serious campaigns in this race who are either ignoring this step or overlooking it, at their peril.)
  • We’ll be making a six-figure investment in building our email list, bringing new supporters into Cory 2020 and further expanding our ability to organize and fundraise.
  • And more immediately, in addition to traveling to Nevada this week, Cory will be making a four-day trip to Iowa beginning on October 6th. More details on the contours of that trip will be released in the coming days.
Radical Transparency…Continued: The State of the Cory 2020 Budget

We feel confident in making these commitments and investments now because of the fundraising success and trajectory of the past ten days.  But as I mentioned above, we have to continue this momentum in the critical weeks to come in order to sustain and build upon this growth.

We’ve set a new standard for openness with our friends and supporters when it comes to our fundraising goals, and we’re going to continue this transparency.  We believe our supporters -- which now number more than 165,000 unique donors -- deserve to know how their money is being spent and what the financial outlook of our campaign looks like.  And if the last ten days are any indication, we believe that they -- and many more -- will continue to provide us with the resources we need to run, to grow, and to win.

Cory 2020’s current projected expenses for the fourth quarter of 2019, after making the growth investments outlined above, are $7,213,882 -- over $4,000,000 of which represents the payroll and benefits costs for the amazing team we have assembled across the country. We were among the first candidates to build out our team on the ground in the early primary states and in our national headquarters and, in doing so, were able to recruit some of the best and most experienced talent, from our field organizers to national senior staff.

We have worked hard in the first eight months of this campaign to keep overhead costs low so that we can invest as much as possible in the most important resource of any campaign: its people. That includes living Cory’s Democratic values in how we treat our employees -- providing generous benefits, covering 100% of health insurance costs, guaranteeing 12 weeks of paid parental leave, and ensuring that staff are promptly reimbursed for their out-of-pocket expenses. We continue to believe that it is the Cory 2020 team -- not just our staff, but our volunteers, endorsers, and donors -- who will ultimately be the driving force behind our successes when voting begins in just over four months.

With that said, we still anticipate spending about $3,100,000 in the last three months of the year on everything from office rents to digital advertising and list building to cybersecurity to commercial flight costs to send Cory across the country to campaign (he visited 18 states in August alone, so that expense adds up quickly!).

This budget reflects what we believe it costs, at this stage of the race, to run a presidential campaign that has a real chance of victory.  And we of course know we will need to continue growing and investing to increase those chances as we approach February’s first contests.

So today, we’re announcing a new public fundraising goal of $3 million for the month of October.

Actually, if we’re being precise: $2,998,771.

$2,498,771 is exactly what we are projecting it will take to cover Cory 2020’s expenses for October, and thus fully fund our new growth budget for the month.  Raising an additional $500,000 in October will allow us, in November and December, to make additional growth investments as fall turns to winter -- including funding our get-out-the-vote program and beginning paid persuasion advertising.

The good news: while ambitious, we know $3 million in a month is an attainable goal -- because we just raised over $3.1 million in September. Most importantly, at this point, it is the real amount we think we need to sustain, grow, and remain competitive in this primary contest.  

As we have during this stretch, we’ll continue to provide periodic public updates on our progress toward this $3 million goal (though we’ll pull back a little bit from the thrice-daily website thermometer updates…our data and digital teams need a little bit of a breather!).

The Road Ahead...

The past 10 days have given Cory Booker a grassroots mandate to continue in this campaign.

We put out the call to Cory’s friends and supporters to show the world the strength of his candidacy and they answered it loudly and clearly, to the tune of nearly $2.2 million dollars in 10 days.

We now have the ability to keep our campaign growing, and the responsibility to continue being transparent with our supporters about our path to victory. 

But it is Cory’s ability to ignite that spirit of activism -- and to unite Democrats in a sense of common purpose -- that is how he is going to win this nomination, beat Donald Trump, and deliver real justice and opportunity for every American as president.

