Nevada State Democratic Party
November 7, 2018


Nevada State Democratic Party Chairman William McCurdy II released the following statement on the results of the 2018 midterm elections:

“Congratulations to all our Democratic nominees on their hard-fought campaigns. I am thrilled to congratulate Jacky Rosen, Steve Sisolak, Dina Titus, Susie Lee, Steven Horsford, Kate Marshall, Aaron Ford, Zach Conine, Catherine Byrne, and our Senate and Assembly candidates on their incredible victories last night. I also want to thank Nelson Araujo and Clint Koble for having the courage to stand up for Nevada’s values and for dedicating themselves to serving our beloved state.

“These candidates weren’t the only thing on the ballot this election — everything we hold dear as Nevadans and Americans was on the line. Democrats have made it clear that we are the party that fights for working families and for better economic opportunity and equality for all Nevadans. With our newly-elected Democrats leading the way, Nevadans will know they will have leaders on their side fighting for them — fighting to protect their access to health care, to ensure their kids can attend a quality public school in their neighborhood, and to bring more good-paying jobs that last to our state.

“Democrats’ victories last night don’t just belong to our candidates — they belong to every Nevadan who stood up to make his or her voice heard in this election. Our state saw record-breaking turnout for a midterm election, and it’s clear Nevadans were motivated to make their voices count this year. Once again, the NV Dems’ unrivaled organizing program made the difference, registering tens of thousands of voters, knocking on hundreds of thousands of doors, and having countless meaningful conversations with Nevadans about what was at stake in this election. Now that we have the results of this year’s midterms, the NV Dems will look to the future, and continue organizing in communities across the state to fight for equality, opportunity, and a better life for all.”



Nevada State Democratic Party Chairman William McCurdy II released the following statement on Jacky Rosen winning the U.S. Senate race against Republican incumbent Dean Heller:

“Congratulations to Jacky Rosen on being elected to the United States Senate. Nevadans had a clear choice to make in this race and they decided to elect a new voice who will fight to protect our health care, stand up for hardworking families, and put our state first. Voters made the right choice.

“Jacky has proven over the last few years that she will always focus on real solutions for regular people and have the backbone to do what’s right for Nevadans and not special interests. We now have the honor of having two women serving our state in the U.S. Senate, and I know Jacky will be a fantastic partner with Catherine Cortez Masto to fight for our state. Thanks to the hard work of our volunteers, our partners, and our friends in organized labor, Nevadans will have another Senator who listens to them and represents their interests.”

Declaración del Presidente de los Demócratas de Nevada William McCurdy Acerca de la Victoria de Jacky Rosen

El Presidente del Partido Demócrata del Estado de Nevada William McCurdy II publicó la siguiente declaración acerca de la victoria de Jacky Rosen en la elección para el Senado en contra del actual Senador Republicano Dean Heller:

“Felicitaciones a Jacky Rosen por su elección al Senado de los Estados Unidos. Los Nevadenses tuvieron una clara decisión en esta elección y decidieron elegir una nueva voz que luchará para proteger nuestra atención médica, defender a las familias trabajadoras y poner a nuestro estado primero ante todo. Los votantes escogieron la correcta opción.

“En los últimos años, Jacky ha demostrado que se enfocará en soluciones reales para personas comunes y tendrá la espina para hacer lo correcto para los Nevadenses y no los intereses especiales. Ahora tenemos el honor de tener dos mujeres al servicio de nuestro estado en el Senado y sé que Jacky será una fantástica socia de Catherine Cortez Masto para luchar por nuestro estado. Gracias al arduo trabajo de nuestros voluntarios, nuestros socios y nuestros amigos organizando. Los Nevadenses tendrán otra Senadora que los escucha y representa sus intereses.”


Nevada State Democratic Party Chairman William McCurdy II released the following statement on Democratic nominee Steve Sisolak’s victory in the race for Nevada’s next governor:

“Congratulations to our Democratic nominee for governor, Clark County Commission Chairman Steve Sisolak, on his victory tonight! Nevadans have made the clear choice to elect Steve as our next governor because they know he’ll put families first. From his time on the Board of Regents to his service on the Clark County Commission, Steve knows what’s important to working Nevadans — like access to affordable health care, quality public schools, and jobs that can support a family.

“Nevadans know Republican nominee Adam Laxalt would drag our state in the wrong direction, which is why they rejected his out-of-touch agenda dictated by wealthy special interests. Steve will be a governor for all Nevadans, not just the wealthy and connected, and I look forward to seeing what Steve will accomplish for Nevada’s working families as our state’s next governor.”

El Presidente del Partido Demócrata de Nevada Felicita al Próximo Gobernador de Nevada, Steve Sisolak

El Presidente del Partido Demócrata del Estado de Nevada William McCurdy II publicó la siguiente declaración acerca de la victoria del nominado Demócrata Steve Sisolak en la elección para ser el próximo gobernador de Nevada:

“¡Felicitaciones a nuestro candidato Demócrata para gobernador, el Presidente de la Comisión del Condado de Clark, Steve Sisolak, por su victoria esta noche! Los Nevadenses tomaron una decisión clara al elegir a Steve como nuestro próximo gobernador porque saben que Steve pondrá a nuestras familias primero. Desde su tiempo en la Junta de Regentes hasta su servicio en la Comisión del Condado de Clark, Steve sabe lo que es importante para los Nevadenses trabajadores, como es el acceso a atención médica asequible, escuelas públicas de calidad y trabajos que puedan sostener a una familia.

