Reactions to the February 11, 2020 New Hampshire Primary

Bernie 2020
February 11, 2020

NEWS: Bernie Sanders Wins New Hampshire Primary

Sen. Sanders Secures Another Primary Victory on the Path to the White House

MANCHESTER -- Tonight in Manchester, the working people of New Hampshire made their voices heard, voting to make Sen. Bernie Sanders the 2020 Democratic nominee for President.

Speaking to a crowd of supporters at the SNHU Field House in Manchester, Sen. Sanders thanked the Granite State for bringing home a victory for working people in New Hampshire and across the country.

“Tonight New Hampshire sent a message that working people are ready for a political revolution in this country. This is what it will take to defeat Donald Trump,” said Sen. Bernie Sanders. “This victory isn’t about me; it’s about us. Tonight is about what our supporters, volunteers and grassroots donors built in New Hampshire.”
Since the campaign launched, Sen. Sanders has spoken directly to well over 40,000 Granite Staters at nearly 70 events across all 10 counties. He garnered unprecedented grassroots support in New Hampshire, inspiring a broad coalition of volunteers that powered record-breaking organizing efforts. On his path to victory, Sen. Sanders mobilized 25,000 volunteers in New Hampshire, who put in over 100,000 hours and knocked 850,000 doors since the start of the campaign. More than 1,000 out of state volunteers traveled to the Granite State to help get out the vote for Sen. Sanders, ultimately helping to secure a victory against a well-financed multi-candidate field, showing a grassroots movement funded by millions of small dollar donors.

Looking ahead to the February 22 Nevada caucuses, Bernie 2020 has built the largest operation of any presidential candidate on the ground, with more than 200 staffers and thousands of active volunteers. As the primary season turns to Nevada, South Carolina and Super Tuesday, Sanders’ multi-racial working class coalition is powered by the most diverse coalition of any candidate in the race, with polling consistently showing Sanders’ strong base of support with Black and Latino voters in Nevada, particularly among women of color. National polling also shows Sanders leading with voters of color across the country.
Recent polling puts Sanders in the lead nationally ahead of Super Tuesday, where Bernie 2020 is making an aggressive $5.5 million television and digital ad buy and deploying new staff to direct and mobilize a huge base of grassroots supporters.

Pete for America

VIDEO: Pete Buttigieg's Speech in Nashua, NH

NASHUA, NH — Tonight, after a strong performance in the New Hampshire Democratic primary that put him in the lead in the national delegate count, Pete Buttigieg delivered the following remarks:

Pete Buttigieg: Thank you, New Hampshire. Thank you so much.

One more time for our phenomenal New Hampshire state co-chairs. Thank you for your leadership. and thank you for your commitment.

Thank you to our extraordinary national co-chair, Congresswoman Annie Kuster, who knows how to raise the roof and how to get out the vote.

And thank you to Chasten, the love of my life who keeps me grounded, and makes me whole.

I want to congratulate my competitors and their supporters on their campaigns here in New Hampshire. I admired Senator Sanders when I was a high school student. I respect him greatly to this day, and I congratulate him on his strong showing tonight. And I want to congratulate Senator Klobuchar, Senator Warren, Vice-President Biden, and all of our Democratic candidates and supporters.

And I know that we all share the spirit that we heard from some of our volunteers at a poll site earlier today, who welcomed a competing candidate with chants of "Vote blue, no matter who." We are on the same team.

Now over the past year, some two dozen campaigns of have crisscrossed this state, each laying claim to the ability to bring people together, turn out the vote, and move Americans toward a brighter future.

And here in a state that goes by the motto. "Live free or die," you made up your own minds.

You asserted that famous independent streak and thanks to you, a campaign that some said shouldn't be here at all has shown that we are here to stay.

So many of you turned out, die hard Democrats, Independents unwilling to stay on the sidelines, and even some newly former Republicans ready to vote for something new, ready to vote for a politics defined by how many we call in, instead of by who we push out.  So many of you chose to meet a new era of challenge with a new generation of leadership. So many of you decided that a middle-class mayor and a veteran from the industrial midwest was the right choice to take on this president, not in spite of that experience, but because of it.

Now our campaign moves on to Nevada, to South Carolina, to communities across our country, and we will welcome new allies to our movement at every step.

We'll go forward thanks to the work of our extraordinary team of staff and organizers and volunteers -- I may be biased on this, but I'm also right. We have the finest team in politics today.

And I want you to know that you don't just represent me well, you inspire me, and I cannot say enough how thankful I am to our extraordinary team. And we know that team stretches across the country. We go forward fueled by hundreds of thousands of grassroots supporters from the woman in Minnesota who donated in honor of the wife she lost to lung cancer, to the veteran from Connecticut who sent $19.68 in honor of the year that he served in Vietnam. This campaign belongs to them.

And if our campaign moves you, I hope you'll go to and chip in whatever you can.

And we go forward knowing that this is our chance, our only chance, not just to end the era of Donald Trump, but to launch the era that we know must come next.

And the stakes could not be higher. We cannot afford to miss the mark or to miss this moment. We must get this right. With Americans living under an unaccountable president, who will cut taxes for corporations and then cut Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security for the rest of us. We must get this right. When people of color fear for their own place in their own country, while infants are torn from their parents at the border, we must get this right. And when a commander-in-chief pardons war criminals and punishes war heroes, while systematically demolishing the credibility of our country in the eyes of the world, we dare not risk four more years of this presidency. We must get this right.

We are clear eyed about the challenge before us, and we must be equally clear about the choice at hand. My competitors and I share the same fundamental goals, bringing balance to our economy, guaranteeing healthcare to every American, combating a climate crisis and a rising tide of gun violence. But we do differ in what we believe it will take to make that happen. In this election season, we have been told by some that you must either be for a revolution or you are for the status quo, but where does that leave the rest of us? Most Americans don't see where they fit in that polarized vision. And we can't defeat the most divisive president in modern American history by tearing down anybody who doesn't agree with us. 100% of the time.

Americans want the freedom to make choices for themselves on healthcare on any other issue, not to have Washington decide for them. And a politics of "my way or the highway" is a road to reelecting Donald Trump. Vulnerable Americans do not have the luxury of pursuing ideological purity over an inclusive victory. We know this.

We also know better than to try to defeat such a disruptive president by relying on the same Washington framework and mindset. After all, if today's Washington were serving America, a guy like Donald Trump would never have come within cheating distance of the oval office in the first place.

So to win and to govern, we need to bring new voices to our capital. We need to get Washington starting to work more like our best run cities and towns rather than the other way around.

