Cory 2020
November 22, 2019

Following Another Winning Debate Performance, Cory Booker Earns Seven New Endorsements In South Carolina

Columbia, SC — Following Wednesday's debate — where Cory Booker commanded the audience and proved, once again, why he is the strongest candidate in this race — Cory for South Carolina announced that seven South Carolina elected officials, activists, and community leaders endorsed him in this race. This latest round of endorsements adds to a growing list of South Carolinians supporting Booker for president. 

“On stage Wednesday, Cory was commanding and presidential, and that clearly resonated with leaders here in South Carolina,” said Christale Spain, Cory for South Carolina state director. “In question after question, he presented his vision for our country and showed why he is the best candidate to unify this nation and take on Donald Trump. As Cory said, ‘At this moral moment in America, we need leaders who will inspire us to fight again’ — and that’s exactly what he will do as our nominee and as our president. We’re proud to have these leaders stand with us in this fight.”

The newly-announced endorsers are:
  • Quin Cureton, School Board Member, Newberry, SC
  • Verhonda Crawford, City Council Member, Chesnee, SC
  • Darreyl Davis, School Board Member, Fairfield, SC
  • Hamilton Grant, South Carolina State University Trustee
  • Alana Grant, Small Business Owner, Columbia, SC
  • Frenchi King, Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church, Florence, SC
  • Terry Davis, City Council Member, Mullins, SC
Cory Booker has held 67 public events in South Carolina since announcing his candidacy for president in February. Last week, Cory for South Carolina announced that more than a hundred women community leaders have endorsed Booker as part of their "Women for Cory" rollout. 
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Cory 2020
November 14, 2019

More than 100 South Carolina women this week are launching “Women for Cory,” committing to vote for Cory Booker in the state’s first in the south primary on February 29th and work within their own networks to spread Cory’s message to other women and community leaders. The group is led by co-chairs state Rep. Annie E. McDaniel, Chesnee Councilwoman Verhonda Crawford, Mullins Councilwoman Terry Davis, Delaine Frierson, Jen Gibson, and Laurens Councilwoman Alicia Sullivan.

“Across the Palmetto State, women of all walks of life are supporting Cory for president because of his record of real accomplishments--not just plans--for women, including championing reproductive rights, fighting for equal pay, and supporting communities by economically empowering women,” said Christale Spain, Booker’s South Carolina state director. “With today’s South Carolina ‘Women for Cory’ launch, we are continuing to build our grassroots support and activate new networks of volunteers and supporters. Cory’s message of opportunity and justice for all really resonates with women in South Carolina, and we are excited to keep growing our support.”

The initial group of women who are launching “SC Women for Cory” is below. Those interested in joining our efforts should visit

