Biden for President

May 26, 2020

Biden for President Launches “League 46” Grassroots Program to Mobilize Young Americans

Today, Biden for President is announcing “League 46,” a new grassroots program to engage, mobilize, and empower young Americans of every stripe to organize and elect Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States. League 46 will consist of three teams working together to engage young Americans, including Students for Biden, Young Professionals for Biden, and Young Elected Officials for Biden.
League 46 will bring together young Americans of every race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ability, economic background, and geographic area to build armies of organizers and supporters in communities across the country. Biden for President senior advisor Symone Sanders will chair League 46, and other key staff members will lead engagement efforts with students, young professionals, and young elected officials.
“We are thrilled to launch League 46 and create a robust network of students, professionals, and elected officials that will mobilize young people across the country and ensure we work together to make Donald Trump a one-term president,” said Symone Sanders, Senior Advisor, Biden for President. “This is the most consequential election of our lifetimes and Joe Biden knows that young Americans will be a powerful part of the coalition we are building to win in November, and that their ideas, resolve, and energy will be a driving force of the movement to defeat Donald Trump.”
The new grassroots program comes in the midst of an economic crisis that has hit young Americans hard. The Great Recession stunted the financial future of millennials, and the pandemic has created even more economic hardship for millennials and now Generation Z facing unemployment, furloughs, and pay cuts. League 46 will be focused on bringing together young leaders that will help Joe Biden win and enact a bold, progressive agenda in 2021 that addresses critical issues young Americans are passionate about and ensure they are a key priority during the recovery.
The launch of League 46 also builds upon the strong groundwork Biden for President laid during the primary to engage young Americans, which involved launching Students for Biden, which includes HBCU Students for Biden and High School Students for Biden, that combined now have more than 275 active chapters nationwide.
To get involved with League 46, young Americans should sign up with Students for Biden HERE, Young Professionals for Biden HERE, or Young Elected Officials for Biden HERE.