Speaker Nancy Pelosi
SEPTEMBER 24, 2019 

Pelosi Remarks Announcing Impeachment Inquiry

Washington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi delivered remarks announcing the House of Representatives is moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry.  Below are the Speaker’s remarks as delivered:

Speaker Pelosi.  Good afternoon.  Last Tuesday, we observed the anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution on September 17.

Sadly, on that day, the Intelligence Community Inspector General formally notified the Congress that the Administration was forbidding him from turning over a whistleblower complaint.  On Constitution Day.  This is a violation of law.

Shortly thereafter, press reports began to break of a phone call by the President of the United States calling upon a foreign power to intervene in his election.  This is a breach of his constitutional responsibilities.

The facts are these: the Intelligence Community Inspector General, who was appointed by President Trump, determined that the complaint is both of ‘urgent concern and credible,’ and its disclosure, he went on to say, that it ‘relates to one of the most significant and important of the Director of National Intelligence’s responsibilities to the American people.’

On Thursday, the Inspector General testified before the House Intelligence Committee, stating that the Acting Director of National Intelligence blocked him from disclosing the whistleblower complaint.  This is a violation of the law.

The law is unequivocal.  The DNI, it says, the Director of National Intelligence ‘shall’ provide Congress the full whistleblower complaint.

For more than 25 years, I have served on the Intelligence Committee – as a Member, as the Ranking Member, as part of the Gang of 4 even before I was in the Leadership.

I was there when we created the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.  That did not exist before 2004.

I was there ever earlier in 90’s when we wrote the whistleblower laws and continue to write them, to improve them to ensure the security of our intelligence and the safety of our whistleblowers.
I know what their purpose was, and we proceeded with balance and caution as we wrote the laws. 

I can say with authority, that the Trump Administration’s actions undermine both: our national security and our intelligence and our protections of whistleblowers – more than both.

This Thursday, the Acting DNI will appear before the House Intelligence Committee.

At that time, he must turn over the whistleblower’s full complaint to the Committee.  He will have to choose whether to break the law or honor his responsibility to the Constitution. 

On the final day of the Constitutional Convention in 1787, when our Constitution was adopted, Americans gathered on the steps of Independence Hall to await the news of the government our Founders had crafted.

They asked Benjamin Franklin, ‘What do we have: a republic or a monarchy?’  Franklin replied: ‘A republic, if you can keep it.’

Our responsibility is to keep it.

Our republic endures because of the wisdom of our Constitution, enshrined in three co-equal branches of government, serving as checks and balances on each other.

The actions taken to date by the President have seriously violated the Constitution – especially when the President says, ‘Article II says, I can do whatever I want.’

For the past several months, we have been investigating in our Committees and litigating in the courts, so the House can gather ‘all the relevant facts and consider whether to exercise its full Article I powers, including a constitutional power of the utmost gravity — approval of articles of impeachment.’

And this week, the President has admitted to asking the President of Ukraine to take actions which would benefit him politically.  The action of – the actions of the Trump Presidency revealed the dishonorable fact of the President’s betrayal of his oath of office, betrayal of our national security, and betrayal of the integrity of our elections.

Therefore, today, I am announcing the House of Representatives is moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry.  I am directing our six Committees to proceed with their investigations under that umbrella of impeachment inquiry.

The President must be held accountable.  No one is above the law.

Getting back to our Founders – in the darkest days of the American Revolution, Thomas Paine wrote: ‘The times have found us.’  The times found them to fight for and establish our democracy.  The times have found us today, not to place ourselves in the same category of greatness as our Founders, but to place us in the urgency of protecting and defending our Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.  In the words of Ben Franklin, to keep our Republic.