Co-Chair Verhonda Crawford, City Councilwoman, Spartanburg County
Co-Chair Terry Davis, City Councilwoman, Marion County
Co-Chair Jen Gibson, Community Leader, Charleston County
Co-Chair Delaine Frierson, Richland County
Co-Chair Annie McDaniel, State Representative, Fairfield, Chester, and Richland Counties
Co-Chair Alicia Sullivan, City Councilwoman, Laurens County
Kabrina Bass, Richland County
Azalee C. Bishop, Richland County
Shirly Blunt, Charleston County
Felicia Boone, Darlington County
Robbie Boyd, York County
Terri Brigman, Marion County
Connie Breedan, Richland County
Nia Byas, Richland County
Breanna Calhoun, Richland County
Charlene C. Capper, Florence County
Kayla Charles, Oconee County
Tonyea Clowney, Spartanburg County
Doris Coaxum, Charleston County
Lydia Cotton, Charleston County
Teshieka Curtis, Richland County
Emile Degryse-Sulic, Aiken County
Bridgett Deline, Richland County
Margie Delk, Chester County
Taylor Delk, Chester County
Lorraine Dennis, Sumter County
Paige Dillon, Greenville County
Natasha Dones, Georgetown County
Emily Doscher, Horry County
Vanessa Douglas, Chester County
Maurissha Douglas, York County
LaCrista Douglas, York County
Roxie Edwards, Greenville County
Virginia S. Ellerbe, Marion County
Traci Fant, Greenville County
LaTonya Gamble, Charleston County
Sharon Garrett, Greenville County
Helen Faye Gerald, Marion County
Aleatrice Gillis, Lancaster County
Adlena Graham, Darlington County
Alana Grant, Richland County
Dana Griffith, Pickens County
Angela Hammonds, Richland County
Rita Harden, Greenville County
Erika Harrison, Charleston County
Nikki Harvey, Richland County
Clementine Hazel, Richland County
Danielle Heyward, Beaufort County
Tammy Hill, Richland County
Andrea Holiday, Sumter County
Juanita Howard, Richland County
Carla Howard, Beaufort County
Kelly James, Florence County
Robin Jefferson, Richland County
Joy Johnson, Anderson County
Leniah Johnson, Anderson County
Cheyenne Johnson, Beaufort County
Jacquetta Jones, Charleston County
Kaye Kendrick, Spartanburg County
Alonda Kentris, Spartanburg County
Reverend Frenchi King, Berkeley County
Margie B. King, Chester County
Cora King, York County
Pauline S. King, York County
Troyetta Knox, Chester County
Carla Lynch, Florence County
Naomi B. Maurice, Darlington County
Anna Melvin, York County
S. Nicole Middleton, Charleston County
Natalie Morris, Greenville County
Alison Morris, Greenville County
Bernice Murdock, Chester County
Christina Murdock, Chester County
Julia Nelson, Mayor of Manning, Clarendon County
Elizabeth Oliver, Richland County
Beatrice Perez, Richland County
Angel Perkins, Pickens County
Emily Perkins, Pickens County
Jennifer Petrusick, Horry County
Carolin Phillips, Edgefield County
Kimberly Pickens, Spartanburg County
Morgan Portee, Pickens County
Patricia Pringle, County Auditor, Clarendon County
LaToya Quick, Richland County
Pansy K. Reid, York County
Kaylah Reid,York County
Aleta Robinson, Pickens County
Leola Robinson-Simpson, State Representative, Greenville County
Latasha Saunders, Richland County
Shirley Scott, Greenville County
Gene Sessions, Richland County
Jessica Sharp, Greenville County
Alfrica Sharber, Lexington County
Brandie Sharber, Lexington County
Jacci Smith, Edgefield County
Melvina Spain, Richland County
Dericka Spain, Richland County
Kimberly Suber, Richland County
Diane Sumpter, Richland County
Vergie Tennison, Lay Organization President AME Church, Georgetown County
Mary Stuart-Tinkler, Richland County
Kamille Tyson, Oconee County
Janice Whalen, Georgetown County
Annie Williams, Edgefield County
Tonya Williams-Spain, Richland County
Tonya Winbush, Anderson County
Mary Ann Wylie, Chester County

Cory 2020
August 8, 2019

Cory Booker Announces Fifteen New Endorsements In South Carolina

Columbia, SC — Following Cory Booker’s ninth trip to South Carolina, which included a major speech about gun violence, hatred, and white supremacy at Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, as well as standing room-only events in Charleston, Conway, Florence and Lake City, Cory for South Carolina is proud to announce a new round of endorsements from elected officials, business owners, and community leaders, adding to a growing list of South Carolinians supporting Cory for president. 

Cory expressed his gratitude to the new endorsers saying, “I am so appreciative of these leaders for showing their public support for our campaign and the message we are sharing with people in South Carolina and all across America.  Together, we will unite our country to beat Donald Trump and build a more fair and just country for everyone. We’ll get there by continuing to build this campaign brick by brick -- and these South Carolinians are helping us do just that.”

