Bullock for President
Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Governor Bullock Rolls Out Plan to Boost Opportunity for Americans with Disabilities

Plan Creates a National Office of Disability Coordination to Ensure Representation in Policymaking
Helena, MT – Montana Governor Steve Bullock today rolled out his plan to boost opportunity and end discrimination for Americans with disabilities. An estimated 56 million Americans live with a disability, yet too many have been ignored or left behind during policy discussions. These Americans continue to face discrimination in everyday life — especially in employment, housing, and transportation.

Governor Bullock’s plan will guarantee equal access to public services, enforce non-discrimination laws, end wage discrimination, and ensure that Americans with disabilities are represented throughout the policymaking process by the creating a National Office of Disability Coordination.

“All Americans deserve a fair shot at a better life — that doesn’t come with an asterisk,” said Montana Governor Steve Bullock. “People with disabilities have the same right to equal opportunity and freedom from discrimination as everyone — and my Administration will make it a priority to defend these rights. When we ensure that Americans with disabilities are represented throughout the policymaking process, we can take on prejudice and build a more equitable world.”

Read the full plan here.

Advocate for Americans with Disabilities in National Policy
  • Create a National Office of Disability Coordination within the Executive Branch to prioritize issues facing Americans with disabilities across the federal government.
  • Ensure that the federal government represents and understands the needs of Americans living with disabilities by hiring talent that is differently abled.
  • End wage discrimination and phase-out section 14(c) of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which allows companies and providers to pay people with disabilities lower-than-minimum wage.  
  • Ensure affordable, quality healthcare for all Americans, including those with disabilities.
Enforcement and Non-Discrimination
  • Ensure people with different abilities are treated fairly by enforcing the Rehabilitation Act with every federal contractor and agency.
  • Direct the Labor Department to strongly enforce existing healthcare non-discrimination protections for people with disabilities to ensure that all Americans have access to health insurance and receive the healthcare services they need. Not only is it the right thing to do, it is illegal to discriminate against people with disabilities.
  • Hold businesses accountable which pay Americans with different abilities less than other employees
  • Require states to have non-discrimination requirements in place to receive federal funds.
Equal Access to Public Services
  • Ensure that individuals with disabilities receive the assistance they need after natural disasters
  • Work with Congress to expand Community Services Block Grants and direct HHS to prioritize community-based health initiatives designed to get people help within their community, including people living with disability.
  • Provide additional supported employment services for people with disabilities. 
  • Ensure that our national parks and public lands are accessible to all Americans, including those with different abilities.