Dec. 12, 2019 - House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler presides over mark up of the Articles of Impeachment.

Timeline of the Impeachment of President Donald J. Trump

selected press releases and documents

May - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi resists calls to begin an impeachment inquiry.

July 25 - Date of President Trump's phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Sept. 24 - Speaker Pelosi announces impeachment inquiry. 

Oct. - House Intelligence Committee takes closed door testimony.

Nov. 13-21 - House Intelligence Committee holds public hearings.

Dec. 3 - House Intelligence Committee issues "The Trump-Ukraine Impeachment Inquiry Report."

Dec. 11-12 - House Judiciary Committee marks up H.Res. 755, articles of impeachment.

Dec. 16 - House Judiciary Committee issues report making the case for the two articles of impeachment.

Dec. 17 - President Trump letter to Speaker Pelosi on impeachment. [PDF]

Dec. 18 - After floor debate, the House approves two articles of impeachment.

Dec. 19 - Senate leadership begins to grapple with how to conduct the impeachment process.

Jan. 10 - Speaker Pelosi states she will transmit the articles of impeachment to the Senate next week.

Jan. 15 - Speaker Pelosi names impeachment managers; House transmits articles of impeachment to the Senate.

Jan. 18 - House managers file impeachment trial brief.

Jan. 20 - White House legal team files their impeachment trial brief. [PDF]

Jan. 22 - In the early morning the Senate votes to approve rules governing the impeachment trial.

Jan. 22, 23 and 24 - House managers make their presentation in support of the articles of impeachment.

Jan. 25, 27 and 28 - Trump defense team makes its presentation.

Feb. 5 - Senate votes to acquit President Trump.