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Arizona General Election Billboards
Oct. 8-9, 2020 - In Phoenix and on the route from L.A. to Phoenix, pro-Biden/anti-Trump billboards from four different groups were spotted: Artists United for Change; Americans for Decency and Democracy; Living United for Change in Arizona; and Arizona Republicans Who Believe In Treating Others With Respect.
Artists United for Change (rememberwhattheydid.com) billboard in Phoenix.
Americans for Decency and Democracy (decency.vote).
Living United for Change in Arizona (lucha2020.org).
Arizona Republicans Who Believe In Treating Others With Respect                                          photo courtesy Daniel Barker


Large super PACs that run multi-million dollar advertising campaigns get a lot of attention, but smaller groups like these can have an impact as well.
•  Arizona Republicans Who Believe In Treating Others With Respect, started by Judge Daniel A. Barker, Ret. and Nan Barker of Gilbert, has been putting up "Arizona Republicans for Biden" billboards and yard signs. 
"We love our country and are deeply concerned with the direction it is taking. We understand the importance of determining which party will be in power. But, we are most concerned about which person will be in power.  
"What is the moral character of that person? Is he truthful? How does he treat people? Does he acknowledge differences and treat others with respect? Is there an effort to be inclusive? Do we want our children and grandchildren to be like that person?
"Answering these questions, despite being lifelong Republicans - with no love for certain portions of the Democratic party platform - we will be voting for Joe Biden in November."
They set a goal of 45,618 yard signs (half of Trump's 2016 margin of 91,234 votes plus one) where "each billboard counts as 1,000 yard signs each month it runs."  By Oct. 10 their website showed 187 supporters and 9,900 yard signs placed or in process, comprising seven billboards and 2,900 yard signs.  Some of the signs were destroyed or defaced by Trump supporters.

Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA) "is a membership-led, grassroots organization that builds power with Arizona’s working families to advance social, racial and economic justice for all."

  • Artists United for Change : RememberWhatTheyDid.com is a project created by Robin Bell, Scott Goodstein, and Artists United for Change, a registered political action committee with the Federal Elections Commission.  " Art will be displayed on various outdoor advertising locations in African American, Latinx, and young voter neighborhoods. This campaign is to target nontraditional voters with billboards, posters, digital billboards, t-shirts, masks, and more. The artists’ messages will be amplified by community partnerships, earned media, and social media."
Americans for Decency and Democracy is focusing on four states: Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona and North Carolina.

"We must stop Donald Trump. He is an existential threat to our Democracy, Environmental Justice, Racial Equity, and Public Health. You can help direct the funds we raise through the Trump Doomsday Clock to go directly to help Joe Biden win key states and register voters. Together we will turn back the Trumps Doomsday Clock and save American Democracy."

The group has a six-man advisory committee: Matt Cheney, Dan Shugar, Andrew Roettger, Kudra Kalema, Craig Reynolds and Brian Parvizshahi.

AARP Arizona "Vote safely in this election" billboard at 2233 E. Thomas Rd, Phoenix.
Arizona Secretary of State.

And this from Riverside Co., California.