And I know that when you talk this way, you might get dismissed as a naive newcomer, but a fresh outlook is what makes new beginnings possible. It is how we build a new majority.

And election after election has shown us that putting forward a new perspective is how Democrats win the White House, and we will win the White House.

So as we take this campaign to the rest of the country, let's welcome that debate. Let's have that debate. Let's debate what the best way forward is-- the best way to earn the White House and the best way to unify this country. And the answers-- they lie in a vision that brings Americans together-- not only in the knowledge of what we must stand against but in the confidence of knowing what we are for.

This is the powerful majority we are gathering together from Davenport to Dover, from Carson City to Columbia. It is a coalition of addition, not subtraction. It is a movement reaching into church basements and barbershops, into universities and union halls-- carrying the same values with us everywhere we go. We saw that coalition awakening. We saw it tonight in cities and suburbs from the sea coast to those industrial towns too often left behind.

And together we are building a future where there will be no such thing as an uninsured American or an unaffordable prescription. That's what we can deliver with a plan most Americans can get behind-- Medicare for All Who Want It-- ensuring care for every American but trusting you to choose whether you want it and when you want it.

Together we will stop enabling corporate greed and start raising wages-- empowering workers and making good on the idea that one job ought to be enough. Together, we will stop sending our young people into the teeth of endless wars and start recruiting every American in the fight for our climate future. Together we will mobilize the overwhelming majority of Americans demanding common sense action to protect our children and communities from gun violence. Together we will ensure in our time that we deliver the day when your race has no bearing on your health, or your wealth, your access to education, or your experience with law enforcement. We must deliver that day. Together we will deliver a democracy worthy of the name. No more manipulated districts, no more dollars outvoting people. And whether it is the Black vote in Georgia, the native vote in North Dakota or the student vote here in New Hampshire-- no more voter suppression.

Together we can build that American experience defined by belonging. We can say to a young woman in a hijab enduring taunts because of her religion, to a young man feeling fear instead of safety when he spots the lights of a police vehicle-- we can say you belong securely in the heart of the American project. We can show people of every religion and of no religion that this country belongs to you equally and practice of politics that insists that God does not belong to a political party. We can tell an auto worker thrown around by tectonic shifts in our economy that yes, our economic future has a place for you and we need you in it. And we can say to a Dreamer lying awake at night questioning if this country is her own-- [SPANISH]-- this country is your country too.

That better future can be ours and that better future we are creating is not just a new chapter in American history, it is a new and better story in our everyday lives. That's what's at stake. When you've held your father's hand in a hospital room, grateful that thanks to something called Medicare, your family won't lose its home even as it is losing one of its own-- you know what is at stake. When you have written a letter and marked it 'just in case' and left it where your family can find it before you leave for a war zone on the orders of an American president-- you understand what's at stake. When the best part of your day is coming home to a loving spouse in a marriage that exists by the grace of a single vote on the U.S. Supreme Court-- you will never forget what is at stake.

This election isn't just historic, it is personal. It is urgent. And we know why we're here. We are here because the purpose of the presidency is not the glorification of the president, it is the empowerment and the unification of the American people. So as we prepare to go West for the first in the West contest in Nevada, as we had to state that looks like the future, I ask you to join us in taking a stand for a better tomorrow. Join us as we turn the page to a new chapter in America's story and a better day for each of us. And when we do, one day books will tell not just of one election, but of the era that began with you here in New Hampshire.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for your support. Let's go out and win this thing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Amy for America

ICYMI: Amy Klobuchar Delivers Remarks After New Hampshire Primary

Remarks As Delivered: 

Thank you. Thank you, New Hampshire. Thank you, New Hampshire. We love you, New Hampshire. 

Hello, America. I'm Amy Klobuchar and I will beat Donald Trump. 

My heart-- my heart is full tonight. My heart is full tonight. Well, there are still ballots left to count. We have beaten the odds every step of the way. We have done it on the merits, we have done it with ideas and we have done it with hard work, because we are resilient and strong as the people of this great nation. Thank you to our incredible staff, and our unstoppable volunteers, my wonderful husband John, our daughter Abigail, and the people of New Hampshire. Because of you, we are taking this campaign to Nevada. We are going to South Carolina. And we are taking this message of unity to the country. 

We know in our hearts that in a democracy, it is not about the loudest voice or the biggest bank account. It is about the best idea and about the person who can turn those ideas into action. We know that we cannot win big by trying to out divide the divider in chief. We know that we win by bringing people with us instead of shutting them out. Donald Trump's worst nightmare is that the people in the middle, the people who have had enough of the name calling and the mudslinging, have someone to vote for in November. I cannot wait to bring our green bus around the country. I cannot wait to win the nomination. I cannot wait to build a movement and win with a movement of fired up Democrats, of Independents and moderate Republicans that see this election as we do. 

We see it as an economic check on this president. We see it as a patriotism check and we see it as a decency check. Because in the end, we know that what unites us is so much bigger than what divides us. And we know-- we know that we believe, so many of us believe that the heart of America is bigger than the heart of this guy in the White House. Tonight is about grit. And my story, like so many of yours, is one of resilience.

I announced my candidacy in the middle of a Minnesota blizzard. And there were a lot of people that predicted I wouldn't even get through that speech, but not the people of my state and not the people of New Hampshire. Except then they predicted that we wouldn't make it through the summer. We did. Then they predicted we wouldn't make it to the debates, and man, were we at the debate in New Hampshire.

What we've done is steady. We've been strong and we’ve never quit. I think that sounds pretty good for a president. But across the months and months and miles of this race, we redefined the word grit. You see it with our happy, scrappy campaign. You saw it in our ten county, thirty hour tour in the middle of a nor'easter. Let's not forget that. You saw it in our early morning diner stops and our late night rallies and yes, you saw it on that debate stage.

Just like so many of you out there, I know a little bit about resilience. My grandpa worked 1500 feet underground in the mines in northern Minnesota. He never graduated from high school because his parents were sick. He had nine brothers and sisters, and he had to help raise them. And every day, he would go down in that cage in that mind, carrying a lunch bucket that my grandma would pack. His youngest sister, Hannah, was only eight years old when they put her in an orphanage. And he vowed after his parents died that he would go and get her. And two years later, he borrowed a car he went to Duluth and he brought her home. He and my grandma saved money in a coffee can in their basement to send my dad to a two-year community college. My dad then became a newspaper man. My mom, she was born in Milwaukee, the site of our next convention. And she came to Minnesota and taught second grade until she was seventy years old. And I still meet people that say she was their favorite teacher. So I stand before you today as a granddaughter of an iron ore miner, as the daughter of a teacher and a newspaperman, as the first woman elected to the US Senate from the state of Minnesota, and a candidate for president of the United States.