The newly announced endorsers are:
  • Reverend James C. Brown, Community Leader 
  • Doris Coaxum, Retired Educator 
  • Lydia Cotton, Community Leader 
  • Demetrius Chatman, Councilman, Winnsboro, SC
  • Terrence Culbreath, Mayor, Johnston, SC
  • Bridgett DeLine, Community Leader 
  • Latonya Gamble, President, Eastside Community Development Corporation 
  • Jen Gibson, Community Leader
  • Erika V. Harrison, Esq, Community Leader
  • Jacquetta Jones, Retired Summary Court Judge
  • William Killian, Councilman, Chester, SC
  • Samuel E. Murray, Mayor, Port Royal SC
  • William E, Richburg, Community Leader, Sumter, SC
  • Shaterica Neal, Councilwoman, Gray Court, SC
  • Frank Nicholson, Mayor Pro-Tem, Johnston, SC
Cory Booker has held 58 public events in South Carolina since announcing his candidacy for president in February.
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Cory 2020
July 12, 2019

Cory Booker Announces Six New Endorsements In South Carolina

Columbia, SC — Today, following a breakout performance at last month’s Democratic presidential debate in Miami and organizing outreach efforts to local leaders, Cory for South Carolina is proud to announce a new round of endorsements from elected officials, business owners, and community leaders to a growing list of South Carolinians supporting Cory Booker

The newly announced endorsers are:
  • Moses Bell, Fairfield County Councilman 
  • Lumus Byrd, Jr., Laurens County Democratic Party Executive Committee Member 
  • Lorraine Dennis, Sumter County Assistant Administrator 
  • Gregrey Ginyard, Mayor of Jenkinsville
  • Alicia Sullivan, Laurens City Councilwoman 
  • Diane Sumpter, President and CEO of DESA, Inc. 
Jenkinsville Mayor Gregory Ginyard said he supports Cory because “he is smart, energetic and very knowledgeable on all issues. Most importantly he is fair and understanding when it comes to all people regardless of income, religion, social status or race.”

Councilman Moses Bell said Senator Booker has his unwavering support, stating “Cory Booker believes in this country and the greatness that is still before it, and he believes that all citizens have a vital role to play. He has the courage to fight for what is right and has real plans to help the nation’s most vulnerable citizens and will go to bat for them every day.”

Councilwoman Alicia Sullivan described Booker’s love for community as inspiring. Sullivan said, “During the debate Cory showed that he has a message of love but also will be the tough and knowledgeable leader our country needs.”

Cory Booker has visited South Carolina eight times since announcing his candidacy and has held 49 public events in the state so far.

Cory has previously been endorsed by three state representatives, Representative Leola Robinson-Simpson, Representative John King, and Representative Annie McDaniel. 

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Cory 2020
April 18, 2019

AP: "Booker rolls out black lawmakers' endorsement in S. Carolina"

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SPARTANBURG, S.C. — Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker is announcing backing from a slate of black elected officials in the crucial early voting state of South Carolina.

Booker's campaign said Thursday that the New Jersey senator is being endorsed by state Reps. Leola Robinson-Simpson and Annie McDaniel. He's also being supported by Sumter County Sheriff Anthony Dennis, Clarendon County Auditor Patricia Pringle and Manning Mayor Julia Nelson.

Booker has already netted the endorsement of state Rep. John King, a former chairman of the South Carolina Legislative Black Caucus. His campaign returns to the state next week, with stops in Richland, Spartanburg, Union, Clarendon, Hampton and Beaufort counties.

African American support is critical in South Carolina, where black voters comprise most of the Democratic primary electorate.
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Cory 2020
March 22, 2019

AP: "Booker nets 1st 2020 endorsement from S. Carolina lawmaker"

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By Meg Kinnard | AP March 22 at 6:04 AM

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker has netted the first endorsement from a sitting lawmaker in the crucial early-voting state of South Carolina.

State Rep. John King told The Associated Press that he’s chosen to back the senator from New Jersey above other hopefuls in the sprawling field in part because he feels that Booker’s experience combating corruption as mayor of Newark will help him do the same for the country as president.

“He has spent his entire career running toward big challenges, so I sat long and hard and thought about who I wanted to support and who I feel would take this country in the right direction,” King said. “Cory Booker is that guy.”

Booker returns to South Carolina on Saturday for events in Columbia and Rock Hill, a city in King’s district and where he planned to join him.

South Carolina holds the first presidential primary in the South, and its Democratic primary electorate is mostly black.

In his sixth term in South Carolina’s House, King is past chairman of the state’s Legislative Black Caucus. In an interview with the AP, he said that Booker’s commitment to issues affecting that community, like sickle cell anemia , is something that will resonate with voters in the state in next year’s primary.

