89 Delegates (82 Pledged and 7 Automatic) and 7 Alternates

• June 2, 2020 - Presidential primary.

• June 13, 2020 - State convention (virtual).

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Indiana Delegation to the Democratic National Convention

Delegation Chair: Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg

Chair John Zody
Vice Chair Cordelia Lewis-Burks
David Frye (DNC Member)
Anthony Long (DNC Member)
Cindy Henry (DNC Member)
Congressman André Carson
Congressman Pete Visclosky

Mayor Joe Hogsett
Surveyor Debbie Jenkins
Mayor Pete Buttigieg
Trustee Annette Johnson
Mayor Jerome Prince
Anna Miller
Robert Dion
Cindy Hohman
Mayor John Hamilton


Assessor LaTonya Spearman
Congressman Baron Hill
Rita Long
Gary Pierson
Andrea Richter-Garry
President Brett Voorhies
Sujata Chugh
Vice President James Wells
Haley Bougher
Treasurer Henry Fernandez
Daylana Saunders
Ambassador Lee Feinstein
Awilda Romero
Dyna Martinez
Councilman Alexander Burton
Belinda Drake
Kevin Smith
Karen Wilkins

Tyrese Magee
Tim Gust
Matthew Watkins
Matthew Kochevar
Ashley Bond
Stephanie Schultz Kacey Blundell
Meli Barber

Susie Talevski
Iris Z Mendoza
Binita Barai
Leah Konrady
Chairman James Wieser
Commissioner Michael Repay
Adam Clough
Sen. Lonnie Randolph

Miriam Chesnut
President Arielle Brandy
Chairman Chad Harris
Chairman Chad Crabtree
Yatish Joshi

Patti Hays
Melissa Cook
Leader Phil GiaQuinta
Michael Fuller
Xeryus Johnson

Theresa Brandon
Councilor Veronica Pejril
Chairwoman Charlotte Martin
Joseph Mackey
Paul Ulerick

Annette Gross
Rima A Shahid
Chairwoman Liane Hulka
Joanne M Sanders
William L Howard
Constable Terry Burns
George Hornedo
Kevin Patterson

Chairwoman Tristica M Howard
Clara Williams
Amber Pittman
Phil Mullins
Jon Felix

Recorder Kate Sweeney Bell
Ashley N Gurvitz
Chairwoman Andrea Scott
Linda Everett
George E. Edwards
Mark Carter II
André Zhang Sonera
Secretary Rick Sutton

Councilor Allyson Claybourn
E Thomasina Marsili
President Tonda Pauley
Stanley M Levco
Jonathan Balash

President Jeanne Bailey Smith
Dawn Johnsen
Shruti Rana
Michelle Trent
Chairman Adam T Dickey
John Perkins

Standing Committees

Platform Rep. Robin Shackleford, Rep. Cherrish Pryor, Chair Jon Hooker

Rules Rep. Mara Candelaria Reardon, Sen. Joe Donnelly, Robin Winston

Credentials Mike Carter, Councilor Grace Kestler, Rep. Greg Porter

Indiana Democratic Party
April 14, 2020

INDems to hold 2020 state convention online

Nomination votes to be conducted by mail

INDIANAPOLIS – On Tuesday, the Indiana Democratic Party announced it would hold its 2020 State Convention on June 13 with events held virtually and votes cast by mail. The plan to go virtual had been unanimously approved by the party’s State Central Committee. Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody believed conducting votes by mail and maintaining the Party’s original June 13 timeline struck the right balance.

“We’re excited to hold the 2020 State Convention virtually and we’re confident we’ve found the safest way to bring Hoosier Democrats from around the state together,” said Zody. “There’s just too much at stake in 2020 to not adapt to maintain a critical element of the electoral process. Hoosiers find a way, and that’s exactly what our Party intends to do.” 

Delegates to the State Convention will vote to nominate the Party’s candidate for Attorney General, Lieutenant Governor and delegates to the National Convention. All state delegates will be mailed a ballot to cast their vote for contested races for statewide office, and online voting options are being examined for National Delegate elections, with consultation from other states and the Democratic National Committee. On June 13, delegates will be invited to a virtual convention to conduct necessary business under Party rules. Votes will be counted and the Party’s nominee for contested races like Attorney General will be announced following June 13. Zody noted how integral voting by mail was in making the decision to go virtual.

“Voting by mail is safe, secure and convenient,” said Zody. “With the level of uncertainty around the status of the virus and when Hoosiers can gather again, voting by mail was the obvious choice to ensure an effective and efficient nomination process.”

Details including a final schedule and press arrangements will be announced in the coming weeks.