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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Saturday, January 18, 2020
CONTACT: Shannon Beckham

Bennet for America Announces “Students for Bennet” Steering Committee

DENVER — Bennet for America today announced its Students for Bennet Steering Committee, a group of high school, undergraduate, and graduate students who will lead their peers across the country in supporting Michael Bennet for president. The formation of this group reflects Bennet’s focus on investing in the next generation.

Just this week, the University of Chicago Democrats held a “mock caucus,” where the news headline coming out of the event was, “Bennet Makes Surprising Showing in ‘Mockus’ Dominated by Progressives.” Representatives from campaigns for Michael Bennet, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders all reached viability.  

“From undergrads to medical students, at large universities and small colleges across the country, it is clear that Michael’s vision for our country’s future resonates with the next generation of Americans,” said Bennet for America spokesperson Shannon Beckham. “As the first superintendent to ever run for president, Michael will lead from the White House to transform our schools and economy to give every kid a real shot at success.”

Bennet’s Real Deal agenda makes a substantial investment in students by making college debt free for low- and middle-income families; making community college free for all students; reducing student debt burdens; and investing in the 70% of Americans who graduate from high school but don’t have a four-year degree so they can earn a living wage, not just the minimum wage.  

The students who form the steering committee represent a diverse set of experiences — attending schools of differing sizes, in states across the country, from high schools to graduate schools. Bennet’s support among students transcends state lines and sports conferences; he has garnered support from students in varying regions of the country, from the University of Iowa to Spartanburg Methodist College in South Carolina.

The following 40 students will serve on the Bennet for America Student Steering Committee: 

  • Katharine Barrett
  • Annika Bell
  • Leelabati Biswas
  • Susanna Blount
  • Christian Boykin
  • Ali Brocato
  • Maia Brockbank
  • Skyler Chong
  • Matt Cieslak
  • Will Cramer
  • Alex Cramer
  • Joey Derrico
  • Ella Douglas
  • Cameron Edgington
  • Andrew Figueiredo
  • Tanner Gardner
  • Jonathan Gottlieb
  • Phillip Hankes
  • Mae Harney
  • Helen Wahba
  • Catherine Henderson
  • Theo Henderson
  • Ben Hitchcock
  • Jarrod Gerstein
  • Lia Kornmehl
  • Bradley Lewandowski
  • Ting Wei Li
  • Leif Maynard
  • Delia McConnell
  • Kylie McPeek
  • Isabella Miller
  • Matthew Minor
  • Bernie Pellisier
  • Case Porter
  • Caleb Ryder
  • Maria Saez-Hall
  • Mardi Shadpour
  • William Sheeran
  • Benjamin Temple
  • Garrett Walker
  • Eli Whaley

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, January 13, 2020
CONTACT: Shannon Beckham

Famed Democratic Strategist James Carville Endorses Michael Bennet for President

MANCHESTER, NH — James Carville, the last Democratic strategist to unseat an incumbent Republican president, today announced his endorsement of Michael Bennet for president of the United States. Carville will campaign for Bennet in the Granite State ahead of the February 11th primary.

“The best way to beat Donald Trump is to show you’re not him in any way, shape or form,” said Carville. “Senator Bennet has less in common with Donald Trump than any human being in the United States when it comes to worldview, priorities, and demeanor. Senator Bennet is the opposite of Trump and is the best Democrat to take him on. And Senator Bennet would be the best President of the United States, which is why I endorsed his campaign.”

“I think Senator Bennet is uniquely suited for New Hampshire,” Carville continued. “It’s a historical fact that people like him do well there. I have faith in his strategy of going from town hall to town hall, from living room to living room. He’s putting in the work. Michael Bennet will surprise people.”

Carville was the architect behind the successful 1992 Clinton presidential campaign, another candidate from the middle of the country who bet big on the New Hampshire primary. Clinton’s success in the Granite State made him the “Comeback Kid,” which became a decisive step toward him winning the Democratic nomination.

Carville is the latest Bennet endorser, a group that includes former New Hampshire presidential primary winner Gary Hart, Southern New Hampshire University President Paul LeBlanc, and NH State Reps. Marjorie Smith, David Luneau, Joyce Fulweiler, and Sherry Dutzy.

Bennet’s momentum in New Hampshire continues to build. Last month, the campaign announced its first Granite State TV buy featuring a new ad, “Opposite of Trump,” as well as an expanded digital buy, including the new “Just the Truth” series, to share with voters Bennet’s personal story, experiences in leadership and service, and motivations underlying his run for president.

