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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Governor Bullock Releases Comprehensive Rural Plan

Bullock’s ‘Fair Shot for Rural America’ Includes the First-Of-Its-Kind Office of Rural Affairs

Helena, MT — Today, Montana Governor Steve Bullock announced his comprehensive plan for revitalizing rural and small-town communities: Fair Shot for Rural America.

Rather than a one-size-fits-all mandate, Fair Shot for Rural America employs community partnerships and adaptable solutions to bolster rural America’s strengths now and preserve opportunity for generations to come. 

Bullock’s plan is not just a laundry list of hypothetical priorities. It includes specific, executable steps to begin implementing the solutions that small and rural communities need now – not ten years down the road.

“Folks shouldn't have to leave their home, their church, or their community to succeed in America. Washington has paid lip service to small and rural communities for too long – they deserve a leader in the White House who will lead with action,” said Montana Governor Steve Bullock.“As Governor of one of the most rural states in the country, I can tell you that the challenges small and rural communities face aren’t theoretical. They’re an experience I’ve lived and I’ll bring that perspective to the White House every day.” 

Bullock continued, Fair Shot for Rural America is built on the successes we’ve achieved in Montana and the voices I’ve heard in rural communities across our country. With first-of-its-kind solutions that meet the unique needs of each community, my plan will make sure rural America is never left behind.”

Read the entire “Fair Shot for Rural America” plan here.

Fair Shot for Rural Americas comprehensive, achievable solutions to the challenges facing rural and small communities include:


  • Support farmers and ranchers by ending the trade war to restore, expand, and stabilize international markets.
  • Diversify domestic markets, including building regional food systems.
  • Reduce barriers facing farmers of color and expand resources for beginning farmers and ranchers.
  • Partner with farmers and ranchers to conserve and preserve farmland.
  • Strengthen crop insurance to reinforce the safety net for farming communities.
  • Build on the Renewable Fuel Standard and end waivers to Big Oil.
  • Implement a two-year “pause” on proposed agricultural mergers.
  • Establish a first-of-its-kind Office of Rural Affairs to coordinate and lead rural policy execution, reporting directly to the President.
  • Drive economic development, entrepreneurship, and housing investments through a dedicated rural opportunity zone initiative.
  • Increase federal resources to fund workforce development for areas including mental health professionals, teachers, and nurses.
  • Expand high-speed broadband to every community within three years.
  • Reform the Postal Service to ensure that postal delivery and post offices remain viable and dependable for rural businesses.
  • Expand the Formula Grants for Rural Areas program to provide additional funding for transportation in rural communities.
  • Address the major health challenges facing rural Americans, including keeping rural hospitals open and expanding mental healthcare.
  • Address healthcare delivery shortages by incentivizing nurses, physicians, and psychologists to practice in rural communities.
  • Elevate the Office of Rural Health Programs within the Department to report directly to the Secretary of Health and Human Services.
  • Increase investments in telehealth and tele-mental health.
  • Protect our public lands from exploitation.
  • Promote healthy forest management while creating jobs.
  • Spur expansions in wind, solar, and other renewable energy sectors.
  • Revitalize federal funding for research into reduced greenhouse gas emission agriculture practices.
Steve Bullock is the Democratic Governor of Montana and the only presidential candidate who has won a Trump state. Even with a majority Republican legislature, Governor Bullock passed major progressive policies like expanding Medicaid, making record investments in education, and protecting our environment. Throughout his career, Bullock has fought against the toxic influence of money in politics, including the first challenge to Citizens United at the Supreme Court. As Governor, he passed some of the strongest campaign disclosure laws in the country. Montana’s economy has strengthened under Bullock’s leadership, with families climbing into the middle class at the fastest rate in the nation.