Travels of Fmr. Vice President Joe Biden—October 2020

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Campaigning in the time of COVID (+).  Biden has maintained a light schedule, traveling to battlegrounds states and doing tightly controlled events with few actual participants and pooled press.  The events are often followed by a few interviews with local TV.  Coverage on the local news and photos and a story in the next day's paper are as close as most people will get to seeing Biden.  Several events stand out.  On Oct. 6 Biden made a speech in Gettysburg where he evoked Lincoln's remarks following the Civil War battle and called on Americans to come together.  On Oct. 8 Biden did events with Harris in Phoenix.  On Oct. 15, in lieu of the cancelled debate, he participated in an ABC News town hall.  In the latter part of the month he did mostly drive-in events.  Even in the closing days of the campaign, Biden kept to the light schedule, for example doing just one event in nearby Chester, PA on Oct. 26 and staying in Wilmington on Oct. 28.  By State.     @JoeBiden   See also: Travels of Dr. Jill Biden

Sept. Oct.


Wilmington, DE

Grand Rapids, MI

Wilmington, DE

no public events

Miami, FL

Gettysburg, PA

Wilmington, DE

Phoenix, AZ* (w/KH)

Las Vegas, NV

Erie, PA

Wilmington, DE

Toledo, OH
Cincinnati, OH

Pembroke Pines, FL
Miramar, FL


Philadelphia, PA

Southfield, MI
Detroit, MI

no public events

Durham, NC

no public events

no public events

no public events

Nashville, TN

Wilmington, DE

Bristol, PA
Dallas, PA

Wilmington, DE

Chester, PA

Warm Springs, GA
Atlanta, GA

Wilmington, DE

Coconut Creek, FL
Tampa, FL

Des Moines, IA
St. Paul, MN
Milwaukee, WI

Flint, MI
Bloomfield Heights, MI
Detroit, MI

Note: This calendar is based on publicly available information from the campaign, news accounts and tweets from reporters.  The calendar above shows cities and towns.  The listing below shows details.  See Rationale, Methodology and Limitations.

Thurs. October 1, 2020
- Local stop to tape digital content for tonight's Al Smith Dinner at Queen Theater in Wilmington, DE. >
- Virtual fundraising event hosted by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Rep. Doris Matsui and Rep. Mike Thompson (303 people participating).

Fri. October 2, 2020
New Castle > Gerald R. Ford International Airport (Grand Rapids, MI) > New Castle.
- Remarks on building back the economy better for working families in the parking lot at UFCW Local 951 in Grand Rapids, MI. > +
- Virtual fundraising event.
- Mobilization event in Grand Rapids, MI.
Sat. October 3, 2020
- Participates in a virtual Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) town hall from Queen Theater in Wilmington, DE. >
- Attends church services at St. Joseph on the Brandywine in Wilmington, DE.

Sun. October 4, 2020
no public events.

Mon. October 5, 2020
New Castle > Miami > New Castle.
- Jill and Joe Biden visit the Little Haiti Cultural Center for about 25 minutes in Miami, FL. >
- Jill and Joe Biden remarks on Reconstruir Mejor at the Jose Marti gym in Little Havana, Miami, FL. > +
Joe Biden to a private residence for down time; Jill Biden to Boca Raton.
- NBC News town hall with Joe Biden at Pérez Art Museum Miami in Miami, FL. > +

Tues. October 6, 2020

- Virtual fundraiser with the campaign's African American Leadership Finance Council. $
New Castle > Hagerstown Regional Airport > New Castle.
- Remarks calling Americans to come together from the lawn at The Lodges hotel and event venue in Gettysburg, PA. > +

Wed. October 7, 2020

- Virtual fundraiser hosted by U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-NM) (378 people). $
- Digital tapings at The Queen in Wilmington, DE.
- Friends of Beau virtual fundraiser hosted by Michael Hochman, partner, Monzack Mersky Browder & Hochman; Eric Schwerin, president, RSP Investments, LLC; and Chris Carrera, executive at Willowbridge.

Thurs. October 8, 2020

New Castle > Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.
- Biden and Harris, who came from Salt Lake City, gaggle with reporters at Swift Aviation Hanger at Phoenix airport.
Biden, Harris and Cindy McCain meet with tribal leaders at the Heard Museum in Phoenix, AZ.
- Biden and Harris deliver remarks to “first week voters,” launch bus tour at Carpenters Local Union 1912 in Phoenix, AZ. > +
- OTR Biden and Harris stop at Barrio Cafe, meet with Chef Silvana Salcido Esparza, in Phoenix, AZ.
- OTR Biden and Harris stop at FABRIC, a fashion incubator in Tempe, AZ.
RON in Phoenix, AZ.

