New Hampshire Democratic Party
January 16, 2020
Contact: Holly Shulman

Historic Number of Candidates File to Run for Delegate to 2020 Democratic National Convention, Signalling Massive Democratic Enthusiasm

Concord – Today, the New Hampshire Democratic Party announced that a historic number of candidates filed to run for delegate to the 2020 Democratic National Convention, signalling massive enthusiasm on the Democratic side as we head toward the general election.
In total, 382 Granite Staters filed to run for delegate, representing 11 different presidential campaigns - beating the previous 2004 record. Delegate candidates hail from 130 communities across the state and all ten counties. Of the 382 delegate candidates, 85 are young people, 65 are LGBTQ+, 4 identify as non-binary, 29 are persons with disabilities, 16 are Asian American and Pacific Islander, 13 are Latino and Hispanic, 11 are African American, and 5 are Native American.
“This year’s candidates are more diverse than ever. And the historic number of delegate candidates shows that activists are deciding to step up to run for something, and that the energy is on our side as we head toward November,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley.
At the 2020 Democratic National Convention, the New Hampshire Democratic Party will have 33 delegates and 2 alternates. 16 of the 33 total delegates are elected at caucuses that will be held on January 25th in each congressional district for each presidential campaign. These caucuses are open press, and more details will be provided in the coming days.
“Being a delegate to the national convention is a very special and unique opportunity, and we look forward to bringing a diverse group of Granite Staters with us to Milwaukee to nominate the next president of the United States,” said Buckley.
You can view the candidates running to represent each presidential candidate as delegate here.

Sen. Michael Bennet
Congressional District 1
Danny Calegari, Manchester
William Kanteres, Manchester
Meryl Levin, Manchester
Alan Latham, Merrimack
Kathleen Latham, Merrimack
Patricia Teden, Merrimack
Michael Steinberg, Rye
Congressional District 2
Harold Judd, Bow
Mary Ruedig, Concord
Lucy Hodder, Hopkinton
Francis Murphy, Nashua
Sherry Dutzy, Nashua
Joyce Fulweiler, Northfield

Former Vice President Joe Biden

Congressional District 1
Kate Hanna, Bedford
Ann Remus, Bedford
Olivia Dupell, Epping
Thea Aloise, Gilford
Judi Lanza, Goffstown
Michael Edgar, Hampton
Francis (Chip) Moynihan, Hampton
Chris Muns, Hampton
Charlie St. Clair, Laconia
Dan Bergeron, Manchester
Lou D'Allesandro, Manchester
Garry Haworth, Manchester
Richard Komi, Manchester
Dario Scalco, Manchester
Christian Simonds, Manchester
Susan Smith, Manchester
William McQuillen, Portsmouth
Mary Carey Foley, Portsmouth
Rebecca Kwoka, Portsmouth
Dana Hilliard, Somersworth
Patricia Lovejoy, Stratham
Congressional District 2
Cheryl Masello, Atkinson
Mason Donovan, Boscawen
Mark Kaplan, Boscawen
Richard Swett, Bow
John Cloutier, Claremont
Bethany Yurek, Claremont
Phashanna Sangroula, Claremont
Edgar Helms, Concord
Kaytlynn Jacobs-Brett, Concord
Jacqueline Bethea, Hudson
Barbara Blue, Hudson
Dennis Ruprecht, Landaff
Heather Ledoux, Litchfield
Bruce Cohen, Nashua
Wendy Geffner-Smith, Nashua
Gary Hoffman, Nashua
Sumathi Madure, Nashua
Steve Shurtleff, Penacook
Kathleen Allen, Peterborough
Barry Faulkner, Swanzey
Claire Helfman, Waterville Valley
Gail Hernandez, Wilton