# # #

Bullock for President
Friday, October 4, 2019

Bullock for President Raises Nearly $2.3 Million in Third Quarter

Individual Contributions Doubled, with 97% of Donations Under $200
Helena, MT – Bullock for President today released its third quarter fundraising numbers. The campaign raised nearly $2.3 million over the quarter, improving on its second quarter haul and doubling its number of individual contributions — 97% of which were under $200. Donations came from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and four U.S. Territories. Once public matching funds kick in, all individual contributions will by matched up to $250 in aggregate per donor.

“Our growing grassroots support helps us build a robust campaign to compete in early states like Iowa and beyond,” said Bullock for President Campaign Manager Jenn Ridder. “With a doubling of our individual contributions — and an average online contribution of just $24 — it’s clear that Governor Bullock’s message of progressive reform is resonating with grassroots supporters across the country. This campaign is built to go the distance, which is why Governor Bullock will continue fighting for his vision of an America where everyone has a fair shot at a better life.”


Pete for America
October 1, 2019

To:    Interested Parties
From:    Mike Schmuhl, Campaign Manager
Re:    Q3 Fundraising Numbers

Pete for America Raises More Than $19.1 Million in Q3, More Than $51 Million for 2019

182,000 New People Donated to the Campaign in Q3, Bringing the Total Number to 580,000 Individual Donors

Powered by grassroots energy from all 57 states and territories, Pete for America will file an FEC report later this month showing we have raised more than $19.1 million during the 3rd quarter, bringing the total raised to more than $51 million since the beginning of the year. This is great news and shows that in a crowded field, Pete continues to stand out as having the vision and leadership voters know we need to tackle the urgent problems facing our country. It also positions us solidly as one of the top three fundraisers in this race. We will have the resources to go the full distance, and to win, the 2020 nominating contests.

People continue to be drawn to Pete and his vision of bridging our divides and to his bold plans to move our country forward, and our campaign has grown exponentially faster than any other candidate in the 2020 field. Roughly 182,000 new people donated to the campaign in Q3, bringing the total number of unique donors to more than 580,000. Since the outset, our campaign has received more than 1.25 million donations, with an average contribution of about $40. This quarter, our average donation was about $32, showing a sustainable base for further investment. And our email list has continued to see massive growth since the start of our exploratory effort.

While Q3 of an off-year is traditionally a notoriously challenging quarter to fundraise, our campaign continued to see strong performance. Throughout this time, we’ve been hyper-focused on scaling the organization and building the infrastructure needed to win the nomination. We are one of the few campaigns that has been able to make these large strategic investments, and this strong fundraising quarter has put us in position to have the resources needed to win.

During the third quarter, our campaign staff increased to just under 400 people, including in the early states, where we jumped from 107 to 227 total staff on the ground, working each day to organize communities across the country. We went from zero field offices in those early states to 42. To break it down further, the Q3 numbers include:

  • Iowa, where we opened 21 offices and now have a staff of nearly 100.
  • New Hampshire, where we opened 12 field offices in addition to a state headquarters, and nearly doubled the staff -- from 34 to 64.
  • Nevada, where we’ve grown to five field offices and now have a staff of 35, up from 6 at the beginning of Q3.
  • South Carolina, where we now have three field offices and 33 staff across the state.
Pete is spending a lot of time in these early states (he was in Iowa 21 days this quarter!), and it’s showing -- his crowds continue to swell in Iowa, polling shows him in the top tier of candidates in a still sprawling field, and over 63% of our total donors in Iowa donated again in Q3, more than any other state. The more people get to know Pete, the more they want to invest in our campaign.

The campaign has also invested heavily in digital list building to ramp up a nationwide network of investors and volunteers. Our sizable investment will provide the infrastructure we need to compete in every district in every state and will pay dividends as we move beyond the early states. We have also been running television ads statewide in Iowa, radio ads in rural Iowa, and online ads ranging from YouTube to Hulu to Spotify statewide in Iowa and New Hampshire, and we expect these programs to continue, and grow.