I thank our Chairmen – Chairman Nadler, Chairman Schiff.  Chairman Nadler of Judiciary.  Chairman Schiff of Intelligence.  Chairman Engel of Foreign Affairs.  Chairman Cummings of Oversight and Chairman Cummings I have been in touch with constantly.  He is a master of so much but including, Inspectors General and whistleblowers.  Congressman Richie Neal of the Ways and Means Committee.  Congresswomen Maxine Waters of the Financial Services Committee.

And I commend all of our Members, our colleagues for their thoughtful, thoughtful approach to all of this – for their careful statements.

God bless them and God Bless America. Thank you all.

The White House
September 25, 2019

President Donald J. Trump has released a declassified, unredacted transcript of his telephone conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy from July 25th, 2019. The transcript can be read HERE.
Cory 2020
September 26, 2019

Cory Booker Statement on Whistleblower Complaint

Newark, NJ — Cory Booker issued the following statement after the release of the declassified portion of a whistleblower complaint regarding President Donald Trump's communications with Ukraine:

“The details included in the declassified whistleblower complaint are explosive. The complaint paints a sobering picture of a president abusing his power by seeking foreign interference in a US election; pressuring a foreign leader to investigate a political opponent, rather than acting to advance the national security interests of the United States; and then the administration’s efforts to cover it all up.

“An impeachment inquiry gives Congress the best avenue to get to the truth. I believe we are only scratching at the surface of potential wrongdoing, and the American people deserve to know the full picture.”
# # #

Julián for the Future
For Immediate Release: Thursday, September 26, 2019
Contact: Sawyer Hackett, National Press Secretary

Julián Castro, First 2020 Candidate to Support Impeachment, Issues Statement on Whistleblower Report

SAN ANTONIO, TX (September 26, 2019) – On Thursday, September 26, presidential candidate and former Obama Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Mayor of San Antonio, Texas, Julián Castro, issued the following statement on the whistleblower complaint. Following the release of Special  Counsel Robert Mueller’s report, Secretary Castro was the first 2020 candidate to call for Donald Trump’s and Attorney General William Barr’s impeachment. Secretary Castro repeatedly called on House Democrats to launch an impeachment inquiry after the whistleblower reported details of Donald Trump’s calls with Ukrainian officials.

"The whistleblower report has exposed a criminal effort to extort political dirtywork from a foreign government, and a massive cover-up orchestrated by the White House. It’s increasingly clear that Donald Trump is not only unfit for office—he’s an active national security threat. Donald Trump has abused his office to benefit himself.

“Congress must immediately cancel it’s recess and begin impeachment proceedings to hold him accountable. The future of our democracy depends on it.”

Beto for America
Thursday, September 26, 2019

Beto Calls on House to Cancel Its Two Week Recess & Begin Impeachment Proceedings Immediately

EL PASO, Texas-Following the release of the whistleblower report this morning, Beto called on Speaker Pelosi to cancel the House’s two-week recess, scheduled to begin this weekend, and begin impeachment proceedings immediately.

“The House should cancel its break and start impeachment proceedings now. As the whistleblower made clear: Every day Trump is in office, our democracy is less safe. We can’t wait to act,” Beto said in a tweet.

Beto is one of two 2020 presidential candidates who supported impeachment in 2017 and was the only major party Senate candidate to support impeachment during the 2018 elections. At an August 2017 town hall in Waco, Texas-in a county that voted more than 60% for Donald Trump-Beto responded to a question about impeachment with, "if you're asking would I vote to impeach this president, the answer is yes." His early support for impeachment was first reported on by the Texas Tribune, who wrote, “at one of his stops in Killeen, the El Paso Democrat spoke about his support for impeaching President Trump.” He told the paper, “whether it's the potential collusion with the country of Russia or the obstruction of justice at the highest levels, the effort to intimidate those who are investigating and following the facts...I do not believe that he is fit to lead this country.”