Bennet has also completed 33 town halls in New Hampshire since December 6th as part of his 50 town hall commitment in the final 10 weeks before the First in the Nation primary.


Bennet for America
Monday, December 9, 2019
CONTACT: Shannon Beckham

No Kid Hungry Founder Billy Shore Endorses Michael Bennet As Candidate Unveils Comprehensive Anti-Poverty Agenda in NH

Watch Bennet and Shore speak here.

Read the plan at

MANCHESTER, NH Billy Shore, founder of leading anti-poverty and hunger relief organization Share Our Strength/No Kid Hungry, endorsed Michael Bennet on Sunday, as Bennet unveiled his comprehensive anti-poverty agenda at a town hall in Manchester.

Bennet’s plan will:

  • Cut child poverty in half by the end of his first year in office;

  • Cut adult poverty in half by the end of his first term;

  • Eliminate homelessness by the end of his second term; and

  • Put America on the path to completely eliminate poverty within a generation.

“We have proven that progress on the road to ending poverty is possible, but to truly tackle hunger, we must get at the root causes,” said Shore, who has led his organization in raising more than $700 million to fight poverty and hunger. “The best thing that we can do for children struggling in poverty is to invest in their parents and families—which is exactly what Michael’s plan does. It’s the most comprehensive anti-poverty agenda I’ve seen in my 35 years working on this issue.

“At the end of the day, what’s most important is not what Michael Bennet says about this plan, but what this plan says about Michael Bennet. There is no other candidate in this race who has the experience or commitment to actually make progress for kids and families across the country—especially those living in poverty. We all know that kids don’t vote, and there are no political points to be scored by making your campaign about them. The only reason to do it is because it’s the right thing to do. This plan is a reflection of the Senator’s independence, integrity, and vision, and I am proud to endorse him,” said Shore.

“As president, I will lead from the White House with one central question in mind: Will this help or hurt the next generation?” said Bennet. “In my own life in public service—from my tenure as Superintendent of Denver Public Schools to my work in the Senate—I’ve seen the devastating effects poverty has on kids and their families. We have a choice to make in this election and as a country about what our priorities are, and mine are different from other candidates. There should be no greater priority than ending poverty, and I’m honored to see tireless leaders like Billy endorse my approach.”

In addition to being a nationally renowned leader on ending poverty, Shore was a senior aide to former Senator Gary Hart during his insurgent victory in the Granite State during the 1984 Democratic presidential primary.

“At this point in the calendar, Senator Hart barely registered in the polls, but the momentum with voters was palpable,” said Shore. “I am having that same sense today with Michael, who I believe is going to pull off a similar upset victory.”

Watch Bennet and Shore’s remarks here.

Read the plan at

Overview of Michael Bennet’s Plan to End Poverty

Immediately Increase Economic Security

  • Immediately cut child poverty by nearly 40 percent with my American Family Act, a major increase to the Child Tax Credit

  •  Expand the Earned Income Tax Credit to $3,000 for workers without children

  • Raise the minimum wage

  • Enact paid family and medical leave

Invest in Education, Skills, and Job Creation for Low-Income Workers

  • Implement universal, high-quality preschool for all three- and four-year-olds

  • Make our K-12 education system an engine of upward mobility rather than an accelerant of inequality

  • Invest $500 billion to provide the skills to earn a living wage to the nearly 70 percent of Americans without a four-year college degree

  • Provide debt-free college, including tuition, fees, and room and board, for every low- and moderate-income student

  • Create jobs and make major investments to combat climate change and upgrade our infrastructure

Strengthen Our Safety Net

  • Automatically support the economy with direct payments to individual taxpayers when unemployment rises

  • Ramp up fiscal support for states when the economy weakens

  • Reform unemployment insurance to make it a stronger support for workers and to help the unemployed get back to work

  • Automatically increase other safety net programs in a downturn

  • Reverse the Trump Administration’s damaging attacks on SNAP and Medicaid

Tackle the Housing Affordability Crisis

  • Fully eliminate the 7.2 million unit national shortage of affordable housing for low-income renters

  • Combat exclusionary housing policy that stifles opportunity and segregates communities

  • Fully fund housing vouchers so all eligible renters—not just one in four—receive support

  • End homelessness by 2028 by expanding housing for people experiencing homelessness and increasing supportive services

Cover Every American with High-Quality, Affordable Health Insurance

  • Lower healthcare costs, cut prescription drug prices, and cover every American with high-quality, affordable health insurance by putting in place my Medicare-X public option plan


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, December 5, 2019
CONTACT: Shannon Beckham

James Carville: I’m for Michael Bennet

DENVER — Democratic strategist James Carville and political commentator Al Hunt made clear on their latest podcast that Michael Bennet is their top candidate.