It’s important to note that we did not come into this race having operated in Washington for years or decades. We did not transfer millions of dollars from other accounts into this one. We have not been cultivating an email list for years. But every single day our campaign continues to grow, and every single day we continue to build the support that we need to be one of the very few campaigns that will actually be able to compete in and win the Democratic primary.

Friends of John Delaney
Tuesday, October 15, 2019
CONTACT: Carrie Healey,

Delaney Campaign Releases Statement on Q3 FEC Filing

FRIENDSHIP HEIGHTS, MD - Since there has been confusion in reading our FEC report in the past, related to loans Delaney made to the campaign, the Delaney campaign releases the following statement on its Q3 filing:

Since inception, the campaign has raised $2.4M from donors, self-funded $9.4M and has spent $11.5M.

The campaign will continue to have the resources available to run a robust campaign.


Kamala Harris for the People
October 1, 2019

Kamala Harris Raises $11.6 Million in Third Quarter With Nearly $10 Million Cash On Hand

Average Donation Was $34; Average Online Donation Was $20

Funds Raised By Quarter: $11.6M (Q3), $11.8M (Q2), $12M (Q1)

Senator Kamala Harris’s presidential campaign raised $11.6 million in the third quarter of 2019 and has nearly $10 million cash on hand as she enters the final four-month stretch before the Iowa caucuses. Her campaign recently announced a series of major investments to expand its organization in Iowa and South Carolina. It plans to double its number of organizers in Iowa in October and double its number of organizers in South Carolina by the end of November.

“This is a campaign that is growing, expanding, and built to win this primary,” said Harris Campaign Manager Juan Rodriguez. “As we have spent the summer months strengthening our infrastructure, we enter this final stretch of 2019 with ample resources to execute a winning game plan. With hundreds of organizers and staff in the early states and Super Tuesday California, we are ready to harness the energy of our thousands of grassroots volunteers to phone bank, knock doors and turn out the vote for Kamala in these 2020 contests.”

The campaign’s average contribution in the third quarter was $34, and the average online contribution was just $20. Harris has raised $35.5 million overall in this campaign, from more than 850,000 individual contributions. She raised $12 million in the first quarter and $11.8 million in the second quarter.


Amy for America
For Immediate Release: October 7, 2019

Klobuchar Raises Nearly $5 Million In Third Quarter, Exceeding Second Quarter Numbers by $1 Million

MINNEAPOLIS, MN — Today, the Amy For America campaign announced it raised $4.8 million from more than 105,000 donors in the third quarter. The campaign exceeded its second quarter fundraising numbers by $1 million and easily surpassed the DNC’s November debate donor threshold with the strongest online fundraising quarter since launching in February. The average contribution was $29.78 and 89.7% of donors gave less than $100.

“Our campaign used the third quarter to make aggressive investments in our early state campaign infrastructure. These investments, along with stand-out debate performances from Senator Klobuchar and effective organizing across the early states, enabled us to easily meet the debate thresholds for September and October and surpass the required unique donor number for the November debate,” said Amy For America campaign manager Justin Buoen. “None of that would have been possible without the outpouring of grassroots support we received from Americans who believe in Amy’s unifying, optimistic message. As we head into the final quarter of 2019, we continue to build momentum and a strong grassroots operation that can win in 2020.”

In the third quarter, Senator Klobuchar held more than 120 events across 14 states -- including a Blue Wall Tour of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan. She earned “support of more current and former legislators from Iowa than any other presidential candidate” and announced what one New Hampshire news organization called “the most impressive list of endorsements by any presidential candidate so far in the campaign.” The campaign rolled out plans to combat climate change, revitalize agricultural and rural communitiestake action on gun violenceincrease access to affordable housingstrengthen our democracy, and more.


Beto for America
excerpt from Oct. 11, 2019 "Our Plan to Win"

Let’s start with the good.

