U.S. Virgin Islands

13 Delegates (7 Pledged and 6 Automatic) and 2 Alternates

• June 6, 2020 - Caucuses.


Governor Albert Bryan
Delegate to Congress Stacey Plaskett
State Chair Cecil Benjamin
Vice Chair Carla Joseph
National Committeewoman Carol Burke
National Committeeman Kevin Rodriquez

St. Thomas/ St. John District
Edgar Baker Phillips
Roger Minkoff
Pamela C. Richards
St. Croix District
Florine Audain Hassell
Sonia Boyce
Robert Rios
Atty. Ronald Russell

Democratic Party of U.S. Virgin Islands
June 7, 2020
Contact: Carol Burke

Virgin Islands Democrats Report on 2020 Caucus Results

(St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands) The Democratic Party of the Virgin Islands held its presidential preference and delegate selection caucus yesterday. Over the years, the Party has been consistent in its' support of the Democratic National Convention. "We've been impacted by the global pandemic and the recent civil unrest across the nation. This is truly a rebirth for human rights reform and Biden's call to action to save the soul of America. The Virgin Islands Democratic Party remains steadfast in upholding the ideals of the DNC and embraces the opportunity to participate in this way. We are grateful to everyone who's contributed in one way or the other towards a successful 2020 caucus," stated State Chairman Cecil Benjamin.

Thursday and Friday were designated as "Early Voting" which was incorporated into the caucus where an increase voter participation was realized. The coronavirus was the impetus for St. Thomas implementing "Drive-Thru" voting which was also extremely successful. All three precincts opened at 7 am and closed at 7pm. Th exit polls reveal that on the average, participants were extremely satisfied with the process of "Drive Thru" voting. Participants were engaging and celebrated Biden's accomplishing his goal at this historic moment. The results of the elections proved that Virgin Islanders are deliberate about where their votes matter most. While Virgin Islanders do not vote for the president of the United States, participation have increased in the caucus over time as it is significant, nonetheless. A total of 505 democrats participated. Joe Biden garnered 502(91.26%)votes; Bernie Sanders received 28 (5.09%); and Uncommitted received 20 (%)votes. On the delegate side, all seven(7) delegates will go to Joe Biden and they are St. Thomas/ St. John District Edgar Baker Phillips, Roger Minkoff, and Pamela C. Richards. The delegates from the St. Croix district are Florine Audain Hassell, Sonia Boyce, Robert Rios, and Atty. Ronald Russell. Together with an alternate and a page, they now join the (6) automatic delegates - Governor Albert Bryan, Delegate to Congress Stacey Plaskett, State Chair Cecil Benjamin, Vice Chair Carla Joseph, National Committee Woman Carol Burke, and National Committeeman Kevin Rodriquez who will represent the Virgin Islands at the convention.

According to Carol Burke, National Committee Woman and Caucus Coordinator, "we are very excited, we are seizing the moment and we know that we are in a good place. This achievement is very personal for us as St. Croix is Joe Biden's sanctuary. While our caucus comes on the heels of Biden securing the presidential nominee, our role is pivotal. We will serve as the anchor, yet we will help to set the compass of this historic moment. Every vote count and we will play an integral part as we organize, galvanize and energize Caribbean American voters to support Joe Biden for president."