Asked in April 2018 by conservative radio host Chad Hasty in Lubbock County-which voted 66% for Trump in 2016-if he’s seen enough to vote for impeachment, Beto said, “The answer is yes because I want to be straight with you.” He added, “I’ve seen an attempt, no matter how ham-handed, to collude with a foreign government in our national election. I’ve seen an effort to obstruct justice in the investigation of what happened in the 2016 election."

During a nationally televised, primetime CNN town hall last fall-less than a week before voters across the state began going to the polls-Dana Bash gave Beto the opportunity to walk back his position, asking him if he’s changed his mind. “I haven’t,” Beto responded. He went on to lay out the case for both obstruction and collusion. He concluded by saying, “I know that this is not politically easy or convenient to talk about, but 242 years into this experiment, which is the exception, not the rule in world history-there's nothing that guarantees us a 243rd or a 244th. It's up to all of us to stand up for that democracy...I do think there's enough there for impeachment. And if asked, I would vote on it.”

Beto has only continued his support for moving towards impeachment since entering the presidential campaign in March. During a CNN town hall in Des Moines, Beto said, “We should begin impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump.”

"If we do nothing because we are afraid of the polls or the politics, or the repercussions in the next election, we will set a precedent that, in fact, some people, because of the position of power and public trust that they hold, are above the law,” he added.

Beto reiterated his support for impeachment following Mueller’s May 29 statement. “There must be consequences, accountability, and justice,” he said. “The only way to ensure that is to begin impeachment proceedings. As Mueller reiterates there were ‘multiple, systemic efforts to interfere in our election,’ Trump calls it a hoax. He invited these attacks, obstructed the investigation into them and told Putin there will be no consequences for launching a concerted attack on our political system.”

Bernie 2020
September 26, 2019

NEWS: Sanders Statement on Whistleblower Complaint

BURLINGTON, VT – Sen. Bernie Sanders released the following statement on Thursday after the House Intelligence Committee released the declassified whistleblower complaint regarding President Donald Trump’s communication with the Ukrainian president:

“This whistleblower complaint is only the tip of an iceberg of corrupt, illegal and immoral behavior by this president. What the House must do is thoroughly investigate Trump’s cover-up of this call and his other attempts to use government resources to help his re-election campaign. The public deserves to have full transparency regarding Trump's abuse of office.”

Republican National Committee
September 26, 2019

whistleblower complaint changes nothing

Moments ago, the complaint written by the so-called whistleblower was just released to the public and it changes nothing. It’s just a complaint from one person, with a known “political bias”, based on hearsay.
Kevin Bacon has fewer degrees of separation to this call than this whistleblower.  

Thankfully, the entire transcript of the call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has already been released for the public to read.
Reminder the call showed:
·         No quid pro quo.
·         Nothing inappropriate was mentioned.
·         No threats were made.
If there was any doubt about the political leanings of this so-called whistleblower, his lawyer worked for Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, and donated to Joe Biden.
So, while the media gets spun up on a document that amounts to nothing more than a game of telephone, the media will ignore a damning report about Joe Biden’s family’s corrupt business practices that was published this morning in Politico.
[TWEET from Bem Schreckinger - NEW: In a pitch on behalf of potential investors last fall, Joe Biden's brother told a healthcare firm that he could have the Biden Cancer Initiative promote their products, according to an executive politico]
This is yet another instance of a Biden family member using Joe Biden to get business.
Earlier this year, Politico reported that in 2006, James Biden and Hunter Biden’s central pitch to investors was access to Joe.
After Hunter and James took over Paradigm Global Advisors, James bragged, “Don’t worry about investors. We've got people all around the world who want to invest in Joe Biden.”
And James Biden’s selling of access to his brother Joe extends to his 2020 campaign as well.  According to court filings, Politico reported, “Joe Biden’s younger brother told potential business partners that the former vice president would help their firm land business with court systems and would incorporate their health care model into his 2020 presidential campaign.”
So while Joe Biden continues to dodge accountability for his son Hunter raking in $50,000 a month from a Ukrainian natural gas company despite no experience in natural gas or Ukraine, Ian Bremmer makes the obvious point:
[TWEET from Ian Bremmer - Impossible to justify $50k/month for Hunter Biden serving on a Ukrainian energy board w zero expertise unless he promised to sell access.]
This is the same Joe Biden who bragged about successfully bribing Ukraine to fire the prosecutor investigating his son’s company.
Bottom Line: We’ve seen this game since November 2016: Democrats still refuse to accept the results of the election and they continue to move the goalposts when their phony narratives blow up in their face.
Steve Guest
Rapid Response Director
Republican National Committee