Mayor Pete Buttigieg

Congressional District 1
Denise Moquin, Auburn
Barbara Morris, Barrington
Jeffrey Kelly, Bedford
Harrison Lanuza, Bedford
Lynn Makepeace, Belmont
Debra Lampert, Brentwood
Jill Sears, Dover
Wesley Merritt, Durham
Renee Carman, Exeter
Richard Carman, Exeter
Hugh Evans, Exeter
Sarah Farrell, Exeter
Robert Mike-Mayer, Exeter
James Mills, Exeter
Gerard Jean, Farmington
Ellen Douglas, Fremont
Ann Chase, Hampton
Vincent Zannino, Hampton
Harold Kozlowski, Hooksett
Joseph Pace, Kensington
John Webb, Lee
Adriana Komst, Londonderry
Giovanna Komst, Londonderry
Charles Trudeau, Londonderry
Eric Frauwirth, Manchester
Terrance Geenarain, Manchester
 Bryce Kaw-uh, Manchester
James McLeod, Manchester
Joshua Query, Manchester
Jeffrey Rogers, Manchester
Brian Sandler, Manchester
June Trisciani, Manchester
Robert Calautti, Manchester
Michael Leszcynski, Merrimack
Billie Bondar, Milton
Patricia Provencher, New Hampton
Alec Momenee-DuPrie, Newfields
Shanika Amarakoon, Portsmouth
Daniel Canales, Portsmouth
Lincoln Soldati, Portsmouth
Kassie Parker, Raymond
Angeles Getino Diaz, Rochester
Clare Howard, Rochester
John McKenna, Rochester
Joseph Migliore, Rochester
Clinton Miller, Rye
Marilyn Decker, Stratham
Nancy Hughes, Wolfeboro
Carol McMahon, Wolfeboro
Bree Schuette, Wolfeboro
Congressional District 2
Raymond Kong, Amherst
Steve Lebel, Amherst
Emily Soule, Boscawen
Kally Abrams, Bow
Johnnie Christensen, Canaan
Alan Baker, Columbia
Wendy Baker, Columbia
Paul Brogan, Concord
Jennifer Frizzell, Concord
Brandon Gauthier, Concord
Kevin Lew-Hanson, Concord
Celeste Cook, Elkins
Kari Asmus, Etna
Jeremy Denlea, Franklin
James Bays, Grantham
Charles Ciporin, Hanover
Shawn Martin, Hanover
Elizabeth Soucy, Hanover
Kelly Zeilman, Hanover
David McKee, Haverhill
Bruce Barnes, Henniker
Jefferson Brechbuhl, Henniker
Judy Carr, Hollis
Scott Metzger, Hopkinton
Joyce Lehman, Keene
David Morrill, Keene
Kathleen O'Donnell, Keene
Ellen Hollyday, Lebanon
Jefferson Smythe, Lebanon
Jacob Glenshaw, Lyme
Melanie Presnell, Marlborough
Melinda Meyerhoff, Meriden
Yvette Couser, Merrimack
Mark Leo, Merrimack
Shayna Appel, Milford
Jessica Hinckley, Mont Vernon
Robert Blaisdell, Nashua
John Carpenter, Nashua
Elizabeth Cote, Nashua
Joshua Lindsey, Nashua
Bobbie Sinyard, Nashua
Daniel Weeks, Nashua
Kevin Emery, Nashua
Donna Mombourquette, New Boston
Cathryn Baird, Newport
Karen Dewey, Newport
Kerry Swartz, Orford
Parvin Bramlage, Pelham
David Schmitt, Pelham
Tricia Boucher, Pembroke
Terry Reeves, Peterborough
Amy Wilson, Peterborough
Amanda Swendsen, Salisbury
Eric Swendsen, Salisbury
Thomas Tonioli, South Acworth
Michael Frank, Spofford
Robert Lester, Spofford
Linda Lester, Spofford
Arthur Bobruff, Springfield
Daryl Thompson, Stewartstown
Sarah Weck, West Chesterfield
Jon MacClaren, Walpole
Melinda Cox, Weare
Jennifer Paveglio, Weare
Jennifer Buck, Webster

Former U.S. Rep. John Delaney
Congressional District 1
Stephen Woodcock, Center Conway
Katherine Smalley, Manchester
Julian Sutcliffe, Manchester
Mark Mulcahy, Portsmouth
Congressional District 2
Maureen Savoy, Allenstown
Mark Fagan, Concord
Teresa Moler, Nashua
Mickayla Lynne Aboujaoude, Pelham
Thomas Crouse, Walpole