Fri. October 9, 2020
Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport > Las Vegas McCarran International Airport > New Castle.
- Event with Latino leaders at the East Las Vegas Community Center in Las Vegas, NV. >
- Drive-in rally in the parking lot for Southwest Career Technical Academy in Las Vegas, NV. 1, 2 +

Sat. October 10, 2020
New Castle > Erie International Airport, Tom Ridge Field > New Castle.
- Tours, then makes remarks in the parking lot at United Association (UA) Plumbers Local 27 Training Center in Erie (Summit Township), PA. 1, 2 +
..."eleventh visit to Pennsylvania since the beginning of June"

Sun. October 11, 2020
- Attends mass at St. Ann's Church in Wilmington, DE.
- Virtual fundraising event hosted by Dominic Ng, the chairman and CEO of East West Bank.

Mon. October 12, 2020
New Castle > Toledo > Cincinnati > New Castle.
- Speaks on the importance of his “Build Back Better” plan to revitalize the American auto industry, in the parking lot at United Auto Workers Local 14 union hall in Toledo, OH. > +
- Speaks at a voter mobilization event in the arrivals hall of Cincinnati Museum Center in Cincinnati, OH. > +

Tues. October 13, 2020
New Castle > Fort Lauderdale > New Castle.
- Remarks on his vision for older Americans at the Southwest Focal Point Community Center in Pembroke Pines, FL. > +
- Drive-in voter mobilization event at Miramar Regional Park in Miramar, FL. > +

Wed. October 14, 2020
- Virtual fundraising event hosted by Amb. Jane Hartley, Blair Effron, Deven Parekh and Roger Altman (37 attendees). $
Thurs. October 15, 2020
- CPD-sponsored second presidential debate at Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts in  Miami, FL. cancelled
- Virtual fundraising event hosted by Chris Korge, DNC national finance chair (24 people participated). $
(motorcade to Philadelphia)
- ABC News town hall hosted by George Stephanopoulos at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, PA. + >

Fri. October 16, 2020
New Castle > Detroit > New Castle.
- Remarks on the importance of protecting and expanding access to health care at Beach Woods Rec Center in Southfield, MI. > +
- Virtual meeting with African American faith leaders.
- Drive-in voter mobilization event at Michigan State Fairgrounds in Detroit, MI. > +

Sat. October 17, 2020
no public events.

Sun. October 18, 2020
- Attends church services at St. Joseph on the Brandywine in Wilmington, DE.
New Castle > Raleigh-Durham >  New Castle  [trip with granddaughter]
- Drive-in voter mobilization event at Riverside High School in Durham, NC. >
- Virtual meeting with African American faith leaders.
- Unannounced stop at a Cookout, orders milkshakes.

Mon. October 19, 2020
no public events

Tues. October 20, 2020
no public events

Wed. October 21, 2020
no public events

Thurs. October 22, 2020
New Castle > Nashville > New Castle.
- Jill and Joe Biden arrive in Nashville, TN at 3:20 p.m.; Biden does a walk through of the debate hall.
- Participates in the presidential debate at Curb Event Center in Belmont University in Nashville, TN. >

Fri. October 23, 2020
- Remarks on his plans to beat COVID-19 and get our economy back on track, from Wilmington, DE. > +

Sat. October 24, 2020
Jill and Joe Biden travel via motorcade to Bucks County, PA.
- Drive-in event at the lower campus of Bucks County Community College in Bristol, PA. > +
Philadelphia International Airport > Wilkes Barre-Scranton > New Castle.
- Drive-in event with Jon Bon Jovi at Dallas High School in Dallas, PA (Luzerne Co). > +

Sun. October 25, 2020

- Attends church services at St. Joseph on the Brandywine in Wilmington, DE.
- Jill and Joe Biden deliver remarks during a virtual "I Will Vote" concert.