HUNT: Michael Bennet, who probably is the favorite candidate for Carville and Hunt... there's no United States Senator that I would be as confident would be as good a president as Michael Bennet. ...

CARVILLE: I'm for Michael Bennet. I'm not even being cute about it. And why am I? Because...if 25 people with 2020 vision said to you, “James, you got some shaving cream on your ear lobe,” you probably have shaving cream on your ear lobe. Well if 25 people whose opinions I respect start the conversation with, “James, you know, Michael Bennet would be the best president,” then goddamnit, why not be for him? ...

HUNT: He can sit at that table for an hour and a half, and he can have a dialogue and impress people, probably more than anyone else in the field. ...

CARVILLE: He’s gonna succeed by his resolve, by his knowledge, by his depth, by his politeness, his humanity. That's what people want. ...

HUNT: Well, A. he could win, and, B. he could govern. And boy, those are two pretty important requisites right now.

This is not the first time Bennet has garnered praise from Carville as the top candidate in the race.

According to the Associated Press in August, “Carville also said [Bennet] would make an even better nominee than Joe Biden because ‘he’d be new, different, younger and ... could project forward.’”

Carville has previously said that “the way to beat Trump is to be as profoundly different from Trump as you can be. … If the country is looking for the most unlike Donald Trump person, I think Michael Bennet is that person.”

In describing Michael Bennet, he also said, “If they were going to go into a laboratory, and bring out the perfect candidate — someone who believes in public service, someone who is very smart, well spoken, decent, superintendent of schools in Denver, successful in business, one of the two or three most respected in the U.S. Senate. A man...of total decency, really cares about the country.”

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, September 10, 2019
CONTACT: Shannon Beckham

Former Colorado Governor Bill Ritter Endorses Michael Bennet for President of the United States

DENVER — Former Colorado Governor Bill Ritter today endorsed Michael Bennet for President of the United States. Ritter, who appointed Bennet to the Senate in 2009, made the announcement at the official office opening of Bennet for America’s national headquarters in Lakewood, Colorado.

Ritter issued the following statement: 

“Michael has the ideas, character, and unrelenting focus on ending politics as usual that we need in our next president.

“I appointed Michael to the Senate because of his ability to bring people together to get things done—especially in trying times—and I know he will bring this same strength to the presidency. I watched in 2009 as he started off with three percent name recognition, traveling our state to defend Obamacare and stand on principle for the change he knew was possible. Michael knows how to build the broad coalition we will need to win purple states like ours and others in 2020. 

“Michael’s record in the Senate shows us the kind of leader he will be in the White House: one with the intellect, humility, and ability to make progress on our most pressing challenges. 

“It is my honor to endorse Michael Bennet’s candidacy for President of the United States.” 

Bennet for America
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Saturday, September 7, 2019
CONTACT: Shannon Beckham

Gary Hart Endorses Michael Bennet for President of the United States

MANCHESTER, NH — Former Colorado U.S. Senator Gary Hart today endorsed Michael Bennet for President of the United States. The pair made the announcement at the New Hampshire Democratic Party State Convention, where Hart will introduce Bennet later today. Hart won an insurgent victory in the Granite State during the 1984 Democratic presidential primary.

“A number of years ago, the voters of New Hampshire provided an opportunity for a young Colorado senator to build a strong national candidacy. They have the chance now to do it again,” said Hart. “Michael Bennet has the intelligence, experience, and judgment to put our nation back on track at home and abroad.”

In 1984, Hart won a surprise victory in New Hampshire on the basis of bold new ideas to change the country. This year, Bennet is the candidate with ambitious plans to move America forward with a new generation of leadership, and his campaign continues to gain momentum in New Hampshire and nationwide. 

“Gary Hart shocked the world when he won the New Hampshire primary by campaigning on new and better ideas to change the country. It’s in that spirit that I'm running for president,” said Bennet. “Our home state of Colorado is lucky to call Senator Hart one of our own, and I’m honored to have his endorsement and to carry on the baton of generational change that he represents.”