33 Delegates (24 Pledged and 9 Automatic) and 2 Alternates

May 22 - All-mail party-run presidential primary (originally scheduled to conclude on Apr. 4).

June - Congressional District delegates chosen by online ballot.

June 13 - At-large and PLEO delegates elected.

Hawaii Delegation to the Democratic National Convention

Automatic Delegates (9)
Governor David Ige  ...delegation chair
Senator Brian Schatz
Senator Mazie Hirono
Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard
Congressman Ed Case
National Committeewoman Jadine Nielsen
National Committeeman Bart Dame
Party Chair Tyler Dos Santos-Tam
Vice Chair Colleen Kelly

At-Large Delegates (6)
Keoni Williams
Daphne Barbee-Wooten
Lynn Hiyakumoto
Bronson Silva
Jun Shin
John Miller

PLEO (3)
Senator Rosalyn Baker
Representative Troy Hashimoto
Representative Amy Perruso

District Delegates (15)
Amy Monk
Amefil Agbayani
Kainoa Kaumeheiwa-Rego
Jesse Souki
Larry J. Smith
Jennifer Lum
Phillip Eric Schrager

Heather Kimball
Shirley Yamauchi
Michael Golojuch, Sr.
Steven Jun Nishimura
Richard Charles Robinson
Melodie R. Aduja
Natalia Hussey-Burdick
Raymond A.V. Catania

Alternates (2)
Ed Hasegawa
Shay-Lynn Kaopua

Standing Committees
Platform: Congresswoman Colleen Hanabusa

Credentials: Evan Weber

Pages: Heather Murakami and Michael Golojuch, Jr.

*Note: Tyler Dos Santos Tam, originally selected as a district delegate, was elected chair of Hawai'i Democrats in late July 2020 and thereby became an automatic delegate.  (He is also coordinator of Hawaii for Biden).  His district delegate position was filled by the (Biden) alternate and a new alternate selected.

Democratic Party of Hawai'i media release 
Wednesday, June 17, 2020*edited to reflect change in note above
Media Contact: Jesse Broder Van Dyke


Honolulu - The Democratic Party of Hawai'i is pleased to announce that the National Delegation has been elected to represent Hawai'i at the Democratic National Convention.

The 33 member Delegation's composition is in accordance with the results of the Party-run Presidential Primary, results of which were announced on May 23. Biden received 63.2 percent of the votes, and Sanders received 36.8 percent.

The delegation has 16 delegates pledged to Joe Biden and eight pledged to Bernie Sanders. The delegation reflects the diversity within the Democratic Party.

The Congressional District delegates were chosen by online ballot earlier this month and announced on June 9, and the At-Large and Party Leader and Elected Official (PLEO) delegates were elected on June 13.

The Democratic Party of Hawai'i 2020 National Delegation
    Biden Female CD1 Amy Monk
    Biden Female CD1 Amefil Agbayani
    Biden Female CD1 Kainoa Kaumeheiwa-Rego
    Biden Male CD1 Jesse Souki
    Biden Male CD1 Larry J. Smith
    Biden Female CD2 Heather Kimball
    Biden Female CD2 Shirley Yamauchi
    Biden Male CD2 Michael Golojuch, Sr.
    Biden Male CD2 Steven Jun Nishimura
    Biden Male CD2 Richard Charles Robinson
    Biden At-Large Keoni Williams
    Biden At-Large Daphne Barbee-Wooten
    Biden At-Large Lynn Hiyakumoto
    Biden At-Large Bronson Silva
    Biden PLEO Senator Rosalyn Baker
    Biden PLEO Representative Troy Hashimoto
    Sanders Female CD1 Jennifer Lum
    Sanders Male CD1 Phillip Eric Schrager
    Sanders Female CD2 Melodie R. Aduja
    Sanders Female CD2 Natalia Hussey-Burdick
    Sanders Male CD2 Raymond A.V. Catania
    Sanders At-Large Jun Shin
    Sanders At-Large John Miller
    Sanders PLEO Representative Amy Perruso

In addition, there are nine automatic delegates: The Governor, the four members of the Congressional Delegation, the Party Chair, Party Vice-Chair, National Committeeman, and National Committeewoman. Governor David Ige was elected as Chair of the Delegation on June 13. The other automatic delegates are: 

  • Senator Brian Schatz

  • Senator Mazie Hirono 

  • Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard 

  • Congressman Ed Case 

  • National Committeewoman Jadine Nielsen

  • National Committeeman Bart Dame 

  • Party Chair Tyler Dos Santos-Tam

  • Vice Chair Colleen Kelly

These Hawai‘i delegates will vote in August when the national Democratic Party formally nominates the next president and vice president of the United States at the 2020 Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

In addition, these non-voting positions were selected:

  • Sanders Alternate: Shay-Lynn Kaopua

  • Biden Alternate: Ed Hasegawa 

  • Standing Committee, Platform: Congresswoman Colleen Hanabusa

  • Standing Committee, Credentials: Evan Weber

  • Page: Heather Murakami

  • Page: Michael Golojuch, Jr. 

[Please note that the Democratic Party of Hawai‘i’s Party-run Presidential Primary is separate from the State of Hawai‘i state-run primary and general elections, which will be held on August 8, 2020 and November 3, 2020. For more information on the state-run elections, please visit: https://elections.hawaii.gov/.]