Building Campaign Organizations (2019)

Building the Team
In the pre-campaign period, presidential hopefuls had a number of vehicles for their activity.  Leadership PACs were most common, but some prospects had 501(c)(4)s or 527 organizations.  As they near launch of their campaigns, presidential prospects may establish exploratory committees, or skip this step and directly declare their candidacies.  Behind the scenes there is a race for talent, both nationally and in key early states.  The first months of 2019 have seen frequent reports of hirings and signing ons as campaign teams are assembled.  Typically a campaign team includes a mix of longtime aides and new people.  In recent cycles Democratic candidates have often made a point of emphasizing staff diversity as well.  The goal is to assemble a team of top talent that can work together effectively to mobilize resources, boost the candidate and his or her message, and ultimately secure the party's nomination. 
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