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Mon. Jun. 1 Continued unrest, reactions following the killing of George Floyd.

Tues. Jun. 2 - Presidential primaries in DC, MT, NJ (moved to July 7), NM and SD.  Plus the postponed primaries from CT (moved to Aug. 11), DE (moved to July 7), IN, MD, PA and RI.
- President Trump rules out holding the Republican National Convention in Charlotte, NC.

Wed. Jun. 3

Thurs. Jun. 4

Fri. Jun. 5 - U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the unemployment rate in May (+).
- AP reports former Vice President Biden has obtained the 1,991 delegates needed for the nomination (+).

Sat. Jun. 6 Caucuses in Guam and U.S.V.I..

Sun. Jun. 7

Mon. Jun. 8

Tues. Jun. 9 - West Virginia (originally set for May 12) and Georgia (originally set for Mar. 21, then May 19) presidential primaries.
- DNC rules state no primaries to be held after June 9.  DC Delegate Selection Rule 12(A).

Wed. Jun. 10 U.S. passes 2 million confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Thurs. Jun. 11 RNC announces Jacksonville, FL as location for celebration of President Trump's re-nomination.

Fri. Jun. 12

Sat. Jun. 13

Sun. Jun. 14

Mon. Jun. 15

Tues. Jun. 16

Wed Jun. 17

Thurs. Jun. 18 U.S. Supreme Court rules in Dept. of Homeland Security v. Regents of the Univ. of Calif. [DACA].  reactions

Fri. Jun. 19

Sat. Jun. 20 President Trump holds first rally since March 2, in Tulsa, OK (+).
New date of Louisiana primary (originally scheduled for April 4). moved to July 11

Sun. Jun. 21

Mon. Jun. 22

Tues. Jun. 23 New dates of Kentucky (originally May 19) and New York (originally Apr. 28) presidential primaries.

Wed. Jun. 24 Number of new coronavirus cases in the United States hits a record of close to 38,000.

Thurs. Jun. 25 Trump Administration files brief in the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn the Affordable Care Act (+).

Fri. Jun. 26 Number of new coronavirus cases in the United States hits a record of more than 40,000 (+).

Sat. Jun. 27

Sun. Jun. 28

Mon. Jun. 29

Tues. Jun. 30 Number of new coronavirus cases continues to increase (+).

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