Mon. October 26, 2020
- Via motorcade, speaks to supporters at a voter service center in Chester, PA. >

Tues. October 27, 2020
New Castle > Columbus Airport > Atlanta International Airport > New Castle.
- Remarks on bringing Americans together to address the crises facing our nation at Mountain Top Inn and Resort in Warm Springs, GA. > +
- Drive-in event  to encourage Georgians to make a plan to vote at Cellairis Amphitheatre in Lakewood (SE Atlanta), GA (365  cars and 771 people). > +

Wed. October 28, 2020
- Public health briefing followed by remarks at Queen Theater in Wilmington, DE. > +
- Jill and Joe Biden vote "by appointment" at Carvel Delaware State Building in Wilmington, DE. >
- Virtual fundraising event hosted by
Russell Budd, attorney at Baron & Budd. $
- Trip to Queen Theater–participates in Zoom town hall with IUPAT, surprise appearance during an Oprah Winfrey Zoom event.
Thurs. October 29, 2020
New Castle > Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport > Tampa > New Castle.
- Drive-in event at Broward College campus in Coconut Creek, FL (201 cars). > +
- Unannounced stop to an outdoor campaign victory center in Fort Lauderdale, FL.
- Drive-in event at Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa, FL (285 cars). > + ...rain-shortened

Fri. October 30, 2020
New Castle > Des Moines > St. Paul > Milwaukee > New Castle.
- Drive-in event at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines, IA (200 cars and more than 100 cars in overflow lot). >
- Drive-in event at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds in St. Paul, MN. > +
- Remarks in a hanger at Mitchell Airport in Milwaukee, WI. > +

Sat. October 31, 2020
New Castle > Flint.  Detroit > New Castle.
- Drive-in get out the vote rally with former President Obama at Flint Northwestern High School in Flint, MI (179 cars). > +[first joint appearance]
- OTR stop with Obama at canvass kickoff in parking lot at Birmingham Unitarian Church in Bloomfield Hills, MI.
- Drive-in event with former President Obama at Belle Isle Casino in Detroit, MI (450 cars). > +

Wilmington, DE
Chester, PA
Philadelphia, PA

Cleveland, OH
Center Township,PA
Pittsburgh, PA
Scranton, PA
Philadelphia, PA
Wilmington, DE





Sun. November 1, 2020
- Attends church services at St. Joseph on the Brandywine in Wilmington, DE.
- OTR stop for about 15 min. at a canvass kickoff at Laborers Local 413 in Chester, PA.
Virtually addresses about 100 faith leaders across Pennsylvania.
- "Souls to the Polls" event at Sharon Baptist Church in Philadelphia, PA (50 cars). 1, 2
- OTR stop at U.S. Rep. Brendan Boyle’s campaign office, speaks to a few dozen voters in a parking lot in Philadelphia, PA.
- Drive-In event at Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park in Philadelphia, PA (about 100 vehicles). >
...motorcade back to Wilmington, DE.
- Virtual fundraiser hosted by former Amb. Susan Rice, former Amb. Eileen Donahoe, and John Donahoe, CEO of Nike. $

Mon. November 2, 2020
New Castle > Cleveland > Pittsburgh > New Castle.
- Remarks at drive-in event at Burke Lakefront Airport in Cleveland, OH. >
- Canvass kickoff focused on labor at Community College of Beaver County in Center Township, PA. >
- OTR to greet student organizers handing out campaign material at Schenley Plaza in Pittsburgh, PA.
- Drive-in event with African American community members at Lexington Technology Park in the North Point Breeze/Homewood neighborhood in Pittsburgh, PA. >
- Election Night eve event with Jill and Joe Biden and Lady Gaga in parking lot at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, PA. > +

Tues. November 3, 2020
- Jill and Joe Biden and granddaughters Finnegan and Natalie attend church services at St. Joseph on the Brandywine in Wilmington, DE.
New Castle > Scranton > Philadelphia
- Speaks to supporters outside of Local Union 445 in Scranton, PA.
- OTR stops in Scranton, PA: five-minute stop at the home of Sen. Bob Casey's mother; about 20 minutes at his childhood home and greeting people in the neighborhood; five minutes at Hank's Hoagies.
- Media hits at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, PA.
- OTR stops in Philadelphia, PA: meets with local elected officials at Relish restaurant; canvass kickoff on a residential street in the West Oak neighborhood; gaggle outside The Warehouse; about seven minutes around Joseph R. Biden Jr. Aquatic Center.
- Makes remarks to reporters in Wilmington, DE. >
- Expected to address the nation from Wilmington, DE.