That my friends, that is because we live in a country of shared dreams, that no matter where you come from, no matter who you know, no matter the color of your skin, no matter where you worship, no matter who you love, that you can make it in the United States of America. I didn't have a perfect life. My dad struggled with alcoholism his whole life. And by the time John and I got married, he got his third DWI. And then the judge said to him, you gotta decide jail or treatment. And he chose treatment. And in his words, he was “pursued by grace.” I believe that everyone in this country should have that opportunity to be pursued by grace.

When Abigail was born, we thought it was going to be this perfect thing. But she was really sick, and she couldn't swallow. And she was in intensive care. And back then the insurance companies had a rule and they kicked me out of the hospital, even though she was in intensive care, in twenty-four hours. And a few months later, I went to the legislature, worked with a number of legislators, and we passed one of the first laws in the country guaranteeing new moms and their babies a forty-eight hour hospital.

That's how I do my work. And as my friend Elizabeth noted earlier tonight, people told me just like they told her that they didn't think a woman could be elected. In my case, it was elected to the US Senate. No woman had ever done it before. But, I came back, I defied expectations. And I won. And I have done it over and over again in the reddest of red districts and the bluest of blue districts. And when I got to the US Senate, people told me oh, it's so hard to get things done. Well, in that gridlock of Washington, DC, I have passed over 100 bills as the lead Democrat. And tonight in New Hampshire, as everyone had counted us out, even a week ago--thank you, pundits--I came back and we delivered.

I came back and we delivered.

We have been on quite a journey together. And you've learned this about me. I never give up. But my story is nothing compared to the resilience that I've seen all over this country. The mom in California, her lost, who lost her child to gun violence, and even through her grief and heartbreak, she has joined the fight to keep our children safe. The immigrant who works two jobs and still struggles to put food on the table, but is determined to raise her kids in America so that they have a better future. The farmer who's facing bankruptcy because of bad Trump policies, but persist in working the land just like his parents and his grandparents. 

Before him. America deserves a president who doesn't give up or give in just because a decision is hard. America deserves a president who is as resilient as her people. America deserves a president who's going to take on the challenges of our time, climate change, and affordable education, and college immigration reform, justice, and democracy and yes, bringing down the cost of health care. Our country cannot take another four years of Donald Trump. The rule, the rule of law can't withstand another four years of a president who thinks that he is above it. Our collective sense of decency can't handle another four years of a president who doesn't care about it. Our democracy can't tolerate another four years of a president who wants to bulldoze right through it. And our American Dream cannot tolerate a president that thinks he can choose who lives it. He, the President might, as might as well have a sign on his desk that says, "The buck stops anywhere but here." He literally, he blames everyone he blames. Think about this for anything that goes wrong. He blames Barack Obama. He blames the city of Baltimore. He blames the head of the Federal Reserve that he appointed. He blames the Energy Secretary that he nominated. He blames the city of Baltimore. He blames the entire kingdom of Denmark. Who does that. And my favorite recent one, he blames the Prime Minister of Canada for cutting him out of the Canadian version of "Home Alone 2." That's what this guy does.

That is Donald Trump. I think we can do better because for the people of this country, when things go wrong, they don't have anyone to blame. They just have to pick themselves up. And I can promise you this. When I am behind that desk, I will take responsibility instead of passing it on. I will reach across the aisle and work with Americans in good faith instead of picking fights. I will bring this country together instead of tearing it apart.

Some of you have heard the story about Franklin Delano Roosevelt. So he was beloved and when he died, they put his body in a train, and it went through the countryside to Washington DC. And people would spontaneously stand next to those rail tracks to show their respects. And the story goes that one guy was standing there sobbing, regular guy, had his hat across his chest. And this reporter says to him, "Sir, did you know President Roosevelt, do you mind me asking, did you know him?" And the guy says, "No, I didn't know President Roosevelt. But he knew me." He knew me. That is what's lacking right now in the White House. That empathy. That ability of a president to put himself or herself in the shoes of the people of this country. 

What is lacking is that sacred trust between the people of this nation and the President of the United States. And my friends will restore that trust.

If you are having trouble deciding between filling a prescription, or filling your refrigerator with food, I know you and I will fight for you. If you cannot decide how you're going to stretch that paycheck to pay for your rent, or pay your mortgage, I know you and I will fight for you. And if you are having trouble deciding how you're going to pay for the childcare for your kids, and the long term care for your parents, I know you and I will fight for you. If you want a Democratic nominee who can make our tent bigger, who can make our coalition wider, and our coattails longer, I know you and I will fight for you.

And if you feel stuck in the extremes of our politics and you are tired of the noise and the nonsense, you have a home with me. If you want a nominee who can stand up to Donald Trump on that debate stage--which you well know I can do--- I need your votes, yes. And I'm going to need those votes of the people in Nevada, yes. And I'm going to need the votes in South Carolina and beyond, but most of all, I need your hearts. I don't have that big bank account. I don't have that big name of some of the other people that are in this race. And I am not a newcomer with no political record, but what I do is get things done. What I have is your back. So I ask you to join us at Join our campaign. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you New Hampshire. We are on to Nevada, because the best is yet to come.

Now, I want to thank a few people before we start the music and everything, who have been here with me in New Hampshire from the very beginning, and I am so proud to have their help and support. It has meant the world. First of all my great state director, Scott Merrick, right over here. And my campaign manager and our team, Justin Buoen. And our team up here and all the incredible staff in New Hampshire that beat the odds when everyone counted us out, you never did.

And then I want to thank the incredible group of endorsers, so many legislators and former legislators and mayors and local officials that I can't name all of them, but I will name a few. Counselor Debora Pignatelli, thank you, Debora Pignatelli, who is so well respected, introduced me up here today, thank you. Joe Foster, the former Attorney General of New Hampshire right over there. State senators Jay Khan and Jeanne Dietsch, thank you to both of you. Brigadier, former Brigadier General Kevin Ryan, as well as Ambassador Jim Smith, who barnstormed the state for us. The amazing house leaders, Karen Ebel, thank you, Karen, wherever you are. Lucy Weber and Doug Lay. And mayors, two special mayors I wanted to mention because I saw them the last few days, Caroline McCarley of Rochester and Andrew--where are you, Andrew?--of Laconia. Right right over there. There you are. Thank you. Also, people who have been there and given me so much guidance and advice, Rich Siegel, thank you so much. Risha McMahon, thank you, Michael Atkins, Jim Callahan, Tom Sylvia, and Karen Cornelius. I want to thank all of you. We are so excited. We're going to take this show on the road with all of this great New Hampshire goodwill. The best is yet to come. Let's get to work everyone. Thank you.  

