Bullock for President
TO: Interested Parties
FR: Megan Simpson, Bullock Iowa State Director
DA: August 8, 2019
RE: Governor Bullock’s Early Iowa Investments

Today, Montana Governor Steve Bullock will be the first Democratic Presidential candidate to step on the Iowa State Fair soapbox where he will highlight his winning, progressive record and vision to take back the places Democrats lost. 

As he kicks off his eighth trip to Iowa in the first weeks of his campaign — the most trips of any contender in such a short time period — the Bullock campaign has already built a strong organization across Iowa. In a state where retail campaigning, organizing, and on-the-ground investment can shift the field on a moment’s notice, Governor Bullock has built one of the most competitive operations in the state — and as local press have noted, that statewide foundation isalready paying dividends.

Governor Bullock’s focus in Iowa has led to results. His work has earned him some of the most Iowa endorsements of any candidate. He was one of the first candidates to launch a statewide mail program, quickly ramped up his organizing team, and is campaigning in places that are often ignored by other candidates.

As a pro-choice, pro-union, populist Democrat with a record of making progress with a majority Republican legislature, word continues to spread that Governor Bullock is that candidate who will deliver results for Iowans. While much of the national and Twitter chatter revolves around an erratic and unpredictable horse-race, Iowans have already seen that Governor Bullock has the steady vision, leadership, and organizing muscle that will lead to success on Caucus Night.

  • Bullock is endorsed by eight Democratic leaders from across the state, including:
    • 37-year Attorney General Tom Miller, the only current or former statewide endorsement in the Iowa Caucus.
    • DNC Member Jan Bauer, who Sen. Warren said understands Iowa politics better than anyone.
    • Crawford County Supervisor Dave Muhlbauer
    • Former House Minority Floor Leader Bill Gannon
    • East Des Moines Democrats Co-Chair Suzette Jensen
    • Ray Blase, founding member of West Des Moines Democrats and Ankeny Democrats
    • Kathleen Gannon, Jasper County Democratic Activist
    • Jonna Jensen, Jackson County Democratic Activist
  • Bullock has 25 full-time paid staffers in Iowa, putting him in the top tier of candidates in terms of on-the-ground organizations. This has already allowed our campaign to hold meetings in 60 of Iowa’s 99 counties after just two months of organizing.
  • Bullock was one of the first candidates to launch a statewide mail program, reaching all reliable caucus-goers.
  • Organizers have held 1,000 meetings with caucus-goers across Iowa.
  • Bullock visited Iowa 6 times in just the first two months of the campaign, which is more than any candidate in the field. 
  • Bullock has now made eight trips to Iowa, visited 29 counties, and held 48 events.
  • Bullock was the first candidate to visit the Meskwaki Nation.
  • Bullock has visited small towns and rural communities traditionally passed over by Democratic candidates, including Vinton, Anamosa, Bellevue, Jefferson, Winterset, and Rippey — all counties Trump won by 20% or more in 2016. As the only candidate who has won a Trump state, Governor Bullock knows that winning back these voters is the key to winning back the White House.

Bullock for President

Friday, May 24, 2019

Governor Bullock Announces Iowa Organizing Program

Bullock for President Already Investing in Communities Across Iowa with 14-Person Iowa Team

Des Moines, IA – Today, Steve Bullock for President announced the hiring of a 10-person organizing operation in Iowa to engage caucusgoers across the state. With these hires, Bullock for President will have 14 staffers on the ground and is one of the only presidential campaigns that launched with a fully deployed, grassroots, digitally-integrated organizing program in Iowa.

Governor Bullock’s investments in his on-the-ground operation highlight the campaign’s commitment to build an extensive network of organizers all across Iowa  a commitment that will continue to scale over the coming months.

“For our campaign, organizing comes first. With a team bringing together caucus veterans and first-time organizers working alongside local volunteers, our Iowa operation is following Governor Bullock’s lead of reaching out to every community,” said Megan Simpson, Bullock for President Iowa State Director. “As a rural-state governor with a bevy of progressive successes, Governor Bullock’s candidacy has an unmatched ability to resonate with voters across Iowa. Our campaign is building the infrastructure to win, and has been prepared since Day One to turn first-time interactions into long-term relationships.”

The campaign’s Iowa team includes:

  • State Director: Megan Simpson, formerly the Montana Democratic Party Coordinated Campaign Director, and a veteran organizer of Eastern Iowa from 2004 to 2008

  • Organizing Director: Nick Marroletti, formerly the Organizing Director for the Connecticut Democratic Party and an organizer for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Iowa caucus campaign

  • Press Secretary: Jeremy Busch, formerly Press Secretary for L.G. Nominee Rita Hart on Fred Hubbell’s campaign for governor of Iowa

  • Political Coordinator: Jack Segal, most recently Clerk for State Representative Chris Hall and Director of Voter Outreach for Tim Gannon’s campaign for Iowa Secretary of Agriculture

  • Political Coordinator: Alexandra Cleverley, most recently Clerk for State Representative Scott Ourth and organizer for Iowa Democratic Party in 2018

  • Regional Organizing Directors: Maeton Jameson and Tom Orabuena, both formerly organizers on Jared Polis’ campaign for governor of Colorado

  • Seven Field Organizers


Steve Bullock is the Democratic Governor of Montana and the only presidential candidate who has won a Trump state. Even with a majority Republican legislature, Governor Bullock passed major progressive policies like expanding Medicaid, making record investments in education, and protecting our environment. Throughout his career, Bullock has fought against the toxic influence of money in politics, including the first challenge to Citizens United at the Supreme Court. As Governor, he passed some of the strongest campaign disclosure laws in the country. Montana’s economy has strengthened under Bullock’s leadership, with families climbing into the middle class at the fastest rate in the nation.