49 Delegates (41 Pledged and 8 Automatic) and 4 Alternates

• Feb. 3 - Precinct caucuses.

• April 22-30 - County Conventions conducted remotely.

• May 25-30 - District Conventions.

- June 3-10 - State Convention.

Iowa Delegation to the Democratic National Convention

Automatic Delegates (8)
U.S. Rep. Abby Finkenauer
U.S. Rep. Dave Loebsack
U.S. Rep. Cindy Axne
IDP Chair Mark Smith
IDP Vice Chair June Owens
Jan Bauer, DNC Member
Scott Brennan, DNC Member
Sandy Opstvedt, DNC Member

At-Large Delegates (9) and Alternate (1)
Pete D'Allesandro  M
Deidre DeJear  F
Teri Goodman  F
Oliver Hidalgo-Wohleben  M
Danny Homan  M
Rev. Rob Johnson  M
Maria Juarez  F
Mike Matson  M
Sara Riley  F

Todd Pritchard  M

PLEO (5)
Tracy Freese  F
Tom Miller  M
Janet Peterson  F
Jackie Smith  F
Stacey Walker  M

District Delegates (27) and Alternates (4)
Vikki Brown  F
Roger Grobstich  M
Brian Bruening-Boudouani M
Ruth Bracktt-Cripe  F

Laura Hubka  F

Dr. Janine Ambrose  F
Gary Hart  M
John "Rick" Bierman  M

Andrew Coghill-Behrends  M
Rita Vargas  F

Tony Andrys  M
Jodi Clemens  F
Sandy Dockendorff  F

Emily Alexander  NB

Ed Cranston  M
Elesha Gayman  F
Miyoko Hikiji  F
Terri Hale  F
Prakash Kopparapu  M
Mike Gronstal  M

Lu Ann Pedrick  F

Michael Beasley  NB
Brian McLain  M
Mary Jane Cobb  F
Scott Syroka  M
Susan Bangert  F
Susan Chartier  F
McClain Holst  M

Alex Watters  M
Christine Moad  NB
Scot McCluskey  M

Standing Committees

Iowa Democratic Party
June 13, 2020

Iowa Democratic Party Announces Delegation to National Convention

54 member delegation will represent Iowa at the Democratic National Convention in August

DES MOINES — Today, the Iowa Democratic Party announced the results of the State Convention, including the 54 members of Iowa’s delegation to the Democratic National Convention. 1,781 Iowa Democrats voted in the 
State Convention, which was conducted through online forms and mail-in ballots to protect public health during the global pandemic. The State Convention Rules Committee approved the results of the Convention elections today.

From May 25-30, elections were held in 4 District Conventions for 27 district delegates and 4 alternate delegate spots. Balloting for the State Convention ran from June 3-10 to elect 9 at-large delegates, 1 at-large alternative, and 5 PLEOs (Party Leaders and Elected Officials) in addition to the 8 automatic delegates. The Presidential delegation breakdown is: 20 Biden, 12 Buttigieg, 1 Klobuchar, 9 Sanders, and 5 Warren. Iowa’s national delegation will be represented by 26 women, 25 men, and 3 non-binary delegates. The full list of delegates can be found at  

“Iowa Democrats have a chance to change the direction of our state at every level, and we’re not taking our foot off the gas,” 
said IDP Chair Mark Smith. “Our caucus and conventions have been incredible examples of dedicated, grassroots organizing work of thousands of Iowans who have participated in this process. Although we weren’t able to gather in person to celebrate our newly-nominated candidates, safety is our highest priority as we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve got an incredibly strong slate of candidates who are using creative ways to reach voters and turn primary election momentum into wins up-and-down the ticket in November. I’m proud to lead this team of dedicated Iowa Democrats and elected officials as we join our fellow democrats from across the country to nominate our next president.”

In April, the party announced that it would conduct the entire 2020 convention through online forms and mail-in ballots to keep Iowans safe during the global pandemic. The updated process was based on conversations with County Chairs, the State Central Committee and party leaders. The changes to the 
Delegate Selection Plan were approved unanimously by the State Central Committee in April to fulfill the party’s overall goal of electing democrats up-and-down the ticket while protecting public health.

More information on the convention process and additional committee elections can be found at:

State Convention

When is State Convention?
Registration is from May 13-May 22.
Ballots will be sent on June 3 and must be submitted by June 10.

Who participates in State Convention?
Delegates who were elected through the County Conventions and Alternates who were elected through the County Conventions who also get seated in place of a missing delegate.
What happens at the State Conventions?
Delegates elect the following positions:
    * National Delegates
    * Presidential Elector
    * DNC Members
    * State Affirmative Action Chair


ed. Nominees: 9 At-Large Delegate, 1 At-Large Alternate, 5 PLEO Delegate

District Conventions

District Convention Balloting is open from May 25th to May 30th at 11:59pm.

