May 14, 2019 - Gov. Steve Bullock (D-MT) Announces Candidacy 

• Montana Gov. Steve Bullock enters the race relatively late compared to other candidates.  Although the Legislature adjourned on Apr. 25, Bullock still had work to do.

Bullock was still signing and vetoing (+) bills through May 13 (+), among them the General Appropriations Act.

• On Mey 14 he announced via video , did a media avail. at his campaign headquarters in Helena, and an event at Helena High School [Helena Independent Record].

May 14, 2019 Video "Fair Shot" 2m44s


Steve Bullock: About a hundred years ago, this was "the richest hill on earth."

The men who owned it were called kings.

With their money, they bought politicians; attacked unions, exploited workers, and left us all with a toxic reminder of what happens when our democracy is put up for sale.

Today we evidence of a corrupt system all across America - a government that serves campaign money, not the people.

After the Citizens United decision, a lot of folks said game over.

But as Attorney General, I refused to give up without a fight.

Rachel Maddow clip: "Every single state in the union abandoned its own corporate spending regulations after Citizens United. Except for one. Except for Montana. Attorney General, Steve Bullock, has personally fought to keep Montana's elections laws the way they are."

And when we lost, I found another way.

Male Voice: "The Governor of the State of Montana, the Honorable Steve Bullock"

As a Democratic Governor in a state Trump won by 20 points, I don't have the luxury of only talking to people who agree with me.

MSNBC clip: "You're a Democratic Governor in that state, who's pro-choice, you're for marriage equality, you've expanded Medicaid, you've expanded spending on education, you've protected the environment from corporate interests."

I go all across our state's 147-thousand-square miles; and look for common ground to get things done.

That's how I was able to bring Democrats and Republicans together to fight dark money, and pass one of the strongest campaign finance laws in the country.

Unidentified reporter audio: "The bill is a way to prevent dark money groups from controlling an election..."

And if we can kick the Koch Brothers out of Montana, we sure as hell can kick them out of every place in the country.

Look, to be honest, I never thought I'd be running for president.

Raised by a single mom, we struggled just to get by.

I only knew there was a governor's house in town because I delivered newspapers to it.

Now, my wife Lisa and I are raising our kids in that same house.

I believe in an America where every child has a fair shot to do better than their parents.

But we all know that that kind of opportunity no longer exists for most people and for far too many, it never has.

That's why we need to defeat Donald Trump in 2020, and defeat the corrupt system that lets campaign money drown out the people's we can finally make good on the promise of a fair shot for everyone.

This is the fight of our time.

It's been the fight of my career.

I'm Steve Bullock, and I'm running for President.

With your help, we will take our democracy back.

Bullock for America
Tuesday, May 14, 2019


Governor Bullock Launches Presidential Campaign: “We Can Make A Better America, Together”

Speaking at high school alma mater, Bullock says the improbable is still achievable for all Americans

Helena, MT – This afternoon, Montana Governor Steve Bullock launched his campaign for President at his alma mater, Helena High School, presenting his unifying vision for America’s future: creating a democracy that ensures every American has a fair shot at success.

Introduced by his wife, Lisa Bullock, and joined by students and former Helena High School classmate and current Helena High School science teacher Julie Ladd, Governor Bullock stressed that when we unite by behind our common values, we can pass along a better America to the next generation.

“We’re at our best when we embrace our shared values. When a fair shot at opportunity is within reach of every family, not just those with money. When civility replaces anger so that every voice can be heard. When we confront our greatest challenges head-on and lead the way in the community of nations. I believe we can be that country again. Working together, we can be sure of it,” said Governor Steve Bullock.

“No matter who we are or what we do or who we voted for, most Americans want and value the same things: a good job, a safe community, a roof over our family’s head. Good public schools, Clean air and clean water. And the unwavering belief we can build a better life for our kids and grandkids.”

Bullock for President
Tuesday, May 14, 2019


Montana Governor Steve Bullock Announces Democratic Candidacy For President

HELENA, MT – Today, Montana Governor Steve Bullock announced his candidacy for President of the United States. A two-term governor who was re-elected the same year President Trump won Montana by 20 points, Bullock has successfully worked across the aisle to pass major progressive victories, including expanding Medicaid to ensure access to healthcare, protecting the environment, and some of the strongest dark money laws in the country.

“I believe in an America where every child has a fair shot to do better than their parents. But we all know that kind of opportunity no longer exists for most people; for far too many, it never has,” said Governor Steve Bullock. “We need to defeat Donald Trump in 2020 and defeat the corrupt system that lets campaign money drown out the people’s voice, so we can finally make good on the promise of a fair shot for everyone.

“This is the fight of our time. It's been the fight of my career. I'm running for President and with your help, we will take our democracy back.”

WATCH: Governor Bullock Announces Democratic Candidacy For President


Steve Bullock is the Democratic Governor of Montana and the only presidential candidate who has won a Trump state. Even with a majority Republican legislature, Governor Bullock passed major progressive policies like expanding Medicaid, making record investments in education, and protecting our environment. Throughout his career, Bullock has taken on the toxic influence of money in politics, taking on Citizens United at the Supreme Court. As Governor, he passed some of the strongest campaign disclosure laws in the country. Montana’s economy has strengthened under Bullock’s leadership, with families climbing into the middle class at the fastest rate in the nation.

Republican National Committee

“Another day, another delusional Democrat running for president with no shot at winning. Voters just rejected a liberal candidate who destroyed thousands of their official government emails, and Steve Bullock’s fate won’t be any different.” – RNC Communications Director Michael Ahrens


Here’s just some of what you need to know about Bullock…

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DEMOCRACY IN ACTION Attempted Partial Transcript  [video quality very poor]

Gov. Steve Bullock: Goodl afternoon. 

So this morning we released a video announcing that I was running for the President of the United States in 2020.

I think an audacious goal for a [inaud.] student who sat in the same seats that you actually are sitting in right now.

But you know I can think of no better place to kick it off than right here in this classroom.

When I was sworn in as governor of Montana six years ago, I reflected on the improbable journey that allowed a kid who was raised about a mile from where we are right now to get to serve as the 24th governor of the state of Montana.  I noted that what made the improbable achievable...all around us...  The hills surround... a little north of Helena, X mountains where I worked when I was I was young.  It really is sort of the open and tranquil places where kids can explore and dream.

I noted that you can find the improbable right here in these public schools, the same schools that you're at today, where I, like every child, was given the opportunity to both realize my potential, and then finally fulfill it.  That indication is extended no matter your station.

You'll find what made the improbable achievable in the values, those Montana values that both my parents and this community taught us to respect—tolerance, it was honesty, it was hard work; most importantly to my mom was get us a good education that would open doors, expand opportunti