"Los Nevadenses saben que el candidato Republicano Adam Laxalt arrastraría a nuestro estado en la dirección equivocada, razón por la cual rechazaron su agenda dictada por los intereses especiales de los ricos. Steve será un gobernador para todos los Nevadenses, no solo para los ricos y conectados, y espero ver lo que Steve logrará para las familias trabajadoras de Nevada como el próximo gobernador de nuestro estado.”


To: Interested Parties

From: Alana Mounce, executive director, Nevada State Democratic Party

Date: Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Re: NV Dems’ Organizing Program Propels Democrats to Victory

Here in Nevada, elections are won on the ground. Thanks to the dogged, methodical organizing work by the Nevada State Democratic Party and our labor and advocacy partners, Nevada once again proved to be a bright spot for Democrats in 2018. Despite facing an uphill battle in a midterm year, with historical factors stacked against us, Democrats overcame the odds and propelled our candidates to victory by organizing across the state to register more voters and getting Nevadans to the polls through a variety of voter contact methods.

By the numbers: NV Dems’ 2018 organizing effort

  • Registered 32,209 voters between March and the October 9th mail-in deadline.
  • 70 percent of those were new registrants
  • 50 percent of those were young voters (18-29)
  • In just the final three weeks of the campaign (since October 13th), the NV Dems:
  • Knocked on over 1 million doors
  • Made over 1.3 million calls
  • Sent over 1 million texts to voters
  • For the entire 2018 cycle (since March 2018), the NV Dems:
  • Knocked on 1.3 million doors
  • Made 2.6 million calls
  • Sent 1.2 million texts to voters

The NV Dems grew our voter registration advantage month over month

Our team of organizers and volunteers spent months registering voters across the state after our voter registration effort began in March. We increased Democrats’ advantage over Republicans for seven months in a row leading up to the registration deadline in October.

Despite the RNC’s frequent boasting about their huge and early investment in a Nevada field program, Democrats grew our active voter registration lead this year using proven strategies that work. At the close of registration, despite a routine inactivation of some voters earlier this year, Democrats maintained a 74,923 voter registration advantage.

The NV Dems’ organizing program was unprecedented for a midterm

With twice as many organizers as the RNC-funded GOP field program, the NV Dems recruited nearly 7,000 volunteers who completed almost 40,000 shifts for the cycle. With a volunteer army the size of that of a presidential year, we were able to contact more voters than anticipated, resulting in higher voter contact rates than is typical for a midterm year. In just the GOTV period (Sunday-Tuesday), our program knocked on over half a million doors.

Together with our invaluable partners in labor, issue advocacy, and community organizing, the NV Dems’ powerful organizing program overcame the Republican turnout that is typical for a midterm year to win key races up and down the ticket.


November 7, 2018
CONTACT: ​Mara Sloan

DLCC and Nevada Assembly Democrats Win Supermajority

Democrats have a new trifecta of power in the state

WASHINGTON -- The DLCC and Nevada Democrats have flipped two seats from red to blue in the state Assembly, winning a supermajority in the chamber, while also flipping two seats in the state Senate and expanding Democrats’ majority. With Democratic Governor-elect Steve Sisolak’s victory, Nevada Democrats have created a new trifecta of Democratic power.
17 Democratic women were elected to the state Assembly last night, making up more than half of the Democratic Assembly caucus.
“Congratulations to DLCC Board member and Speaker of the Assembly Jason Frierson and to Nevada Democrats!” said DLCC Executive Director Jessica Post. “The DLCC has been a committed partner to Nevada Democrats, helping state Democrats flip both legislative chambers from red to blue in 2016 and investing almost $2 million in the Silver State this cycle, ensuring Senate Democrats could defeat Republicans’ bogus attempts to recall three women state Senators. Nevada has been an important leader in state Democrats’ blue wall of resistance against the Trump administration’s extremist policies, and tonight’s victories will ensure state Democrats can continue their work to improve public education, expand access to health care, and protect the rights of all Nevadans, regardless of their backgrounds.”
The DLCC also featured candidates running in critical races on its Spotlight Races page, including Assemblymembers-elect Lesley Cohen, Sandra Jauregui, Brittney Miller, Selena Torres, and Howard Watts, and Senators-elect Melanie Scheible and Marilyn Dondero Loop.
This year Democrats ran over 5,300 candidates - the most candidates for state legislatures since 1982. Nearly half of those candidates are women, and more than 1,100 are candidates of color. The DLCC knows that when Democrats hold the majority in state legislatures, more policies are passed into law that help all Americans. The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is the only organization exclusively committed to electing Democrats to state legislatures all over the country and winning Democratic control of chambers. For over two decades, the DLCC has been working with state legislative leaders to invest strategically in state programs and rebuild the Democratic Party from the ground up. This cycle, the DLCC held 40 trainings with more than 800 candidates and staff to prepare state Democrats for success. With the help of the DLCC, state Democrats are leading the resistance against the Trump administration’s extremist policies while moving our nation forward one state at a time.
For more information or to schedule an interview with the DLCC, please contact Mara Sloan at
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