Biden for President
September 23, 2020

Biden for President Nevada is Strongly Positioned for Victory

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  Alana Mounce, Nevada State Director
Biden for President Nevada is Strongly Positioned for Victory
September 23, 2020 _________________________________________________________________________

With six weeks left until Election Day, Biden for President Nevadais in a strong position to win the Silver State and send Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to the White House.

As President, Joe Biden will restore the soul of our nation, rebuild the middle class, and unite our country. From his mismanagement of COVID-19 and its economic fallout, to his unrelenting attacks on health care, President Trump has failedNevadans. We areready for a real leader — and Joe Biden is the right candidate with the right message for voters and the right vision for the future. He cares about issues important to voters, like stopping the spread of COVID, the economy, and health care.

Building on the infrastructure of Biden’s Nevada caucus campaign, our campaign is running a voter contact program focused on quality conversations with voters across Nevada to meet voters where they are and earn every vote.

Joe Biden is the leader Nevada needs, and we’re strongly positioned for victory

Joe Biden has proposed bold policy solutions that Nevadans demand from their government — a plan to contain COVID-19building the economy back better, making quality health care more accessibleto millions of Americans, and shoring up Social Security’s solvencywhile increasing benefits.

After voters rejected Donald Trump, Dean Heller, and Adam Laxalt, we have little reason to believe the same GOP brand of mismanagement of the COVID-19 pandemic, health care and the economic crisis will resonate with Nevadans in 2020.

We’re not taking a single Nevadan for granted and building a strong, diverse coalition

Recent polls show Vice President Biden with a fourto fivepercent polling advantage over President Trump. Statewide, Democrats hold a 6.3% voter registration advantage. That’s a greater than the 5.8% advantage ahead of the November 2018 election.

  • ●  In Clark County, Republicans’ deficit among active registered voters has left the GOP comparable to a third party.

  • ●  Democrats remain neck-and-neck with Republicans among active registered voters in the traditionally swing Washoe County.

    ● With his established political brand and widespread appeal seen throughout the Democratic primary process, Joe Biden is in prime position to compete for the votes of non-college educated white voters, who make up about 47% of Nevada’s electorate.
Our campaign is paying special attention and care to the constituencies we know we need to win. Nevada is a majority-minority state with a nearly one-third Latino population, a vibrant African American community, and a fast-growing AAPI population that makes up 11% of Nevada's electorate, the largest share across all battleground states.

We are meeting the moment with effective organizing

The Nevada coordinated campaign is writing the playbook for organizing during a pandemic — running an aggressive, virtual voter contact campaign that has engaged with 13,000 volunteers and helped nearly 20,000 voters in the past month make a plan to vote.

  • ●  By taking traditional organizing virtual, we are reaching voters in creative ways that engage them on the phones and online. We have gotten creative, building our volunteer organization through fun and engaging virtual events like Artists for Biden, ice cream socials, and even virtual meetups with UNLV students on the video game Animal Crossing.

  • ●  Our digital organizing program covers a range of initiatives, including volunteer recruitment, relational organizing, convening and uplifting digital communities (such as our Nevada con BidenFacebook group for Latino supporters), channeling out-of-state capacity into targeted in-state areas, and a major focus on texting.

  • ●  We are utilizing friend-to-friend organizing, where supporters reach out to their networks rather than strangers, more than ever during the pandemic. This type of outreach is effective because of the high contact rates (95% on friend-to-friend calls) when a supporter reaches out to someone they already know.

    The Biden campaign has been on the air in Nevada since July 27with ads highlighting who Joe Biden is as a person and what he will do as president on the economy, handling the COVID-19 pandemic, health care, and how he will focus on helping working families and small businesses. We know that these ads are effective in growing awareness of Biden’s personal story and his compassion for ordinary people. On September 1, we launched Spanish language adson television and radio focusing on Trump’s failed COVID response and immigration policies.
We are helping voters understand how to cast their ballot

  • ●  Given the recent changes to Nevada’s election procedures, we have launched a voter education initiative and website —— to inform voters about their options for voting.

  • ●  We are opening our voter protection hotline earlier than ever and have secured hotline volunteers that speak Spanish and Tagalog. Adapting to virtual campaigning, we will be posting instructional videos on how to cast mail ballots and hosting safe educational events through Facebook live and Zoom voter education forums.

    Where we go from here

  • ●  We will continue encouraging voters to make a plan to vote early in whichever way is best for themwhether it’s returning their ballot by mail, dropping their ballot off at a dropbox in person, or voting in person during early vote or on Election Day.

  • ●  Last weekend, we opened distribution centers where supporters can pick up yard signs and campaign materials (including Spanish language materials) to drop off at voters’ doors in a safe, contactless manner.

  • ●  In the coming weeks, we will continue pushing the envelope with creative virtual events like Jill Biden’s conversationwith Clark County high school students and safe, in-person gatherings
    like Latino supporters’ car paradedown the Las Vegas Strip.

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