Bullock for President
Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Governor Bullock Rolls Out Comprehensive Plan to Defend Labor Rights

Plan Raises Minimum Wage to $15/Hour, Expands Support for Apprenticeships, Passes a Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights

Helena, MT – Montana Governor Steve Bullock today rolled out his comprehensive plan to defend and expand the rights of working Americans. The plan raises the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour, expands support for white and blue-collar apprenticeships, expands the scope of subjects that are considered mandatory subjects of collective bargaining, and establishes both a Domestic Workers Bill of Rights and a similar bill for farmers.

As a former union-side labor lawyer, Governor Bullock knows that our economy is stronger when middle-class families do well — and that requires strong unions. As President, Steve will lead the fight to ensure that every worker has a fair shot at success.

“If we want a strong middle class, we need strong unions,” said Montana Governor Steve Bullock. “I’ve spent my whole career fighting for workers’ rights, and as President, I’ll lead the fight to strengthen a union’s power to collectively bargain and protect middle-class jobs.”

Read the full plan here.

Highlights from the proposal:

Ensure a Fair Shot for Every Worker

  • Raise the minimum wage to $15/hour.
  • Raise the wage for tipped workers, too. Tipped workers — who are disproportionately women and those who live in communities of color — can be subject to discrimination and bias yet are all too often left out of the conversation over a living wage.
  • Increase the federal contractor minimum wage. 
  • Update labor laws to reflect the realities of a 21st century economy.
  • Increase the overtime pay threshold and index it to inflation.  
  • Create portable, pro-rated employment benefits tied to worker organizations and not to employers.
  • Require stronger worker representation and diversity on elected boards of directors. 
  • Ban employment discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.
Empower Unions to Protect Workers

  • Fight for an updated Employee Free Choice Act allowing for card check, faster elections, and first contract arbitration.
  • Combat 21st century threats to labor rights by banning employer use of social media or artificial intelligence to surveil employees and organizing efforts.
  • Fight for universal sectoral bargaining that sets a floor for wages, benefits, and working conditions for workers in different economic sectors — including independent contractors.
  • Ban striker replacement.
  • Suspend or debar federal contractors that have a history of poor labor practices.
  • Enact a “Hatch Act”-style framework to prevent employers who have federal contracts from campaigning against unions. 
  • Strengthen fines for interfering with organizing.
  • Ensure stronger worker representation by requiring work councils with all employers.
  • Fight to expand the scope of subjects that are considered mandatory subjects of bargaining to include “business decisions.” 
  • Oppose so-called “right to work” laws which hurt workers’ wages and health insurance.
Equip Workers to Compete and Thrive

  • Expand support for blue and white collar professions with apprenticeships in vocational high schools and community colleges.
  • Ensure workforce training for workers impacted by trade agreements are a core part of any trade considerations. 
  • Pass both a Domestic Workers Bill of Rights and a similar bill for farmers.
  • Support a federal paid family and medical leave program.
End Forced Arbitration & Stop Abuse of Power

  • End forced arbitration by requiring companies which contract with the federal government to agree to not used forced arbitration.
  • Pass the Forced Arbitration Injustice Repeal Act (FAIR) which prohibits forced arbitration.
  • Ensure consumers retain the right to join class action lawsuits.
  • Crack down on abusive labor practices by empowering the National Labor Relations Board and Department of Labor to investigate high-violation industries.
  • Ensure workers have a voice in our government by ending the corrupting influence of Big Money and corporate influence in Washington by overturning Citizens United, banning Dark Money groups, and ensuring our leaders work for us, not the special interests. Governor Bullock will push for mandatory early voting periods and same-day voter registration, and make Election Day a national holiday. 
Protect Pensions and Ensure a Secure Retirement

  • Provide a lifeline to multi-employer pensions.
  • Allow states to create their own private retirement plans by reinstating the Obama-era exemption to allow small businesses to provide retirement accounts at an affordable rate.