Warren for President

Elizabeth Warren Delivers Remarks on New Hampshire Primary Night

Manchester, NH - Elizabeth Warren delivered remarks on the night of the New Hampshire FITN primary. 
Her remarks are below as prepared for delivery:
Hello New Hampshire!
Results are still coming in from across the state, but right now it is clear that Senator Sanders and Mayor Buttigieg had strong nights. And I also want to congratulate my friend and colleague Amy Klobuchar for showing just how wrong the pundits can be when they count a woman out.
But since we’re here tonight among family and friends, I also want us to be honest with ourselves as Democrats: we might be headed for another one of those long primary fights that lasts for months. We’re two states in, with 55 states and territories to go. We still have 98% of the delegates for our nomination up for grabs, and Americans in every part of our country are going to make their voices heard.
The question for us, Democrats, is whether it will be a long, bitter rehash of the same old divides in our party, or whether we can find another way.           

Senator Sanders and Mayor Buttigieg are both great people and either of them would be a far better president than Donald Trump. I respect them both.
But the fight between factions in our party has taken a sharp turn in recent weeks, with ads mocking other candidates and with supporters of some candidates shouting curses  about other Democratic candidates.
These harsh tactics might work if you’re willing to burn down the rest of the party in order to be the last man standing. They might work if you don’t worry about leaving our party and our politics worse off than how you found it. They might work if you think only you have all the answers and only you are the solution to all our problems.
But if we’re going to beat Donald Trump in November, we are going to need huge turnout within our party, and to get that turnout, we will need a nominee that the broadest coalition of our party feels they can get behind. We can’t afford to fall into factions. We can’t afford to squander our collective power. We will win when we come together.
Reverend Jesse Jackson once said: It takes two wings to fly. And I think he’s right. Our campaign is best positioned to beat Donald Trump in November -- because we can unite our party.
We can unite this party and this country by mobilizing people behind ideas that are not only popular with huge majorities of the American people -- but that also accomplish structural change for our broken government and our rigged economy. We can unite people around a wealth tax on the very richest Americans so we can invest in education for all our children.
And we can unite people around ending corruption in Washington. Ending the corruption that has meant stagnant wages, rising costs, and a tighter and tighter squeeze on the middle class. Ending the corruption that leaves more and more working families with less and less hope for a better future -- and that has crushed people of color even harder. Ending the corruption that has shortchanged our kids, our schools, and the very survival of this planet they will inherit.
Families in America today are running out of time. We have faced decades of shrinking  opportunity, decades of rising inequality, decades of a widening racial wealth gap.
Big business has captured and used government to serve its own interests at the expense of smaller businesses and at the expense of the American people. I believe in markets, but markets without rules are theft. Markets without rules perpetuate racial discrimination. And for too long, the rules have been rigged against people who just want a level playing field2020 is our time to change who makes the rules.
It was never my plan to run for any office of any kind. But I have been in this fight -- the fight for working families -- for decades. I fought the credit card companies as they tried to trick and trap consumers. I fought our own banking regulators to hold them accountable during the financial crash. I fought to build a new federal agency to protect consumers from predatory financial institutions. I got in this fight -- I ran  for office because I saw families were being squeezed harder than ever, and too many politicians not getting enough done. I’m here to get big things done. 
Because that’s the thing about politicians: whether they’re offering vague platitudes or powerful rhetoric, they will ultimately face the same test: actually getting anything done in a Washington that is badly broken.
Americans from all political backgrounds don’t need a bunch of flowery words. They know deep down in their bones exactly why government doesn’t work for them: it’s corruption, and we need to call it out for what it is.
The corruption that gives lobbyists a louder voice than voters. The corruption that lets big companies pay nothing in taxes while small businesses pay full freight. The corruption that ensures that nothing ever changes on gun violence or climate policy or drug prices -- even though nearly everyone in America wants change.
And let’s be specific here: on a day when career prosecutors showed more backbone than almost every Republican Senator in standing up to this President, Americans of all political stripes are gravely concerned about the corruption of a Trump Justice Department that abandons the rule of law to give sweetheart deals to criminals who commit their crimes on behalf of Donald Trump. Yes Roger Stone, I’m looking at you.
So tonight I have a message for our party and for this nation: Our best chance of beating Donald Trump is with a candidate who can do the work -- I mean the hard, disciplined work. A candidate who can build a campaign to unite our party. And a candidate who can build a movement that is ready to take on corruption in Washington and win.
And the only way we can take on the corruption in Washington is if we’re not beholden to it. Let’s just check the facts. Amy and I are the only candidates in this race who are not billionaires or supported by Super PACs. And, unlike other candidates, I don’t fund my campaign by spending time behind closed doors sucking up to wealthy donors.
Our movement is powered by you -- it’s powered by the people.
And over the past year I’ve had the chance to shake hands or hug way over 100,000 people in more than 220 town halls in 29 states and Puerto Rico. Sure, there are lots of differences among us.
We come from different backgrounds. Different religions, languages, experiences. We have different dreams and different aspirations. We feel the urgency of this moment in different ways.
But, with all of those glorious differences, for the most part, we want the same things.
We want an America where decisions in Washington aren’t bought and paid for by lobbyists and big donors. We want an America where every person has a voice in our democracy.
An America where fossil fuel companies don’t have a vise grip on our planet, An  America where we can breathe the air and drink the water.
An America where every child can dream big and actually have a chance to make it. Because no matter the color of your skin, who you love, how you worship, or what zip code you live in, you deserve an America where you are safe and your opportunities are as good as anyone’s.
I can see that America. That America is within our reach. And  if you can imagine that America,  if you think it’s worth fighting for, then join us. Go to Elizabeth Warren DOT COM right now. Pitch in a few bucks, sign up to volunteer, get involved with our campaign. This moment will not come our way again.
 Tonight I want to say thank you -- thank you to every volunteer, every organizer, every door knocker, every phone banker, every five-dollar donor.
Thank you for helping to build a movement to take back our democracy and rebuild it from the grassroots up.
And while I’m thanking everyone. I want to take a moment to thank my sweetie, Bruce. I also want to thank the good boy who posed for one selfie after another -- our Bailey.
This fight we’re in -- the fight to save our democracy -- is an uphill battle. But our campaign is built for the long haul. And we are just getting started.
I’m grateful down to my toes for what our campaign has been able to accomplish so far.
My plans for this country have been influenced by letters pressed into my palm by little girls.
My will to fight has been strengthened by the people who have whispered their dreams into my ear.
My determination to lead a movement has been forged by the tens of thousands of people who have said they are ready to fight for the America they know we can be.
Because if we have the hope that comes with dreaming big, if we have the courage to fight hard, we are going to win!
Thank you.


