December 2, 2019 - Gov. Steve Bullock (D-MT) Suspends Campaign

Bullock was in the race for six and a half months, having announced his candidacy relatively late on May 14.  Bullock emphasized time and again that he was "the only Democratic candidate running who has won a state that Trump won."  Bullock put almost all his effort into Iowa, where he secured an early endorsement from Attorney General Tom Miller.  He qualified for just one of the five televised debates held to date, participating in day one of the second debate on July 30 in Detroit. 


Governor Bullock Suspends Presidential Campaign

Helena, MT – Today, Montana Governor Steve Bullock announced that he is suspending his campaign for the Democratic Presidential Primary by releasing the following statement:

“Today, I am suspending my campaign to become the Democratic Party’s nominee for President. While there were many obstacles we could not have anticipated when entering this race, it has become clear that in this moment, I won’t be able to break through to the top tier of this still-crowded field of candidates.

“I entered this race as a voice to win back the places we lost, bridge divides and rid our system of the corrupting influence of Dark Money. While the concerns that propelled me to enter in the first place have not changed, I leave this race filled with gratitude and optimism, inspired and energized by the good people I’ve had the privilege of meeting over the course of the campaign.

"For the supporters who contributed their time, energy, and resources, and the incredible team who inspired me every day through their belief and enthusiasm, I’m thankful. To the voters who shared their personal stories, their ideas, their encouragement, and their dreams — you make me hopeful for what our country can still achieve.

“On the difficult days, I would joke, ‘it’s worth the sacrifice because it’s only a fair shot at the American Dream and our representative democracy at stake.’ That truth remains. Yet, even throughout the challenges of the campaign, I have experienced the best of what America offers.”
Steve Bullock is the Democratic Governor of Montana and the only presidential candidate who has won a Trump state. Even with a majority Republican legislature, Governor Bullock passed major progressive policies like expanding Medicaid, making record investments in education, and protecting our environment. Throughout his career, Bullock has fought against the toxic influence of money in politics, including the first challenge to Citizens United at the Supreme Court. As Governor, he passed some of the strongest campaign disclosure laws in the country. Montana’s economy has strengthened under Bullock’s leadership, with families climbing into the middle class at the fastest rate in the nation.