U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard
Congressional District 1
John Wendell, Center Sandwich
Melissa Moriarty, Derry
Brian Hall, Epping
Donald Harpell, Gilford
Brice Griffin, New Boston
Trevor MacDonald, Newmarket
Joseph Hayes, Portsmouth
David Skrabal, Portsmouth
David Helfrich, Rye
Joyce Fortin, Sandown
Congressional District 2
Daniel Martinez, Concord
Dack Rouleau, Concord
Donna Godin, Gorham
David Winters, Grafton
Mary Wilson, Mont Vernon
Vincent Chevalier, Nashua
Jennifer Snay, Nashua
Johnathan Vail, Nashua
Matthew Gravel, Nashua
Jessica Griffin, New Boston
Carisa Corrow, Penacook

U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar
Congressional District 1
Michael Filler, Barrington
Janet Champlin, Bartlett
Janet Pillion, Bartlett
Bert Weiss, Chatham
Luz Bay, Dover
Mary Anne Totten, Exeter
Thomas Murphy, Goffstown
Karen Cornelius, Goffstown
Erica de Vries, Hampton
Katrin Kasper, Lee
Willis Griffith, Manchester
David Preece, Manchester
Charles Knox, North Hampton
Edwinna Vanderzanden, Rochester
Congressional District 2
Paul Burkett, Bow
Elizabeth Ruediger, Dummer
Polly Campion, Etna
Jerry Dawson Begley, Francestown
Peter Grote, Franconia
James Callahan, Hancock
Kathleen Bollerud, Harrisville
Andrea Hodson, Harrisville
Jay Kahn, Keene
Raleigh Ormerod, Keene
Michael Atkins, Lyndeborough
Mindee Greenberg, Nashua
Marcia Frankl, Nashua
Greg Rothman, Nelson
Linda Singer, Nelson
Patricia McMahon, North Sutton
Janet Breslin, Salem
Vincent Griseto, Salem
James Smith, Salem
Lucy Weber, Walpole
Kathleen Norris, Wentworth
Carol Burns, Whitefield
John Burns, Whitefield

Former Gov. Deval Patrick
Congressional District 1
Jonathan Sands, Durham
Charles Farmer, East Kingston
Susanna Farmer, East Kingston
Kaitlyn MacDonald, Exeter
William Tattan, Hampton
William Speers, Sandwich
Doug Marino, Stratham
Congressional District 2
Nancy Cayford, Dublin
Kirsten Colantino, Dublin
Christopher Speers, Dublin
Olivia Wolpe, Dublin
Rosemary Wolpe, Dublin
Monica Lehner, Greenfield
Betsy Small, Milford
Amanda Martinez, Nashua
Kymra Kurinskas, Peterborough

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders
Congressional District 1
Morris West, Albany
Keith Yergeau, Bedford
Edwin Goodall, Center Sandwich
Erik Corbett, Conway
Sherry Frost, Dover
Lila Kohrman-Glaser, Dover
Jacob Werner, Dover
Susan Nastasi, Rollinsford
Benjamin Domaingue, Durham
Lisa Demaine, Epping
Cyric Riley, Fremont
Michael Dowe, Gilford
Germano Martins, Hooksett
Mo Baxley, Laconia
Carlos Cardona, Laconia
Mark Mackenzie, Manchester
Marcus Ponce de Leon, Manchester
Suraj Budathoki, Manchester
Albert So, Manchester
Mackenzie Murphy, Merrimack
Chris Liquori, Portsmouth
Griffin Sinclair-Wingate, Rollinsford
Mindi Messmer, Rye
Connell Altschiller, Stratham
Congressional District 2
Meredith Harrigan, Amherst
Tony Labranche, Amherst
Richard Dumais, Amherst
Ryan Buchanan, Concord
Laura Satkowski, Concord
Samuel Tardiff, Concord
Heather Stockwell, Dublin
Kirsten Ziman, Hanover
Krishna Desai, Hanover
Sunpreet Singh, Hanover
Richard Gulla, Hillsboro
Maggie Phillips, Keene
Christie West, Mont Vernon
Shoshanna Kelly, Nashua
Mark King, Nashua
Joan Trinidad, Nashua
John Shea, Nelson
Sean McBride Lewis, Salem
Gunnar Baldwin, Thornton
Denise Kimball, Thornton
Sebastian Fuentes, Thornton
Amanda Gunter, Weare