Andrew Yang Remarks Suspending Campaign


STEVE MARCHAND: ...In the Democratic Party right now there are a lot of people that think that you have to choose. You can choose one of two things, but unfortunately in 2020 they say you cannot have both.

You can choose a leader who understands the inequality that is ravaging this economy, the inequality that led to the election of Donald Trump. And we could get a leader that could rewrite the rules of the 21st century to work for all Americans. Would you like that leader?

Then there are others who say you can't have that, but you can have the best person to be Donald Trump, because we got to—who wants to beat Donald Trump? —and can bring together this country, but you can't have both. Ladies and gentlemen, you can, and in this campaign we have shown you can. That person is Andrew Yang.


That's right. Andrew Yang. Save your vocal cords, baby because in a matter of seconds— I've been privileged to introduce him so many times, sometimes for two minutes, sometimes for 40 minutes. You're very lucky tonight is not 40 minutes, tonight, it is all done, because your friend, my friend, New Hampshire's friend, he's walking in that door. Andrew Yang.


ANDREW YANG: Hello, New Hampshire, how are you? Thank you so much for being here, and I want to give a special thank you to my rock, my wife Evelyn who's been with us every step of the way.

I love you and appreciate you so much baby. Thank you so much.

New Hampshire and everyone who supported this campaign, thank you for everything you've done to make this campaign possible over these past months. You all have uplifted me and inspired me and Evelyn and this campaign at every turn. Your passion and energy, your donations and hundreds of thousands of hours calling, volunteering, your enthusiasm, dedication and commitment. We've accomplished so much together.

We have brought a message of humanity first and a vision of an economy and society that works for us and our families to millions of our fellow Americans.

We went from a mailing list that started with just my Gmail contact list to receiving donations from over 400,000 people around the country and millions more who supported this campaign.

One of the things I'm most proud of. We gave $1,000 a month to 13 families around the country,
including Jodie Fassi right here in New Hampshire.

We highlighted the real problems in our communities as our economy is being transformed before eyes by technology and automation. And Americans know now that when you go to a factory in Michigan, you do not find wall to wall immigrants doing work. You find wall to wall robot arms and machines doing the work that people used to do.

We stood on the debate stage and shifted our national conversation to include the fourth industrial revolution, a topic no one wanted to touch until we made it happen here with this campaign.

Our signature proposal universal basic income has become part of the mainstream conversation.

We increased the popular support for universal basic income to 66% of Democrats and 72% among voters 18 to 34.

Without a doubt we accelerated the eradication of poverty in our society by years even generations and that is thanks to all of you who are here tonight.

Though thousands of voters came out for a campaign tonight, tonight is not the outcome we fought so hard to achieve. It is bitterly disappointing for many of us, but it shouldn't be.

Every single day I've been campaigning, I've had supporters say to me, your campaign helped me out of a depression. Thank you. Working on this campaign has made me a better person. I met my significant other because of you.Your campaign brought my family together. Your campaign got me excited about politics for the first time. These are all things that people have said to me in the past days and they are the reasons why I am so incredibly proud of this campaign, and what we've accomplished together.

We have touched and improved millions of lives and moved this country we love so much in the right direction. And while there is great work left to be done, you know I am the math guy, and it is clear tonight from the numbers that we are not going to win this race.

I am not someone who wants to accept donations and support in a race that we will not win. And so tonight, I am announcing I am suspending my campaign for president.

[Audience member: We love you, Andrew.]

I love you too. Thank you. Thank you so much.


Thank you so much, New Hampshire. I love you too.

This is not an easy decision or something I made lightly with the team. Endings are hard, and I've always had the intention to stay in this race until the very end. But I have been persuaded that the message of this campaign will not be strengthened by my stake in this race any longer.

Endings are hard New Hampshire, but this is not an ending. This is a beginning.

This is just the starting line. This campaign has awakened something fundamental in this country and ourselves. This movement has outlasted over a dozen senators, governors and members of Congress to become the most exciting force in this entire race.

The Yang Gang has fundamentally shifted the direction of this country and transformed our politics,
and we are only continuing to grow.

I'd like to thank my incredible staff and the hundreds of people who left their lives and their jobs to join and build this campaign. I know what a risk that was. Very few people join this campaign because they thought it was going to be a good career move. So thank you, thank you to my team.

My goal when I first started running was to solve the problems I got Donald Trump elected. In order to do that I will support whoever is the Democratic nominee.

That said, I hope this campaign can be a message and a word of caution and guidance to my Democratic colleagues that Donald Trump is not the cause of all of our problems. He is a symptom of a disease that has been building up in our communities for years. We must cure the disease that got him elected. And in order to do that we must address the real problems that affect our people and offer solutions to actually solve them.

I stand before you tonight and say that while we did not win this election, we are just getting started.

This is the beginning. This movement is the future of American politics. This movement is the future of the Democratic Party.

[chants: 2024, 2024]

This wave is just beginning and will continue to build and grow until we rewrite the rules of this economy to work for us, the people of this county.

Thank you to each and every person who made this campaign possible. I love and appreciate each and every one of you. Being your candidate has been the privilege of my life. Together we will continue to do the work and move this country forward because the Yang gang isn't going anywhere.

We'll be back soon. In the meantime though, thank you all, God bless you, and God bless the United States of America. Thank you for everything. Thank you so much. Thank you.


Bennet for America

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, February 11, 2020
CONTACT: Shannon Beckham

Michael Bennet Ends Presidential Campaign

“Tonight is not going to be our night, but let me say to New Hampshire, you may see me once again.” 

CONCORD, NH — Michael Bennet today ended his presidential campaign. A transcript of his remarks is below and a video is available here

Hello, New Hampshire. Thank you very much for all being here tonight and thank you very much for what you’ve done for this campaign. 

I want to start by thanking Susan and the girls for their unbelievable efforts over this entire campaign. And for the sacrifices that they’ve made over the last 11 years that I’ve been in the Senate, and the years before that when I was Superintendent of the Denver Public Schools….