“He’s Cory. He doesn’t care about a title,” King said. “He wants people to know he’s reachable, touchable and that he understands our struggles.”

While no other South Carolina state lawmakers have publicly proclaimed their support for Booker, King said that he believes there are some ready to do so — soon.

Even though he’s committing to backing Booker, King said he still planned to go out to meet contender Beto O’Rourke, a former Texas congressman who also is set to campaign in Rock Hill on Friday.

“I’m a fan of Democrats,” King said. “And one of these people will be the next president of the United States.”
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Cory 2020
March 8, 2019

ICYMI: Charleston County Democratic Party Chair Becomes First South Carolina Endorser

Brady Quirk-Garvan steps down from party leadership role to endorse Cory Booker for president

Newark, NJ – This morning, Charleston County Democratic Party Chairman Brady Quirk-Garvan announced his plan to step down from the chairmanship and endorse Cory Booker for President, becoming the first local leader to endorse any candidate for president in 2020. 

Quirk-Garvan is a campaign veteran with extensive experience working on campaigns in the state of South Carolina and across the country. In 2008, he worked for President Obama's campaign in Ohio. He has served as the chairman of the Charleston County Democratic Party since 2014. 

Brady Quirk-Garvan announced his endorsement in a video posted to Twitter this morning.

Post and Courier: Leader of Charleston Democrats resigns so he can endorse Cory Booker for president
“I don’t want to be on the sidelines for this race,” Quirk-Garvan told The Post and Courier of his decision ahead of the announcement. “Being the referee is a fun and important position — and having a party chair who is neutral is really important — and I’m just at a place where I want to be a player on the team now, not a referee."

“I think Cory Booker represents a younger generation, and he brings the same statesmanlike quality that Barack Obama did but with a lot more enthusiasm. I think he’s someone who can speak to the base of the party, but also speak to moderates and independents,” he said. 

CNN: Cory Booker picks up early endorsement in key primary state of South Carolina
The announcement is significant for Booker not only because it marks the first endorsement out of South Carolina this cycle. but it could also give Booker an edge in an important, voter-rich area of the state. Charleston is the most populous city in South Carolina, while Charleston County is the third most populous county in the state. 

"Having met and spent time with several other candidates in the field, I am confident that Sen. Booker will inspire Americans from across the spectrum to remember that we are a stronger and better nation when we are looking out for one another," Quirk-Garvan said. "I did not take this endorsement lightly, nor was it an easy decision to step down as party chair. But I believe in my soul that Cory is the right leader in this critical time."

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Ed-Full Text of Endorsement Video [posted on Twitter at 7:31 a.m on March 8, 2019...1m43s]

Hi.  My name is Brady Quirk-Garvan and for the last five years I've been honored to serve as chairman of the Charlestown County Democratic Party.  As we approach the 2020 election, an election that I see as the most critical of our lifetimes, I've made an important decision that I'd like to share with you today.

I believe strongly that the county chair must remain neutral in a primary, but having had the opportunity to meet and have conversations with several of the candidates in the field, there is one candidate that I believe in my soul is the best leader to take on Donald Trump, win this election and bring our country together in a way that gets results for the people of South Carolina.

So today I'm stepping down as county chair and announcing my full-throated support for Sen. Cory Booker.

Like many of you I followed Sen. Booker's impressive rise in politics for a few years.  Last fall I had the pleasure of meeting him in person here in Charleston to discuss his vision for our state and this country at length.  I'm certain that he is the transformational leader we need at this time.  This is why I've come to the tough decision that I need to leave my chairmanship and get in the fight.

Cory's determination, his ability to inspire, and his ability to win in November of 2020 makes me proud to be a Democrat.  He's been a defender of our party's values and proven that he could get things done during his time in office.  For all of those reasons and many more, I am honored to endorse him today.

I know that together with the amazing staff and volunteers who are rallying behind Sen. Booker that he will become our Democratic nominee and the next president of the United States of America. 

So if you're ready to join me on this critical journey, please go to and sign up.  Whether you donate a dollar or sign up to volunteer, every little bit helps when we're talking about changing this country for the better.

Thanks and have a great day.