Last quarter, we raised $4.5 million—a million more dollars than last quarter—and we did it because of people like you. Our average contribution was $26 and 99% of our donations were below $200. They came from all 50 states, and nearly 20% of our donors gave to us for the first time this quarter. And most impressively, we did this while not fundraising during the 12 day period around the El Paso shooting because that tragedy wasn’t about our campaign, it was about our community. And in the spirit of El Paso, we’ve raised over a million dollars this quarter for causes like the El Paso Memorial Fund, the ACLU of Mississippi and down ballot candidates...

Bernie 2020
October 1, 2019

NEWS: Sanders Raises More Than $25 Million in Third Quarter

Record-Breaking September Fuels Huge Haul

WASHINGTON – Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign on Tuesday announced it raised $25.3 million in the third quarter of 2019 from 1.4 million donations, fueled by a September haul that set a Bernie 2020 record for total amount raised and number of individual contributions in a single month.

“Bernie is proud to be the only candidate running to defeat Donald Trump who is 100 percent funded by grassroots donations – both in the primary and in the general,” Sanders’ Campaign Manager Faiz Shakir said. “Media elites and professional pundits have tried repeatedly to dismiss this campaign, and yet working-class Americans keep saying loudly and clearly that they want a political revolution.”

The final day of the third quarter was the second biggest fundraising day of the campaign. “Teacher” was the most common occupation of Sanders’ third quarter donors, the three most common employers were Starbucks, Amazon, and Walmart, and the average donation was $18.07.
Since the campaign’s February launch, Sanders has raised $61.5 million from a total of 3.3 million individual donations for an average contribution of just $19, and more than 99.9 percent have not maxed out and can give again.
The third quarter total announced Tuesday does not include an additional $2.6 million transferred from Sanders’ other campaign accounts. 

Steyer 2020
Thursday, October 10, 2019

Third Quarter FEC Filing Shows Tom Steyer 2020 Campaign Raised $2M

(SAN FRANCISCO, October 10, 2019) — Today, Tom Steyer’s presidential campaign announced today that it has raised over $2 million since launching on July 9, 2019. The campaign will file its third quarter Federal Elections Commission (FEC) report on October 15, the first one since Steyer announced his run.

The campaign’s first FEC filing will also show that the Steyer campaign has built a strong showing of grassroots support both nationally and in the early states that have quickly allowed him to qualify for both the October and November Democratic debates. The campaign’s total individual contributing donors for the quarter is 166,119, for an average of a little over $12 per donation.

“The campaign’s success is directly tied to Tom’s experience in creating national grassroots movements,” said Campaign Manager Heather Hargreaves. “Tom’s late entry into the race meant that we needed to move swiftly to catch up with the other candidates who have been running since last year. We built an organization in the early states quickly and have been using a wide-array of communications platforms, and we can see definitively that Tom’s message of breaking the stranglehold corporations have on our democracy is resonating with voters. That’s how Tom qualified for the October and November debates in less than three months.”  

The Steyer campaign has not held a single fundraiser, nor has it prioritized fundraising to its email list. Tom is not taking money from corporate PACS, nor accepting contributions from the fossil fuel industry.

Campaign COO Chris Fadeff added: “Our campaign is built around Tom’s principles of equity, valuing staff, and being cognizant of our footprint in the world. We put in place standards to meet these principles. We pay our staff a living wage, and want to ensure that all people can afford to work on this campaign. We accounted for the fact that the campaign is headquartered in the most expensive metropolitan area in the country and the salaries of our staff that work in San Francisco reflect that. The campaign pays 100% of benefits, offers a student loan reimbursement, and provides Sunday childcare for parents coming into the office with their children.”

The workplace policies the Steyer campaign has put in place are meant to attract top talent, recruit staff to work in San Francisco, and catch up with campaigns that have already hired hundreds of staff. 

The campaign notes that Steyer, all campaign staff, and the candidate’s family fly commercial. In the spirit of running an emissions neutral campaign, the Steyer campaign has purchased carbon offsets for Q3 and will continue to do so through the remainder of the campaign.