I’d like to thank my national campaign staff who ran through walls all across the country. There were never as many of them as some of the other campaigns, but they were a mighty force to be reckoned with. 

I also want to thank my Senate staff for their incredible work and their leadership over the past decade. 

There are so many people that I will thank over the coming days, but I wanted to mention tonight my predecessor Gary Hart, who is nothing but a source of inspiration, my friend and mentor Dick Celeste, who came out here and knocked doors for me, my pal James Carville, who I didn’t even know, but he endorsed me — and I don’t think anybody will ever be able to forget his contribution to this campaign.

I’d like to thank everybody here tonight who flew across the country to be with us in the last few days. ...

I’d like to thank Will Kanteres and Meryl Levin. We would have been lost without them, and because of their friendship, and because of their leadership and because of their efforts, we were able to introduce ourselves to the state of New Hampshire. And I just can’t tell you how much I appreciate it and I think we’ve made some lifelong friends.

Speaking of New Hampshire, I love you New Hampshire...whether you knew it or not, we were having a great time together. And I’ve said over and over again how much like Colorado New Hampshire is. It’s a complicated political state. It’s a swing state. It’s a state filled with thoughtful people who take incredibly seriously their responsibilities so seriously that today they were less decided than they were six weeks ago. But they decided tonight. 

And tonight is not going to be our night, but let me say this to New Hampshire, you may see me once again. 

I really want to say that I appreciate the fact that you gave me a chance here, and you’re giving all the other candidates a chance. I wish all those candidates well that are going beyond New Hampshire. 

I think it’s fitting for us to end the campaign tonight. But I want to remind you of why I got in this race, why I stayed in this race, why we have to stay in this fight.

I love our country. I love America. I love the idea of democracy and I want to make sure that our generation passes this democracy intact — at least — if not in better shape, to the next generation of Americans. 

And tonight as we stand here we can’t say that we’re in very good shape. Our democracy is at risk. The ability for people to work hard and live a middle-class life in this country is at risk. The opportunity for the kids, the students that I used to work for in the Denver Public Schools and kids just like them all across this country, the opportunity for their parents to get them out of poverty is at risk. America’s place in the world is at risk tonight. And the rest of the world desperately needs our leadership. As all of you know, our planet is at risk today from climate change. These are huge issues that we have to confront.

I’m really proud that together during the course of this campaign, we developed an agenda called the Real Deal that is the most coherent approach to addressing these issues that we’ve seen out of any of the campaigns. 

I look forward to carrying that out of New Hampshire and carrying that into the future. What I know about that agenda, because it was written by a team of people who were working very hard to represent a swing state in this country, is that any Democrat in America, from the top of the ticket to the bottom of the ticket, can run on that agenda. I think that’s an agenda that can get us the White House and as James Carville would say, 55 seats in the Senate. That’s an agenda that’s worth fighting for. 

So I feel nothing but joy tonight as we conclude this particular campaign and this particular chapter. 

I’m going to do absolutely everything I can do as one human being to make sure Donald Trump is a one-term president. I will support the nominee of my party, no matter who it is, to make sure that we defeat Donald Trump. But we can’t stop there. As I’ve said all across this state, and I’ve said all across the country, it’s not just about who is in the White House—we've got to win a majority in the Senate. And I will campaign all over this country to make sure we win that majority.

I want to finish by saying what I’ve said particularly to college kids in the state... In 20 or 30 years from now, when people look back at this moment and they consider the fact that some time between now and then, 20 or 30 years from now we got the money out of our politics and put the people back in our politics; we’ve actually began the meaningful work to lead the world in working to address climate change; we rediscovered once again how in this country we can make the economy rise for everybody when it grows, not just for the people at the very top; that we discovered once again how to provide education in this country so we are liberating kids from their economic circumstances, rather than reinforcing the income inequality we have.

When people look back at and ask ‘How did that happen? How did they do it?’ they’re going to look back at this moment. And there’s going to be some college campus somewhere where they decided that every single person on that campus who was eligible to vote would cast their vote. And if universities all over the country looked at that and saw it could be done, then it would set a new standard to be a citizen in this republic. If this country starts to vote at 70%, instead of at 50%, there is no issue that we won’t be able to address together. 

So I want you to be optimistic tonight. You have to be optimistic. This is in our hands. It is in our hands. As James Baldwin wrote during the height of the Civil Rights movement, this is in our hands, we have no right to assume otherwise. 

Thank you.

Democracy for America
February 11, 2020 - 10:59 pm

DFA: Sanders “clear front runner” for nomination after Wall Street wing’s NH “circular firing squad”

Bernie Sanders just won the New Hampshire Primary -- deliver a big win for progressives across the country

Statement from Democracy for America (DFA) Chair Charles Chamberlain on Sanders win in New Hampshire:

“Bernie Sanders emerges the clear front runner after the New Hampshire win tonight scoring a critical victory for progressives that makes it more likely Democrats have a nominee this fall who will rally disaffected voters to our fight, inspire a new generation to action, and build a grassroots movement equipped to beat Donald Trump up and down the ballot.

“At the same time, progressive should have no illusions about what tonight’s victory means.

“While the slow-motion implosion of the Biden campaign and the circular firing squad on the party’s right has thrown the Wall Street wing into disarray, we fully expect them to try to marginalize this win, pit progressives against each other, and spend millions to stop the growing grassroots movement for progressive change.

“As we move into the more diverse contests ahead, momentum is on our side and it will be critical that Democrats ready to fight for Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, and a more inclusive America remain united.” -- Charles Chamberlain, Chair, Democracy for America

Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.

Trump campaign statement on New Hampshire Democrat primary

“The Democrat story in New Hampshire is the continued dominance of big government socialist policies and the success of their standard bearer, Bernie Sanders. No matter which Democrat eventually emerges from their months-long dumpster fire of a primary process, we know the contrast will be President Trump’s record of accomplishment and optimistic view of the future versus Democrats and their socialist, job-killing agenda.”

 - Brad Parscale, Trump 2020 campaign manager

Republican National Committee

RNC Statement on New Hampshire Primary

WASHINGTON — Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel released the following statement on tonight's New Hampshire Primary:

 "After their mess in Iowa last week and their struggle to coalesce behind one candidate in New Hampshire tonight, the Democrat Party remains in complete disarray. One thing that is clear: Bernie Sanders winning his second state in a row shows how Socialism is now the mainstream in today’s Democrat Party," said Chairwoman McDaniel. "Meanwhile, the Republican Party is unified and organized behind President Trump, and the nation is thriving like never before. In November, Americans will choose four more years of unprecedented, historic progress for our country under President Trump."

