60 Delegates (54 Pledged and 6 Automatic) and 4 Alternates

May 18 – Completed ballots for the district level delegate election must be postmarked to the LDP by this date.

July 11 - Primary (originally scheduled for April 4, then postponed to June 30 and then to July 11.

Louisiana Delegation to the Democratic National Convention

John Bel Edwards
Cedric Richmond
Karen Carter Peterson
Kyle Green, Jr.
Deborah Langhoff
Arthur Morrell

Joy Blanchard
Nita Steele
C. Travis Johnson
Marcus Bryant
Sojourner Abdullah Gibbs
Lynda Woolard
Paul Tran Austin
Davante Lewis
Jackie Lansdale
Woodrow Parker
Kayla Davis
Cynthia Posey


Brooks Fordham
Cameron English
Rory Jasper
Bridgette Stuart Traveler


LaToya Cantrell
Jared C. Brossett
Randal Gaines
Mary Landrieu
Jay Banks
Edward “Ted” James
Jennifer Vidrine

CD 1
Brenda Ann Palmer
Daniel Foley
Sean Morrison
Tammy Savoie

CD 2
Diana E. Bajoie
Sean Bruno
Troy A. Carter
Lisa Ray Diggs
Eugene J. Green, Jr.
Jason Hughes
Dr. Tia Mills
Helena Moreno
Sandra Green Thomas

CD 3
Katherine Bernhardt
Evia Ann Hodge
Charles Bennett
Wilford D. Carter, Sr.
Jolan Jolivette

CD 4
Gisele Proby-Bryant
Helen Godfrey Smith
Daryl Joy Walters
Billy Anderson
Ralph Johnson
Tommy Traveler

CD 5
Lynette Bech
Alicia Cocoa Mccoy Calvin
Marcella Elliot
Rodney McFarland, Sr.
Dustin Miller
Tyrin Truong

CD 6
Michael Beychok
Britney Temple
Beverly Brooks Thompson
Patricia “Pat” Torrence
Cedric Upshaw

Due to changing circumstances from COVID-19, some dates and processes for Louisiana’s delegate selection process have been updated and changed: 
Louisiana’s Presidential Primary has been moved from June 20 to July 11.

The District Level Delegate election will be held as a “Pre-Primary,” prior to the July 11 presidential primary. Delegate candidates will be ranked by their total votes in the vote by mail election. As delegates are awarded to presidential candidates from the results of the presidential primary, District Level Delegates will be selected based on their total votes.

The PLEO and At Large delegate election will now be held as a vote by mail election.

Dates and deadlines in our delegate selection process for the Democratic National Convention have been updated. These dates were. approved by the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee on May 13, 2020: 

April 20 – Last day to qualify as a district level delegate
April 22 – Last day to request ballots for the delegate vote by mail election 
April 29 – Louisiana Democratic Party mails ballots for the district level delegate election
May 15 – Last day to submit statement of candidacy qualifying form for Party Leader and Elected Official or at large Delegate positions
May 18 – Completed ballots for the district level delegate election must be postmarked to the LDP by this date

May 26 – LDP counts all ballots and publishes results of district level delegate election
June 3 – Presidential campaigns must submit their right of refusal for PLEO and At Large delegate election.

district level delegate results
PLEO and At Large ranking