114 Delegates (91 Pledged and 23 Automatic) and 8 Alternates

District Delegates to the Democratic National Convention elected by mail.  Democrats could request ballots online through April 22.  They had to be returned postmarked no later than May 4.

Massachusetts Delegation to the Democratic National Convention

U.S. Rep. Katherine Clark
U.S. Rep. William Keating
U.S. Rep. Joe Kennedy
U.S. Rep. Stephen Lynch
U.S. Rep. Jim McGovern
U.S. Rep. Seth Moulton
U.S. Rep. Richard Neal
U.S. Rep. Ayanna Pressley
U.S. Rep. Lori Trahan
U.S. Sen. Edward Markey
U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren
Distinguished Party Leaders
Debra DeLee
Steven Grossman
Paul Kirk
DNC Members
Gus Bickford    ...Delegation Chair
Kate Donaghue
Deborah Goldberg
Elaine Kamarck
Debra Kozkowski
David O'Brien
Melvin Poindexter
James Roosevelt
Susan Thomson


Sarah Bookbinder-Goldstein*
Justin Hurst
Terence McGinty
Jeannette Rivera*
Adeline Bee
Kay Khan
Cathaleen Ashton
Robin Bergman*
Robert Cassidy
Tina Poindexter
Renee Keaney
Ashley Brown*
Mike Connolly
Michael Moran*
Karen Payne
Armani White*
Thomas Ashe
Patrick Kearney
John Kerry
Julian Cyr
all for Biden; * indicates filed for Sanders

PLEO (12)
Claudia Bach
James Eldridge
Nika Elugardo
Paul Feeney
William Galvin
Rebecca Harvey
Maura Healey
Eric Lesser
Marc Pacheco
Lesley Phillips
Karen Spilka
Marty Walsh
all for Biden


CD 01
Bruce Samuel Adams
Julia Murphy
David Sacks
Sonya Bykofsky
Ed Collins
Candy Glazer

CD 02
William Eddy
Gladys Rodriguez-Parker
Tom Duke
Aimee Dupont
Roberta Goldman
Jason Palitsch

CD 03

James Redmond
Mary Richards
Melanie Brown-Lyons
Richard Lyons
Patricia Kirwin-Keilty
Gary Mannion

CD 04
Ruth Balser
Debbie Drucker
Sam Liao
Ihssane Lecky
Ty Waterman
Joseph Kaplan

CD 05
Nazda Alam
Russell Ashton
Robert Colt
Isaac Bears
Sylvia Dominguez
Brian Corr
Norma Shulman
Marlene Silva

CD 06
Christopher Campbell
Kim Driscoll
Christine Tron
Jeffrey Crosby
Marianne Rutter
Michael Keefe-Feldman

CD 07
Timothy Mason
Margaret McKenna
Ben Ewen-Campen
Jared Hicks
Beth Huang
David Mazumder
Monica Rey
Jessica Tang

CD 08
Shaynah Barnes
James Farley
Keri Thompson
Anabel Santiago
Wayne Yeh
Justin Evans
Anne Rousseau

CD 09
Shane Burgo
David Holway
Sandra Milano

Maria Fortes
Sylvia Cole
Amy Kullar

Rena Grasso (CD-02)
James McGowan (CD-03)
Carmen Fields (CD-04)
Thomas Flynn (CD-05)
Lori Ehrlich (CD-06)
Nathanael Clauser (CD-07)
Emily Torres Culllinane (CD-08)
John Mann (CD-09)
all Biden except Clauser is Sanders

John Kozikowski
Kathleen Healy
Mary Wong

Standing Committee Members

Platform  - Marty Walsh; and Steve Kerrigan, Kennell Broomstein, Varshini Prakash, Regina McCarthy
Credentials  - Maura Healey; and Claire Cronin, Anabela Gomes, Rand Wilson, John Rogers
Rules  -  Paul Feeney, Marianne Rutter; and Jamie Hoag, Kate Cook, Charlie Baker, Barney Frank

Massachusetts Democratic State Committee
For Immediate Release

Monday, April 6, 2020
Contact: Allison Mitchell

Massachusetts Democratic State Committee Holds Meeting Online, Votes to Elect Democratic National Convention District Delegates by Mail

MassDems also Unanimously Votes to Not Hold State Convention in 2020

Boston — The Massachusetts Democratic State Committee held its reorganizational meeting on Saturday, holding the meeting of the full State Committee online for the first time in State Committee history.  The meeting saw the highest level of attendance in recent memory, with well over 400 attendees participating in the Zoom call.

In a major step to keeping our democracy moving forward and providing leadership on voting access, the State Committee voted overwhelmingly to conduct elections for District Delegate to the Democratic National Committee by mail this cycle.  This will be a significant undertaking by the Party and is designed to ensure greater access to voting for delegates while keeping voters safe and promoting social distancing.

“Democrats proved on Saturday, at our marathon 5 hour meeting, that democracy can move forward and democracy must move forward,” said Democratic Party Chair Gus Bickford.  “Our decision to move to a vote by mail system to elect delegates to the Democratic National Convention demonstrates the Party’s commitment to inclusivity and making it easier, not harder for people to participate in our democracy. This effort will be an expense to the Party, but we cannot force people to choose between their health and making their voices heard.”

During its meeting, the Party elected 99 members, re-elected Vice Chairs Debra Kozikowski and Leon Brathwaite, and re-elected Secretary Carol Aloisi.  The Party also elected by acclamation former U.S. Ambassador to Denmark, Rufus Gifford, to serve as Treasurer of the Massachusetts Democratic Party. 

“I am humbled by the support Massachusetts Democrats have placed in me by electing me their Treasurer,” said Rufus Gifford. “While we are in undoubtedly troubling and uncertain times, one thing I am certain of is with strong grassroots support and bold leadership, our Party and our country have a very bright future. I am excited to be a part of this movement.”

The Democratic Party also voted unanimously to not hold a statewide convention this year, and directed the Chair of the Party to request that Secretary Galvin place both Senator Ed Markey and Congressman Joe Kennedy III on the Democratic primary ballot for U.S. Senate.  This decision was publicly supported by Senator Markey and Congressman Kennedy.

“We accomplished an incredible amount at this meeting, but I am most proud of the level of engagement we saw at this meeting, and our members’ dedication toward advancing the values of the Democratic Party even during these difficult times.”