Mike Bloomberg 2020

February 12, 2020


  While other Democratic campaigns prepare to leave the Granite State, Bloomberg campaign launches statewide general election effort to keep New Hampshire blue in November

MANCHESTER, NH — While many Democratic presidential campaigns prepare to leave the state of New Hampshire, Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg’s campaign today announced a significant investment through November in ensuring the state remains blue in 2020. Bloomberg’s New Hampshire operation will be led by New Hampshire Democratic strategist Liz Purdy, who will serve as senior advisor, and State Director Ryan Mahoney, an experienced New Hampshire Democratic operative.
Over the coming months, the Mike Bloomberg 2020 New Hampshire team will engage with voters to highlight Bloomberg’s record of taking on tough fights — and delivering results — and the unprecedented threat another four years of a Trump presidency represents to our future. 
Bloomberg’s New Hampshire team joins a nationwide operation working to Get Out The Vote for Mike Bloomberg and defeat Donald Trump. The campaign's 2,400 staff includes 2,000 staff based in 43 states and territories, including all Super Tuesday states and the critical battlegrounds that will decide the election in November. Mike Bloomberg 2020 has opened more than 150 offices across the country to date, and the campaign has engaged in more than 2 million conversations with voters in the past month alone.
“Democrats must have one goal - to defeat Donald Trump. I believe there is one candidate who is uniquely qualified to build an economy that works for allGranite Staters, and has a lifelong record of accomplishment on critical issues like gun violence prevention, climate change, education, women's rights and health care. Mike can bring together a coalition to win in November, and we know that Mike will have the resources to defeat Donald Trump and elect Democrats up and down the ticket. I am excited to get to work and help lead his campaign to victory here in November,” said Liz Purdy, Mike Bloomberg 2020 New Hampshire Senior Advisor. 
“The people of New Hampshire know that our country faces an existential threat of our values and standing around the world if Trump is given another four years,” said Ryan Mahoney, Mike Bloomberg 2020 New Hampshire State Director. “I am proud to be joining Mike’s team because he has the vision to create the organization necessary to help Democrats succeed in some of the toughest states that often go ignored by presidential candidates between the primary and general election. We’re going to get to work immediately to make sure the people of New Hampshire know that Mike will fight for them and their futures every single day.”  
“Liz and Ryan bring unmatched New Hampshire knowledge and experience to the campaign, and we are thrilled to have them lead our state team. In a state where Hillary Clinton won by less than 3,000 votes in 2016, this early investment in Democrats’ November success here is key to defeating Donald Trump and keeping New Hampshire blue,” said Dan Kanninen, Mike Bloomberg 2020 States Director.
The campaign has initial plans to hire nearly a dozen staffers on the ground and will open its first office in Concord in the coming week. The campaign is also investing heavily in paid advertising following the Democratic primary on Tuesday so that New Hampshire voters continue to know what’s at stake in November. This announcement aligns with Bloomberg’s effort to staff up across the country in critical areas that Democrats have often left behind because of resources between elections.  
Ryan Mahoney - State Director
Ryan Mahoney has more than a decade of experience in New Hampshire politics. Ryan most recently served as Chief of Staff to Manchester Mayor Joyce Craig. He was previously the Chief of Staff to Speaker of the NH House of Representatives and the senior staff member for the NH State Senate Democrats. In addition, Ryan served as Executive Director of the New Hampshire Democratic Party in 2012 and as Chair of the Manchester City Democratic Committee from 2015 to 2018.
Liz Purdy - Senior Advisor
Liz Purdy brings more than 15 years of New Hampshire political experience to the Bloomberg campaign. A principal at MEP Strategies (MEP), Liz is an experienced state and national campaign expert, skilled in strategic management of all aspects of organizational operations. Liz managed the first gubernatorial campaign of New Hampshire Governor John Lynch, when he defeated a self-funded incumbent governor. Liz also served as a Senior Political Advisor to the successful campaigns of U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen, and to U.S. Senator Maggie Hassan’s first gubernatorial campaign. In 2008, as Senior Advisor, she helped Hillary Clinton’s campaign stage a stunning come-from-behind win in the New Hampshire Primary campaign. Liz has also worked on major policy campaigns. In 2011, she ran the successful effort to defend NewHampshire’s marriage equality law from repeal – building a bipartisan coalition to kill the bill in a House of Representatives where supporters held a supermajority. And, in 2016, she worked with Gabby Giffords and Americans for Responsible Solutions to build a New Hampshire campaign to fight gun violence.

Deval for All

February 12, 2020

Deval Patrick Statement on His Candidacy 

I believe that America is yearning for two things: better outcomes and a better way. Better outcomes in our citizens lives and a better way of achieving them.
Having delivered health care to 99% of Massachusetts residents, nation leading student achievement and energy efficiency, responsible budgets, and the highest bond rating in Massachusetts history, I believed and still believe we had a strong case to make for being able to deliver better outcomes. And having shown through legislative initiatives, economic recovery, natural and man-made disasters, and a terrorist attack that we can lead by asking people to turn to each other instead of on each other, I thought we had a pretty good case for a better way as well.
But the vote in New Hampshire last night was not enough for us to create the practical wind at the campaign’s back to go on to the next round of voting. So I have decided to suspend the campaign, effective immediately.
I am not suspending my commitment to help– there is still work to be done. We are facing the most consequential election of our lifetime. Our democracy itself, let alone our civic commitments to equality, opportunity and fair play, are at risk.
Americans are hurting. Having to hold two or three low wage jobs to survive, trying to keep up with tuition, the rent or a mortgage, and health care premiums, doubting whether the schools in your neighborhood will prepare your kids for life and work — these are the challenges too many Americans face. In the midst of such economic anxiety and social unease, some will divide us for political gain. Others will use this moment to unite us. Both paths are, historically speaking, American. Only one is patriotic. I choose patriotism. 
Patriotism demands, now more than ever, that we reject false choices. Despite our righteous anger, Democrats don’t have to hate Republicans to be good Democrats. We don’t have to hate business to fight for social justice or to hate police to believe black lives matter. In that same spirit, we don’t have to hate moderation to be a good progressive. I say that because, unlike most other candidates, I have actually delivered progressive results using a moderate approach. Leaving room in our plans and our hearts for people who may not agree with us on everything is the only way to make lasting change. I don’t fit in an ideological box and most people I meet don’t either. We cannot, and will not, defeat Donald Trump by relying exclusively on old labels, poll-tested messages and cable news hits. We must meet people where they are and ask them to do the same for us.
Many in the media have noted that I entered the race “late.” As a direct and limiting consequence, I’ve met many people on the campaign trail who lament how they wished I had entered the race sooner. As I hope you know, I entered this race when I could, and not a moment before I should have. More importantly, I entered the race months before anyone had cast a vote. We cannot keep mistaking media narratives for political outcomes. Political outcomes are entirely up to voters. I encourage you to keep on respecting their power to make their hopes a reality — even when the media confuses its essential responsibility to report what happens with its extraordinary power to influence what will.
I could see last night in the faces of many of our supporters that this setback is hard. But let’s keep our perspective. Hard is choosing between paying the heat or the rent in the same month. Hard is not knowing if you’ll be able to afford the prescription drugs that keep you alive. Hard is serving your country in the military and not being able to live off the streets when you come home. Hard is being called the N word by fellow citizens leaving and inspired by a rally for the President of the United States. Hard is trying to vote when your own government doesn’t believe you should have a say. Hard is wondering whether you or your family will be deported from the only country you’ve really ever known, to which you’ve paid taxes or for which you’ve worn the uniform, because you once sought refuge from violence or despair. Hard is facing a cancer diagnosis, especially if you don’t think you’re covered. These and similar questions can only be answered by deciding the character of the country. That’s what’s at stake right now. I’ve never been afraid of doing what’s hard -- only of missing the opportunity to do what’s right.
Doing what’s right and fighting for justice are my life’s work. That work doesn’t end here because it didn’t start here. On the South Side of Chicago, where I grew up, people have felt for generations the urgency so many Americans feel now. We have a unique opportunity to use our shared pain redemptively to bring the country together. No one can stand on the sidelines at a time like this. I, for one, will not. Failing to engage risks losing a lot more than an election next November.

