Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.

"Break In" +

:30 TV ad from July 20, 2020 run nationally and in key states.

Male Announcer:  ...Seattle's pledge to defund its police department by 50 percent, even including a proposal to remove 9-1-1 dispatchers from police control.

[phone dialing ] [dial tone]

Sean Hannity (audio):  Joe Biden said he's absolutely on board with defunding the police.  Listen closely.

Biden (audio):  Yes.  Absolutely.

TEXT:  Joe Biden wants to reduce police funding.  Joe Biden Remarks, 7/8/20

Dispatcher (audio):  Hello. You've reached 9-1-1. [crow bar sound] I'm sorry that there is no one here to answer your emergency call [door breaking in sound], but leave a message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

TEXT: You won't be safe in Joe Biden's America.

Trump (voiceover):  I'm Donald J. Trump and I approve this message.

Notes:  This ad builds on "Abandoned" (July 2, 2020) and "You wont' be safe in Joe Biden's America" (July 15, 2020). 

From the July 20 campaign press release:

Trump ad rips Biden over police funding

President Donald J. Trump’s re-election campaign has launched a new ad ripping into Joe Biden for his plans to eviscerate funding for local police departments. The ad uses audio from television broadcasts to hammer the point that police would be unable to respond to emergency calls and contribute to already-rising crime rates in Democrat-controlled cities. The spot is being rolled into the campaign’s existing ad buy, both nationally and in key states.

“Joe Biden has clearly stated that he would ‘Yes! Absolutely!’ redirect funding away from police to other budget areas. This is cutting, or defunding, the police by any definition,” said Tim Murtaugh, Trump 2020 communications director.  “Biden’s proposed destruction of qualified immunity for police in the Biden-Bernie Sanders ‘Unity Platform’ would financially cripple local police departments even further, effectively bankrupting and destroying them. Joe Biden is an empty vessel, which the extreme left is using to carry their radical agenda. President Trump stands with law enforcement and ensuring safe policing and safe communities.”