Newt Gingrich
September 25, 2019

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Joe and Hunter Biden Scandal

Tuesday, when Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared, “no one is above the law,” her target was President Donald Trump – but she did far more damage to former Vice President Joe Biden.
Democrats are very excited by a few words in a phone call between the President of the United States and the new, reform-oriented anti-corruption President of Ukraine. Those words asked to open the investigation and to get at the truth.

Most Americans will ignore an attack on investigating corruption as just politics.

However, when Americans learn how deeply involved Hunter Biden was in China and Ukraine while his father was vice president, they will see a scandal involving a lot of money which is easy to understand and easy to condemn.

The Biden-Ukraine money problem is not something new. Five years ago, on May 14, 2014, The Washington Post headline warned “Hunter Biden’s new job at Ukrainian gas company is a problem for U.S. soft power.”

Vice President Biden’s intervention to protect his son, and his son’s company Burisma, from a Ukrainian corruption investigation was heavy-handed and amazingly arrogant. And there is no question that Biden interfered. In his own words to the Council on Foreign Relations on Jan. 23, 2018, Biden clearly pushed to have the prosecutor who was investigating his son fired:

“I was supposed to announce that there was another billion-dollar loan guarantee. And I had gotten a commitment from [former Ukrainian President] Poroshenko and from [former Prime Minister Arseniy] Yatsenyuk that they would take action against the state prosecutor. And they didn’t.

“So they said they had—they were walking out to a press conference. I said, nah, I’m not going to—or, we’re not going to give you the billion dollars. They said, you have no authority. You’re not the president. The president said—I said, call him. (Laughter.) I said, I’m telling you, you’re not getting the billion dollars. I said, you’re not getting the billion. I’m going to be leaving here in, I think it was about six hours. I looked at them and said: I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money. Well, son of a bitch. (Laughter.) He got fired. And they put in place someone who was solid at the time.”

As Deroy Murdock, who is a member of the council, wrote for Fox News, “Biden’s actions reek of extortion and obstruction of justice.”

Now that the Hunter Biden corruption scandal is beginning to threaten his candidacy, Vice President Biden is trying to come up with a new story.

As Mark Thiessen wrote for The Washington Post on Tuesday, the former vice president is now claiming he never discussed his son’s business dealings overseas. As Thiessen points out, this claim is “flatly untrue.” Hunter Biden, has already told The New Yorker that Vice President Biden discussed the Ukraine business with his son, saying, “Dad said, ‘I hope you know what you are doing,’ and I said, ‘I do.’”

Again citing The New Yorker, Thiessen reported: “‘In December, 2015, as Joe Biden prepared to return to Ukraine, his aides braced for renewed scrutiny of Hunter’s relationship with Burisma. Amos Hochstein, the Obama administration’s special envoy for energy policy, raised the matter with Biden. That same month, The New York Times published an article about how Hunter’s business dealings in Ukraine undermined the vice president’s anti-corruption message, which quoted a Biden spokesman saying it had no impact.”

However, Ukraine is not the only site of scandalous self-enrichment by Hunter Biden. China is an even bigger center of money going to the former vice president’s son – money which would not have gone to him if his name had been Hunter Smith.

Peter Schweizer has become a remarkable researcher and writer about corruption. In a May, 11, 2019 New York Post article, he wrote extensively about the Bidens and China.