If you were seated as a Delegate, you have received an email from "IDP Conventions" with instructions for accessing your ballot.

What happens at District Conventions?
Delegates elect the following positions:

    * National Delegates
    * National Alternate
    * Presidential Elector
    * State Central Committee Members
    * District Affirmative Action Chair


Delegates for Each District Convention


On the IDP website there was a page for each CD; nominees could post their bio and a video (less than half posted bios and maybe 5% posted a video).  Across all four CDs there were 201 total nominees for the 27 National CD Delegate positions (7 each in CD 1, 2; 8 in CD 3 and 5 in CD 4) and 11 total nominees for the 4 alternate positions.  Nominees for Elector, SCC member and aff. action chair are not included in these numbers.
​CD 1 – Biden 13, Buttigieg 6, Sanders 40, Warren 19   78    Buttigieg Alternate 3  
CD 2 – Buttigieg 7, Sanders 28, Warren 16,   51    Sanders Alternate 4 
CD 3 –Biden 4, Buttigieg 11; Sanders 24, Warren 14   53    Buttigieg Alternate 3  
CD 4 – Biden 5, Buttigieg 5, Klobuchar 3, Sanders 6   19    Buttigieg Alternate 1  

The 27 National CD Delegates were allocated Buttigieg 9, Sanders 8, Warren 5, Biden 4, and Klobuchar 1.  The 4 Alternates were Buttigieg 3 and Sanders 1.

Iowa Democratic Party
April 8, 2020

Iowa Democratic Party Announces Updated County Convention Process

Delegates and Alternates can register online starting April 13

Additional resources at 

DES MOINES — Today, the Iowa Democratic announced an updated County Convention process to be conducted remotely over the month of April. The updated, non-present County Convention process gives County Party leaders options on how to conduct their convention, including online or by mail.

From April 13-17, Iowans who were elected precinct delegates and alternates will register to participate in their remote county convention, and will indicate their preferred ballot method: online, over the phone, or via mail. Elections for District/State Delegates and County Affirmative Chairs will be conducted remotely from April 22-30. County chairs will have the option to use a template plan or develop their own within the rules outlined in the updated DSP and convention process.

“Consistent with our values, the health and public safety of all Iowans is the number one priority of the Iowa Democratic Party. Our state and country are facing a period of uncertainty due to the spread of the coronavirus, and as such, we are adapting our County Conventions to move forward without risking our public health during this time,” said IDP Chair Mark Smith. “I want to thank all of our County Chairs for their hard work and dedication to maintaining the integrity of the process while keeping Iowans safe. We will get through this crisis together, and our focus remains steadfast on electing Democrats up-and-down the ticket in November.”

The updated process is based on conversations with County Chairs, the State Central Committee, and party leaders. The state party will work with County Chairs to make sure they have the resources they need to be able to hold their convention within the parameters of this process and the overall goal of protecting public health.

Per the state party’s process, the changes to the Delegate Selection Plan were approved unanimously by the State Central Committee, and the final plan incorporates feedback from County Chairs who are in charge of implementing the next convention.

More information about the County Convention process can be found at:


ed. For example Johnson County Democrats reported, "The delegates of the Johnson County Democratic Convention elected 162 district delegates, 87 district alternates, 32 district convention committee members, and two platform committee alternates.> The delegates included 62 Warren, 61 Sanders and 39 Buttigieg.  spreadsheet [numbers]

Iowa Democratic Party
March 13, 2020

Today, regarding the upcoming County Conventions on March 21, Iowa Democratic Party Chair Mark Smith released the following statement:

Today, the Iowa Democratic Party is announcing it will postpone County Conventions to a future date to be determined. After extensive consultation with County Chairs, the State Central Committee, party leaders, and public health officials, we have come to the determination that the spreading coronavirus poses a risk that outweighs a temporary delay in moving the caucus-to-convention process forward.

“This is not an easy decision, but we believe it is the right decision. By their design, caucuses are gatherings built around a sense of community, and throughout every step, we have worked to ensure the process is safe and accessible for every Iowan. However, Iowa Democrats should not have to choose between democratic participation and remaining in good health, and concerns for the wellbeing of our delegates, thousands of volunteers, workers at convention venues, and the public come first.

“It is in Democratic spirit that we will work together to find solutions. We are committed to being as transparent as possible going forward, and rest assured: Iowa will be heard at the DNC Convention.”

As of this time, District and State Convention planning will proceed as scheduled. For more information on COVID-19 in Iowa, please visit the Iowa Department of Public Health website for the latest updates and safety precautions.