Bloomberg 2020
March 1, 2020 email

Hi there, it's Cassie Henry, National Deputy States Director for Mike Bloomberg --

Here's the most important conclusion to draw from last night's results: South Carolina was the last contest where Mike's name wasn't on the ballot -- and the last chance for the other candidates to compete without going up against the coalition we're building together.

The goal now is to stay focused, show up, and reach new voters in every state that remains -- starting with Super Tuesday. Can you join us at an event near you?

Here's our opportunity as we head into Super Tuesday and beyond:
  • Only around 4% of pledged delegates have been decided
  • On Tuesday alone the votes that come in will decide more than 1,300 pledged delegates
  • After Tuesday, almost two thirds of the delegates will still be in play
The delegate math at this point tells us that anything can happen -- which means it's up to us and how we pull together.

We've got tremendous energy across the country to get out the vote for Tuesday and build momentum for what's ahead. Thousands of volunteers are showing up to talk to their neighbors and host events, and millions of voters are hearing about Mike's unmatched record and his plan to get big things done.

Sign up to volunteer today and help us turn out the vote for Mike on Tuesday:

With the vast majority of delegates still to be decided and the most dangerous president of our lifetimes to defeat, we have a clear game plan: Get out there, keep building our powerful coalition, and win.
We’re just getting started.
- Cassie Henry
National Deputy States Director, Bloomberg 2020