The investment firm Hunter Biden operated (along with former-Secretary of State John Kerry’s step-son Chris Heinz and their family friend and operative Devon Archer) in his dealings with China was Rosemont Seneca Partners, which formed in 2009.

By 2010, Hunter Biden and Archer “were in China meeting with top Chinese officials,” Schweizer wrote. By the way, Rosemont also partnered with the Thornton Group, which is led by James Bulger (the nephew of the infamous mobster James “Whitey” Bulger).

In 2013, Hunter Biden flew to China with is dad on Air Force Two. Within two weeks, Rosemont secured what eventually grew into a $1.5 billion private equity deal with a part of the Bank of China (which is owned by the Chinese Communist Party). So, as Schweizer put it, “the Chinese government funded a business that it co-owned along with the son of a sitting vice president.”

Interestingly, Schweizer wrote that the Thornton Group only touted its China meetings on its Chinese language website, saying “Chinese executives ‘extended their warm welcome’ to the ‘Thornton Group, with its US partner Rosemont Seneca chairman Hunter Biden (second son of the now Vice President Joe Biden).’ The purpose of the meetings was to ‘explore the possibility of commercial cooperation and opportunity.’

One of these meetings between Hunter Biden’s company and Chinese officials happened on the same day Vice President Biden met with then-Chinese President Hu Jintao in Washington as part of the Nuclear Security Summit. And this was the rule rather than the exception.

Schweizer pointed out several more instances where Vice President Biden’s official business 
intersected with Hunter Biden’s private business. As he pointed out:

  • Twelve days after Hunter flew on Air Force Two to Beijing, Rosemont and the Bank of China entered “a first-of-its-kind investment fund” called Bohai Harvest RST (BHR).
  • In December 2014, the Chinese state-backed company Gemini Investments Limited made a $34 million investment into a fund managed by Rosemont.
  • In August 2014, Gemini Investments bought 75 percent of Rosemont Realty, a Rosemont Seneca sister company. The terms included a $3 billion commitment from the Chinese. The company then became Gemini Rosemont.
  • Finally, On April 16, 2014, Archer met with Vice President Biden at the White House. Five days later, Joe Biden met Ukrainian officials in Kiev about a United States Agency for International Development program to help the Ukrainian natural gas industry – including the promise of $1 billion in US and International Monetary Fund aid for Ukraine’s economy.
  • On April 22, 2014, Archer joined the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian natural-gas company.
  • On May 13, 2014, Hunter Biden’s membership on the board was announced. “Neither Hunter Biden nor Archer had any ground or experience in the energy sector.”
As Michael Kranish and David L. Stern wrote in The Washington Post on July 22, for more than 20 years, Hunter Biden’s professional career has followed his father’s political career, “from Washington to Ukraine to China.”

Speaker Pelosi has raised the correct standard that in America no one is above the law. However, the person who may be found guilty by that standard is former Vice President Biden.

Your Friend,

P.S. In this week's episode of my Newt's World podcast, I talk with cybersecurity experts about the secret cyber war we've been fighting since the dawn of the internet. Listen for free here>>

Biden for President
September 26, 2019

Statement from Biden for President Deputy Campaign Manager and Communications Director Kate Bedingfield

Today we have confirmed that President Trump's efforts to have a foreign country intervene in our domestic politics were not confined to a single call, but instead part of a larger, months-long campaign. Vice President Biden couldn't have been more right last night when he told Jimmy Kimmel that the events of yesterday were an "18 out of 10" on the outlandish scale. But today is much worse than that.

An intelligence community whistleblower said, "I have received information from multiple U.S. Government officials that the President of the United States is using the power of his office to solicit interference from a foreign country in the 2020 U.S. election."

An hour after the report was made public, the Acting Director of National Intelligence called this report "urgent and important" and "totally unprecedented."

