Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.

"Just Getting Started" +

:30 TV ad from June 19, 2020.


Male Announcer:  Joe Biden's failed old liberal ideas would crush our economy just as it's recovering.

Higher taxes on families.

Crippling regulations.

Trade deals that ship jobs to China.

President Trump led us to the strongest economy in history.

He did it his way, not the Washington way, and he's doing it again.

Renewing, restoring, rebuilding.

2.5 million new jobs.  The biggest jobs increase ever.  And he's just getting started.

Trump (voiceover):  I'm Donald J. Trump and I approve this message.

Notes:  The June 19, 2020 press release:

Trump Campaign Launches New National TV Ad: "Fortitude"

President Donald J. Trump's re-election campaign today launched a new television ad titled "Fortitude," which exposes Joe Biden as lacking the mental fitness to be President of the United States. The ad recounts a series of examples of Joe Biden's incoherent ramblings and his descent into meandering confusion.

"In his third presidential run at 77 years old, it is clear that Joe Biden's mental state is diminishing, leaving him unfit to serve as Commander in Chief," said Brad Parscale, Trump 2020 Campaign Manager. "Democrat Party handlers are trying to keep Biden hidden away from the public, but the American people deserve to see the truth: Joe Biden simply does not have the fortitude to serve as President."