Hargreaves added: “We’ve felt the need to align our campaign’s employment practices with Tom’s message of economic empowerment. We are aware of at least one labor union that has been reaching out to our staff and we intend to voluntarily recognize the first labor union that can demonstrate majority support.”

Following Steyer’s pragmatic philosophy on spending and the belief that presidential campaigns are a place to change conventional wisdom about spending practices, the campaign said that it’s compensating its television ad makers and television ad buyers on a flat fee basis, not on a commission structure that is common in democratic politics. “No one is being compensated based on how much money the campaign spends on television,” Hargreaves concluded. 


Warren for President
October 4, 2019 email "Reporting back: Our Q3 fundraising numbers"

I’ve got great news for you.
You might remember that quarterly FEC fundraising deadline we’ve been talking about.
Well, we’re excited to announce our results: We raised $24.6 million in the third quarter of 2019.
This means our grassroots movement is in an incredible position — to double down on our investments in grassroots organizing, to keep getting Elizabeth’s plans for big, structural change in front of more caucus-goers and voters, and to bring more people into this fight.
Keep reading if you’d like to take a look under the hood of our fundraising report. But first, I’ve got a quick and important plug:
We’re less than three months away from 2020. And we’re still counting on you to chip in if you can. Fight by Elizabeth’s side, and help build our grassroots movement for big, structural change.
If you've saved payment info with ActBlue Express, your donation will process automatically:

Alright, back to the numbers!
What We Raised In Q3

  • More than 500,000 people making more than 940,000 donations in July, August, and September helped raise $24.6 million
  • More than 300,000 of those donors gave for the first time in Q3
  • Our average contribution was just $26
How We Raised It
People like you chipped in.
That’s it.
Elizabeth didn’t sell her time to wealthy donors, over the phone or in person at closed-door fundraisers. She didn’t take any money from Washington lobbyists, corporate PACs, or PACs of any kind.
Instead, she got to spend her time traveling across the country, hosting town halls, taking tens of thousands of selfies, and hearing directly from people about what’s on their minds — and people chipped in to help make it possible.
Elizabeth says that running for office is an act of optimism. I think that’s true of donating to a political campaign, too. When you make a contribution, you’re rejecting cynicism — you’re recognizing your power in your democracy, and your ability to shape our future.
Ever since Elizabeth announced her presidential exploratory committee last New Year’s Eve, hundreds of thousands of people like you have made individual, optimistic decisions to chip in and own a piece of our campaign.
Elizabeth is deeply grateful for your support, and so am I.
How We’re Investing It
Here’s my promise to you, Joe: We’re going to spend every dollar that grassroots donors have contributed as efficiently and effectively as possible.
Recently, we announced an eight-figure digital and TV advertising campaign in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina. All of those dollars are going further than they otherwise would because we’re…

  • Targeting those ads as precisely as possible to reach the people we need to turn out
  • And producing the ads in-house instead of forking over big commissions and fees to outside consultants
We’re also growing our team in states that will have primaries and caucuses in March. And we’re magnifying our impact by focusing on states with other key elections, too — where Democrats need to be organizing right now to keep the House, take back the Senate, and regain ground in key state legislatures in 2020.
That way, your support won’t just help elect Elizabeth — you’ll help elect Democrats up and down the ballot so we can make big, structural change, and so we can stop Republicans from being able to draw gerrymandered maps for 2022 and beyond.
What Comes Next
First of all, please take a moment to be proud of the movement you’re helping build.
Celebrate. Say “woo-hoo!” (quietly, if you need to, depending on where you’re reading this). Put on your favorite Elizabeth Warren t-shirt. Text a friend to share the good news. Close your eyes and picture Wall Street bankers scowling into their catered breakfast.
And picture an America where political and economic power is in the hands of working people — not just the rich and powerful. Where Washington works for you, even if you can’t hire an army of lobbyists and lawyers. Where Elizabeth is fighting for all of us from the Oval Office, and we all fight by her side.
You’re helping make it happen. You’re building this movement. You’re part of history.
So take a minute to celebrate. And then take a deep breath, square your shoulders, and get ready to keep fighting, because we’re going to keep counting on you.
These are the last few months to make sure we’re ready to hit the ground running in 2020 — the year we’ll elect Elizabeth as the next president of the United States.
So I have to ask: If you’re committed to doing everything you can to keep growing this movement, and if you’re able to make a donation right now, please chip in. Let’s keep building something incredible.
Thanks for everything. Hope to see you on the road. -roger
Roger Lau
Campaign Manager
Warren for President