February 11, 2020


SUMMARY BY COUNTIES Belknap Carroll Cheshire Coos Grafton Hillsborough Merrimack Rockingham Strafford Sullivan Total Votes
Bennet, d   29    31    44    7    90    306    182    176    84    35    984 
Biden, d   1,122   1,020    1,265    566   1,657    7,375    2,863    6,069    2,250    724   24,911 
Booker, d   8    13    6    4    12    37    18    44    11    3    156 
Boyd, d   2    2    2    1    1    5    5    13    2    -      33 
Bullock, d   2    1    4    1    7    20    12    11    4    2    64 
Burke, d   2    1    9    5    6    21    6    24    6    6    86 
Buttigieg, d   2,798   2,813    4,053   1,094   5,799    20,539    8,466    17,929    6,764    2,188   72,443 
Castro, d   2    3    8    1    2    30    7    25    4    1    83 
De La Fuente, d   -      1    1    -      1    1    -      5    1    1    11 
Delaney, d   1    2    3    3    4    24    14    15    16    1    83 
Dunlap, d   1    -      1    -      -      3    1    2    4    -      12 
Ellinger, d   38    -      3    -      3    5    -      4    3    1    57 
Gabbard, d   406    403    587    206    559    3,058    1,163    2,163    887    313   9,745 
Gleiberman, d   1    -      4    7    5    8    -      3    2    -      30 
Greenstein, d   -      -      4    1    -      12    2    6    6    -      31 
Harris, d   6    8    10    3    7    47    8    28    11    -      128 
Hewes, d   2    2    6    -      2    7    3    15    2    3    42 
Klobuchar, d   2,383   2,464    3,616    937   4,280    16,701    7,853    13,736    5,178    1,626   58,774 
Koos, d   3    1    4    5    3    22    7    13    10    4    72 
Kraus, d   3    2    -      -      1    41    1    4    -      -      52 
Krichevsky, d   4    -      1    1    -      13    1    -      2    1    23 
Moroz, d   -      -      -      -      1    5    -      2    -      -      8 
Patrick, d   35    43    55    17    87    393    159    318    128    23   1,258 
Sanders, d   2,670   2,605    5,973   1,562   6,580    21,659    8,636    15,331    8,916    2,420   76,352 
Sestak, d   5    5    9    10    6    43    79    14    13    6    190 
Sloan, d   2    -      -      1    1    14    8    5    2    1    34 
Steyer, d   488    322    651    226    550    3,165    1,294    2,659    1,075    264   10,694 
Thistle, d   -      1    5    4    7    20    3    7    5    1    53 
Torgesen, d   1    1    4    2    3    5    3    8    2    1    30 
Warren, d   839    903    1,816    395   3,298    7,266    3,177    5,928    2,967    838   27,427 
Wells, d   1    1    -      -      2    18    7    12    3    1    45 
Williamson, d   2    6    7    9    5    29    5    29    5    2    99 
Yang, d   248    229    597    146    873    2,386    905    1,736    954    238   8,312 
Scatter   304    303    304    193    510    1,502    690    1,430    523    221   5,980 

February 11, 2020


SUMMARY BY COUNTIES Belknap Carroll Cheshire Coos Grafton Hillsborough Merrimack Rockingham Strafford Sullivan Total Votes
Ardini, r   4    -      6    4    10    21    3    20    7    2    77 
Boddie, r   2    4    4    3    6    25    16    13    8    1    82 
Comley, Sr., r   13    10    11    11    18    38    18    49    24    9    201 
De La Fuente, r   7    5    4    3    14    48    15    37    15    2    150 
Ely, r   4    3    6    7    5    11    8    11    8    3    66 
Gyurko, r   2    2    1    1    3    19    6    14    6    2    56 
Horn, r   2    3    3    1    7    17    9    15    6    2    65 
Kraft, r   4    1    8    5    5    28    11    31    7    10    110 
Locke, r   5    3    3    5    4    17    9    7    8    4    65 
Matern, r   19    9    20    6    17    78    47    45    22    5    268 
Maxwell, r   61    41    45    29    73    210    146    210    80    34    929 
Merrill, r   26    15    33    13    38    204    58    80    38    19    524 
Murphy, r   26    31    30    15    81    94    35    79    34    22    447 
Payne, r   3    7    7    3    7    19    14    15    5    3    83 
Trump, r   7,705    5,541    5,952    3,024    6,919    37,461    15,251    33,764    10,086    4,031    129,734 
Walsh, r   43    26    45    19    71    244    90    201    68    28    835 
Weld, r   732    579    650    224    739    4,188    1,593    3,749    1,047    342    13,843 
Scatter   410    262    330    185    370    1,536    964    1,218    492    221    5,988