Tom Steyer
Congressional District 1
Dudley Dudley, Durham
George Harvey, Hampton
Thomas North, Manchester
Denise Gordon, Rochester
Scott Gordon, Rochester
David Lawrence, Rochester
Samuel Winebaum, Rye
Klavs Landberg, Wolfeboro
Congressional District 2
Mariann Ventura, Berlin
Robert Horne, Claremont
Colin Booth, Concord
Giovan Shepard, Concord
Edward Surprenant, Jaffrey
Shirley Haas, Wilton

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren
Congressional District 1
Ruth Henderson, Barrington
George McPeek, Barrington
Mary Till, Derry
Erin Allgood, Dover
Issac Epstein, Dover
David Greene, Dover
Walter King, Dover
Cora Quisumbing-King, Dover
Julie Gilman, Exeter
Lovey Roundtree Oliff, Exeter
Kathryn Braun, Fremont
Eric Schildge, Hampton
Carleigh Beriont, Hampton
Ed Butler, Harts Location
Anne Lederhos, Manchester
Sean Parr, Manchester
Olivia Teixeira, Manchester
Wendy Thomas, Merrimack
Toni Weinstein, Newmarket
Peter Brogowski, North Hampton
Joan Jacobs, Portsmouth
Sharon Nichols, Portsmouth
Lori Owens, Rochester
Barbara, Graham, Rochester
Taylor Poro, Rochester
Debra Altschiller, Stratham
Congressional District 2
Richard Block, Antrim
Ronald Abramson, Bow
Paul Parnass, Bow
Spencer Batchelder, Claremont
Jessica Russell, Concord
Phillip Walker, Dunbarton
Theodore Groh, Francestown
Tom Harris, Hollis
Kat McGhee, Hollis
Gene Sidore, Hollis
Caitlin Rollo, Hopkinton
Michael Rollo, Hopkinton
William Spirdione, Hudson
Jennifer Kiernan, Keene
Robert Williams, Keene
Rachael Booth, Landaff
Donald Lansing, Lebanon
Nicole Fordey, Litchfield
Kathryn Stack, Merrimack
Niya Doyle, Nashua
Raymond Guarino, Nashua
Gloria Timmons, Nashua
Rhonda Baxter, New London
Emma Van Ness, Rumney
Rachel Cisto, Weare
Shan Clark, Wilton

Andrew Yang
Congressional District 1
Jennifer Taylor, Dover
Nathaniel Bernitz, Goffstown
Kathryn Michaels, Newton
Steve Marchand, North Hampton
George Hamblen, Plaistow
Edward LeVasseur, Somersworth
Elise Britton, Somerworth
Congressional District 2
Glee Corsetti-Hooper, Bow
Torin Troy, Dunbarton
Samuel Hayden, Hopkinton
John Bordenet, Keene
Anna Munsey-Kano, Lebanon
Thomas Stange, Marlborough
Brandon Laws, Nashua
Paul Phillips, Plymouth
Amanda Watson, Walpole

Pete for America
Reporters — 

In a sign that Pete Buttigieg’s momentum continues to grow in the Granite State, our campaign drew the most New Hampshire candidates for delegate to the 2020 DNC Convention of any campaign by a significant margin. Of the 382 candidates for delegate, 115 are in support of Pete Buttigieg. 

This comes just one day after U.S. Representative Annie Kuster announced her endorsement of Buttigieg, and hours after Milford State Representatives Paul Dargie and Peter Petrigno along with women’s health and rights advocate and former Planned Parenthood of Northern New England policy director Jennifer Frizzell

You can read the full list of delegate candidates from the NHDP here.