Democratic National Committee

"Connect the Dots" +

:30 TV ad from Aug. 17, 2020 run on cable in Green Bay, WI and Washington, DC.


Male Announcer:  Connect the dots.

That's what the Tulsa Health Department Director said weeks after Trump held a rally in their city, a rally that "likely contributed" to record high COVID-19 numbers in Tulsa.

For months Trump's downplayed the virus.

Trump:  It's going to disappear...

Male Announcer:  That has infected millions and killed 170,000.

Now Trump is coming to Wisconsin for a political stunt that puts you at risk.

Just connect the dots.

Biden (voiceover):  I'm Joe Biden and I approve this message.

Notes:  The Aug. 17, 2020 press release:

NEW DNC AD: ‘Connect the Dots’

Ahead of Trump’s visit to Wisconsin today, the DNC War Room released a new television ad, “Connect the Dots,” blasting Trump for ignoring the advice of medical experts and holding a political stunt that will put people at risk of infection. The ad will air on cable in the Green Bay, WI and Washington, D.C. markets.

Because of Trump’s failed coronavirus response, 170,000 Americans have lost their lives and millions have been infected, and now, he’s threatening to make this crisis worse for Wisconsinites. Experts have already warned that Trump’s Tulsa, OK rally needlessly put people in danger, yet Trump has again decided to ignore public health concerns in favor of doing what he thinks will be politically beneficial to him. 

“For months, Trump has claimed the virus would disappear and ignored the experts, and his political event in Wisconsin today shows Trump still isn’t taking this seriously. This campaign photo op is a desperate attempt to distract from the Democratic convention, which will highlight stories of hardworking Americans hurt by Trump's horrible coronavirus response. Americans want leaders like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris who they can trust to keep them safe, not a president who is putting on desperate political stunts that will put them at even more risk,” said DNC senior spokesperson Lily Adams.