Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.

"Juliette" +

:30 TV ad from Sept. 16, 2020 run in FL.


Woman:  If Joe Biden gets elected we can kiss goodbye to the economy that we've been enjoying.

He's going to raise taxes, he's already said that.

Biden (clip):  You elect me, your taxes are going to be raised, not cut.

Woman:  I'm a small business owner.  The last thing I need is more regulation and more taxes.

I feel very confident in President Trump's ability to get our economy back to where it was and even better.

Before the pandemic, our economy was the best it had ever been, the best in the world.

If Donald Trump stays president, my outlook for the future is incredibly optimistic and limitless.

Trump (voiceover):  I'm Donald J. Trump and I approve this message.

NotesThe ad is unusual in that has a couple of clips of Trump wearing a mask.

This reporter received a call from a Biden supporter who was concerned the Biden campaign was not responding to the "raise taxes" charge made in this ad. 

The Sept. 16, 2020 press release:  

Trump campaign reinforces economic message with new ads

President Trump’s re-election campaign today unveiled two new ads in the rotation in its existing television buy, highlighting the President’s excellent record on the economy and contrasting it with Joe Biden’s disastrous history and terrible proposals.  One ad, titled “For You,” details what Biden’s economic policies would mean for regular people and is airing on national and local cable and on local broadcast outlets.  Another spot, titled “Juliette,” is a testimonial from a woman who describes her fears of a what Biden presidency would mean for her business. “Juliette” is airing in Florida.

President Trump built the world’s best economy once and is already doing it a second time. As vice president, Joe Biden oversaw the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression and today proposes to raise taxes by $4 trillion, killing the economic comeback underway. Biden voted for the job-killing NAFTA trade deal and has a history of arguing for China’s interests, costing the United States 60,000 factories and 3.5 million jobs.

The Trump campaign announced this week it had increased its television advertising buy by 50 percent, ramping up its presence in key states with early voting and expanding its national cable buy. The ads in the eight-figure buy focus on the economy, which will be the defining issue of the race, and contrasts President Trump’s strong economic record with Joe Biden’s 47 years of failure. The ads are running on national cable, and local broadcast and cable in the following states: North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Nebraska (2nd Congressional District), and Maine (2nd Congressional District). The Trump campaign also announced it was expanding its existing urban radio buy to include Pennsylvania markets.

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