And now we know that President Trump's response to all of this was to privately issue a thinly veiled threat this morning to execute the national security professionals who followed their oath to uphold the Constitution by bringing this to light.

Donald Trump's abuse of power makes him one of the most divisive, unfit individuals to occupy the Oval Office in our nation's history. His willingness to sell out our national interest for his personal gain endangers our security and his attempts to cover it up put the stability of our democracy at risk. It is all borne from his deep, fully substantiated fear that Joe Biden will beat him in November 2020. We need to restore trusted leadership at home and dignified statesmanship abroad to rebuild America's reputation, and that is why we need to replace Donald Trump with Joe Biden.

Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.
Sept. 27, 2019

Trump Campaign Launches TV Ad Hitting Biden on Ukraine, Democrats on Trying to Steal 2020 Election 

President Trump’s re-election campaign today launched a new ad highlighting Joe Biden’s Ukraine scandal and the Democrats’ plan to use it to steal the 2020 election by impeaching the President.  The ad focuses on Biden’s boast that as vice president he threatened to withhold $1 billion in foreign aid from Ukraine unless they fired the prosecutor looking into a lucrative contract held by his son, Hunter Biden.  The ad also highlights Democrat plans to steal the 2020 election by impeaching President Trump, using his support for investigation of the Biden scandal as the excuse.  

The ad will run on national cable outlets and on digital platforms beginning this Sunday and running to next Sunday.  It is a $8 million buy, which combined with a separate $2 million Republican National Committee buy, totals $10 million.

“Democrats want to deny Americans the opportunity to vote to re-elect President Trump and people need to know the facts,” said Brad Parscale, Trump 2020 campaign manager.  “This is a Joe Biden scandal and the Democrats are trying to use it to steal the election.”


Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.
Sept. 30, 2019
...from Andrew Clark, Rapid Response Director

While Joe Biden himself continues to duck reporters, the Biden campaign is desperate to silence anyone daring to ask legitimate questions about how his son Hunter Biden repeatedly landed lucrative foreign business deals while his father was vice president, despite having no relevant experience.

As the Washington Post reported over the weekend, “one of Hunter Biden’s investment firm partners at the time — former secretary of state John F. Kerry’s stepson — believed that joining the board of Burisma Holdings was a bad idea and ended his business relationship with Biden and another partner.”

Here are 6 key questions Quid Pro Joe is refusing to answer:
  1. Biden’s deputy campaign manager claimed on CNN that the Obama White House said there was “no issue” with Hunter’s business dealings. What White House statement are they referring to?
  2. Why did Joe Biden say he “never” talked to Hunter Biden about his business dealings, but Hunter says they did?
  3. What did Joe Biden mean when he told Hunter Biden “I hope you know what you’re doing” about his business dealings with Burisma?
  4. Does Joe Biden believe it was appropriate for his son to make millions of dollars in Ukraine at the same time he was leading diplomatic relations in the country?
  5. State Department officials expressed alarm at the time about Hunter Biden’s contract with Burisma. Did Joe Biden disagree?
  6. Why did Hunter accompany Joe Biden on Air Force Two to China and then, less than two weeks later, land a $1 billion private equity deal with a subsidiary of the Chinese government’s Bank of China?
While President Trump released the transcript of his phone call in an unprecedented act of transparency, Joe Biden remains in hiding.
It’s no wonder Biden’s rivals are starting to surpass him in the polls. Will the Bidens be transparent with voters, or will Quid Pro Joe continue to follow Hillary Clinton’s losing playbook of distractions and deceit?

Americans for Limited Government
September 27, 2019
Robert Romano, Vice President of Public Policy

So, did the CIA just try to overthrow President Trump and to discredit Attorney General Barr, Giuliani and Solomon to cover up the origins of the Russiagate investigation by intelligence agencies that falsely accused Trump and his campaign of being Russian agents in 2016, and to protect Biden?

And what did Biden know about the Russiagate investigation and when did he know it?