250 Delegates (219 Pledged and 31 Automatic) and  Alternates

Florida Democratic Party
May 22, 2020
For Immediate Release
Contact: Alex Morash

Florida Dems Announce Election Results For Successful Electronic Delegate Election To Convention

Tallahassee, Fla. – Last weekend, the Florida Democratic Party held its district-level delegate elections for the Democratic National Convention. The election was held for the first time electronically.

11,976 Democratic voters participated in electing Florida's 143 district-level delegates and 13 district-level alternates that will represent the Sunshine State at the Democratic National Convention. The convention is planned to be held the week of August 17 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This is an increase from the party’s 2016 delegate election that saw 9,076 Democrats vote. 

District-level delegates to the national convention are allocated by congressional district. For presidential candidates to receive delegates they need to receive 15 percent or more in that congressional district.

Terrie Rizzo, chair of the Florida Democratic Party, praised all the candidates for running:

“Thank you to all of our wonderful candidates for taking part in this delegate election, and congratulations to the winners who are going to represent Florida at the Democratic National Convention in August. 

Rizzo also stated that this election shows democracy can work during a pandemic:

“The Florida Democratic Party showed our state leaders and the country that despite the dark times created by this pandemic, the bright light of democracy can still shine through and every voter can be given a safe and accessible opportunity to vote. A pandemic is no excuse to deny voters their rights and we expect Republicans to respect the electoral process and work with Democrats to implement a safe and fair general election this November.”

Florida’s District-Level Delegates and District-Level Alternates to the 2020 National Convention

Congressional District 1

Biden Delegates
  • Joseph Dulaney, Santa Rosa County
  • Samantha Hope Herring, Walton County

Sanders Delegate
  • Marley Wells, Escambia County

Congressional District 2

Biden Delegates
  • Diane Brown, Bay County
  • Richard “Ric” Gable III, Jackson County
  • David “Dave” Jacobsen, Leon County

Sanders Delegate
  • Sara “Sally” McCabe, Leon County

Congressional District 3

Biden Delegates
  • Larry Brown, Clay County
  • Adrian Hayes-Santos, Alachua County
  • Deidra “DeeDee” Smith, Alachua County

Sanders Delegates
  • Timothy Hardin, Alachua County
  • Roxanne “Roxy” Palmer, Alachua County

Congressional District 4

Biden Delegates
  • Alison Morano, Duval County
  • Michael Shuster, St. Johns County
  • Nancy Soderberg, Duval County
  • John Weldon, Duval County

  • Timothy Yost, Duval County

Sanders Delegates
  • Monica DePaul, Duval County
  • Larry Snider, Duval County

Congressional District 5

Biden Delegates
  • Ramon Day, Duval County
  • Daniel Henry, Duval County
  • Mia Jones, Duval County
  • Luella McQueen, Duval County

Sanders Delegate
  • William “Bill” Davis, Leon County

Congressional District 6

Biden Delegates
  • Joyce Cusack, Volusia County
  • Teldra Jones, Flagler County
  • Cenan Ozmeral, Flagler County
  • Andrew Spar, Volusia County

Sanders Delegate
  • Rachel “Charlie Sunshine” DeGolier, Volusia County

Congressional District 7

Biden Delegates
  • Terone “Tre” Dunbar Jr., Seminole County
  • Jessiel “Jessie” Gerena, Seminole County
  • Rose Washington, Seminole County
  • Marian Williams, Seminole County

  • Janan Smither, Orange County

Sanders Delegates
  • Nadia Ahmad, Female, Seminole County
  • James “Jim” Langford, Male, Orange County

Congressional District 8

Biden Delegates
  • Pamela Castellana, Brevard County
  • Beth McMillen, Brevard County
  • John Owens, Indian River County
  • David White, Brevard County

Sanders Delegate
  • Sanjay Patel, Brevard County

Congressional District 9

Biden Delegates
  • Grace Glasgow, Orange County
  • Brendan Ramirez, Orange County
  • Vivian Rodriguez, Orange County
  • Anthony Santiago, Osceola County

  • Joseph Braun, Polk County

Sanders Delegates
  • Christina Stewart, Osceola County
  • Megan Carter, Osceola County

Congressional District 10

Biden Delegates
  • LaVon Bracy
  • Kathleen “Kat” Gordon
  • Reginald “Reggie” McGill
  • David Rucker

  • Jennifer “Rita” Harris

Sanders Delegates
  • Lisa Britto
  • Alan Grayson

Congressional District 11

Biden Delegates
  • Joseph Adams, Sr., Citrus County
  • Penelope “Penny” Hain, Sumter County
  • Nancy Hurlbert, Lake County

Sanders Delegate
  • Mark Baker, Citrus County

Congressional District 12

Biden Delegates
  • Jocelyn Dickman, Pasco County
  • Judith “Judy” Noel, Pasco County
  • Carl Zimmermann, Pinellas County
  • Paolo “Pao” Olanda, Pasco County