Marianne Williamson for President
October 3, 2019
Juan Rodriguez
National Press Secretary


Campaign doubles donations over the previous two quarters, reaches 2% on four national polls with the release of Monmouth Poll
Democratic presidential candidate, best-selling author, and activist Marianne Williamson has reported her most successful fundraising quarter to date. Williamson doubled the amount that was raised in each of the first two quarters. In her most recent FEC filing, Williamson reported a total of more than $3,050,188 raised with $655,276 cash on hand.

The breakdown:
  • In the first quarter of 2019, the Williamson campaign raised $1,548,821
  • In the second quarter, the amount raised was $1,521,862
  • In Q3, which ended Monday, the campaign raised more than $3,050,188
  • Williamson’s campaign has raised more than $6.1 million this year
  • To date, the campaign has received about 250,000 contributions from 140,000 unique contributors
“It’s the American people who decide which candidates have a voice that needs to be  heard, not the gatekeepers,” said Patricia Ewing, Campaign Manager. “We are in awe of our supporters, past and present, and appreciate the growing enthusiasm and support that enables us to continue competing in the early states.”

Williamson has also reached 2% on four national polls conducted by McLaughin & Associations, YouGuv, and Harris X. The latest from Monmouth University, released just yesterday, has Williamson ranked #6.

Friends of Andrew Yang
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October 2, 2019


NEW YORK — Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang raised more than $10 million during the third quarter of 2019, outpacing the campaign's second quarter fundraising totals by more than $7 million.

The $10 million haul allowed the campaign to close the quarter with $6.3 million cash on hand, which will go towards campaign infrastructure in the early primary states, where it's recently opened up a number of offices to large crowds.

"Andrew Yang is the only contender showing exponential growth in the third quarter, more than tripling his fundraising number from last quarter," said Campaign Manager Zach Graumann. "This grassroots fundraising total, with over $6m in the bank, ensures this campaign will have the funding to compete and outperform expectations through Super Tuesday and beyond."

In recent polling, Andrew Yang's supporters have shown themselves to be more loyal than those of any other Candidate, with over 70% committed to voting for him in the upcoming primaries. Their dedication shows in their purchasing of campaign merchandise, which accounted for over $2.4 million of the total money raised, with 20,000 MATH hats sold.

Mr. Yang's grassroots campaign is funded by small dollar donors, with over 99% of the donations made online being under $200. Nearly 82% of the total donated is from this group, showing the broad base of Andrew Yang's support.

Yang ended the quarter with a rally in Los Angeles, where well over 5,000 of the Yang Gang showed up to see the Candidate speak about his vision for the country. This event capped a day that saw the campaign raise $576,000 dollars while in the middle of a campaign tour that will take the Candidate through all of the early primary states and California by the end of the week.

"Wow, we ended the quarter on the biggest rush of donations ever!" Yang tweeted on Monday night, reflecting the $2.28 million raised in the last 10 days. "Thank you to everyone who worked your heart out to exceed our goal - you all are amazing!"

The Candidate will spend the first week of the fourth quarter campaigning in Nevada and South Carolina, where the Q3 fundraising money will help to open several new offices and hire many new staffers in the upcoming weeks.

For more information about the fundraising totals or to cover the Candidate's upcoming events, please contact Matt Shinners at press@yang2020.com.