Sanders Delegates
  • Elise Mysels, Pasco County

Congressional District 13

Biden Delegates
  • Nathan Bruemmer
  • Susan McGrath
  • DC Ramsay “Ramsay” McLauchlan
  • Judithanne McLauchlan

  • George “Albert Doyle” Thurlow

Sanders Delegates
  • Michael “Mike” Fox
  • Lucinda Johnston

Congressional District 14

Biden Delegates
  • Charles Fletcher
  • Lydia Hudson
  • Senator Arthenia Joyner
  • Michael Womack

  • Stacey “Miracle” Carter

Sanders Delegates
  • Kristin Hoffman
  • Lenis Matias

Congressional District 15

Biden Delegates
  • Carlos Gamez, Polk County
  • Gamal Gasser, Hillsborough County
  • Dara Thomas, Hillsborough County

Sanders Delegates
  • Adraine “Vanessa” Lester, Hillsborough County
  • Samer Salhab, Hillsborough County

Congressional District 16

Biden Delegates
  • Mary Clupper, Sarasota County
  • Louis Grossman, Sarasota County
  • Barbara Katz, Sarasota County
  • Mark Pienkos, Sarasota County
  • Patricia “Pat” Simmons, Manatee County

  • Jay Castle, Sarasota County

Sanders Delegate
  • Johannes Werner, Male, Sarasota County

Congressional District 17

Biden Delegates
  • Sara Bisighini, Sarasota County
  • Norine Hemping, Sarasota County
  • Steven “Steve” Hemping, Sarasota County

Sanders Delegate
  • Ronald Smith, Male, Lee County

Congressional District 18

Biden Delegates
  • Barry Ginsburg, Martin County
  • Merle Ginsburg, Martin County
  • Rachelle Litt, Palm Beach County
  • Charles Ray, St. Lucie County

  • Robert Valdez, Palm Beach County

Sanders Delegate
  • Michele Brown, Palm Beach County

Congressional District 19

Biden Delegates
  • Elizabeth “Lisa” Constance, Collier County
  • David Holden, Collier County
  • Kyle Jaffe, Collier County
  • Sandra McClinton, Lee County

Sanders Delegates
TBD  ...ed.: Fleener Cophy, Collier County

Congressional District 20

Biden Delegates
  • Joseph “Joey” Burns, Broward County
  • Philip Levitt, Palm Beach County
  • Christine Jones, Broward County
  • Percy Johnson, Broward County
  • Jasmin Lewis, Palm Beach County
  • Sophia Nelson, Palm Beach County

  • Mary-Therese Delate, Palm Beach County

Sanders Delegate
  • Mauricio “Dan” Ergueta, Palm Beach County

Congressional District 21

Biden Delegates
  • Rolando Barrero
  • Robert “Rob” Long
  • Michelle McGovern
  • Claudia Mendoza
  • Tricia Hallison-Mischler
  • Imran Siddiqui

  • Mark Weissman

Sanders Delegate
  • Kimberly “Kim” Stokes

Congressional District 22

Biden Delegates
  • Jay Foreman, Palm Beach County
  • Joanne Goodwin, Broward County
  • Shenika “Nik” Harris, Broward County
  • Michael Rajner, Broward County
  • Melissa Shiff, Broward County

  • Patricia Duaybes, Female, Broward County

Sanders Delegates
  • Saima Farooqui, Broward County
  • Mitchell Stollberg, Broward County

Congressional District 23

Biden Delegates
  • Sheryl Berkowitz, Broward County
  • Beth Besner, Broward County
  • Sandra “Sandi” Coleman, Broward County
  • Joseph “Joe” Geller, Miami-Dade County
  • Philip “Phil” Fortman, Broward County

  • Andrew Dolberg, Male, Broward County

Sanders Delegate
  • Joseph Mullen, Male, Broward County

Congressional District 24

Biden Delegates
  • Jacques Despinosse, Miami-Dade County
  • Geoffrey Jacobs, Broward County
  • Bernard Jennings, Miami-Dade County
  • Linda Joseph, Miami-Dade County
  • Edith Owens, Miami-Dade County

  • Ketha Otis, Miami-Dade County

Sanders Delegate
  • Kira Willig, Miami-Dade County

Congressional District 25

Biden Delegates
  • Lois Cohen, Collier County
  • Rodrigo Lozano, Miami-Dade County

Sanders Delegate
  • Jessica “Jess” Cuellar, Miami-Dade County

Congressional District 26

Biden Delegates
  • Kevin Chambliss, Miami-Dade County
  • Elizabeth “Betty” Haeberer, Monroe County
  • Stuart Strickland, Monroe County
  • Susan Wasilewski, Monroe County

Sanders Delegates
  • Dakin Weekley, Monroe County

Congressional District 27

Biden Delegates
  • Shedrick Boren
  • Maria “Millie” Herrera
  • Raul Martinez Jr.
  • Maria Cecilia Tavera

Sanders Delegate
  • Nailah Summers